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The sound of horse's feet stepping the ground filled the 18 year's old head. Both his and his pursuers.

"Go faster damnit…" The blonde muttered as his pursuers slowly shortened the distance between the two. "Fine, be like that, I'll do this myself…" He muttered to the horse.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" He yelled, putting his hands in a cross form. Suddenly two exact replications of the teen and the horse appeared, each one riding off in a different direction.

Two of the pursuers shot their arrows to each replication respectively, and after hitting their backs the replication would disappear in a puff of smoke, until there was none left.

"This one is the one!" One of the pursuers yelled, as the others joined him.

Suddenly the blonde boy's horse tripped, spraying ground everywhere as it fell. He was in the middle of the forest.

"Useless animal…" Naruto angrily muttered as he picked himself up, dirt staining his black cloak.

"Turn yourself in, Uzumaki Naruto!" One forcefully as he dismounted his horse just like his two partners.

"Yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you?" Naruto snickered.

"I didn't want to, but time to get to business."

Naruto Uzumaki was the biggest thief in the history of the land of fire, stealing anything that was valuable and although he currently had not stolen anything, he was still pursued every day of his life, but Naruto didn't really complain. To him, life was one big adventure. He wore a black cloak over his black and orange jumpsuit, had medium-length, spiky blonde hair, and blue eyes. He had a Ninjato strapped on his back hip-section, meant for unsheathing it better and faster.

(Note: If you don't know what a ninjato is, it was a one-bladed weapon that was used by ninjas in Ancient Japan. It was smaller and VERY similar to the traditional Katana, but was longer than a dagger, and was primarily used as a fast-attack weapon.)

"We are the three bounty-hunters of Konohagakure, Akihiro, Daiki, and me, Ichiro." Ichiro exclaimed. "And we are known as the Death Brothers! And unless you give up now you will know why!"

Naruto only snorted. "You three are taking me too light." He said, starting to get annoyed.

Both Akihiro and Daiki used bow and arrows to attack with a small dagger, while Ichiro used a Katana as a primary attack. They all wore the same kind of samurai-like suit, with less protection and more speed intention in it. Akihiro was bald with some peach fuzz, while Daiki had his long hair tied in a pony tail. Ichiro had medium length hair tied into a tiny ponytail.

"Or perhaps it is the other way around." Daiki said. He was extremely calm in all situations unlike his brother Akihiro.

"Let's teach him!" Akihiro yelled.

"Daiki, Akihiro, formation 1-2-1." Ichiro said. The two brothers nodded as they ran.

The two bow-using samurai ran at Naruto, unsheathing their dagger as they aimed for his ribs. It was so sudden that Naruto did not have time to react as the two shoved their daggers on either side of his rib section. He groaned as Ichiro ran at Naruto, Katana in hand. He stabbed Naruto on the stomach, ripping through his skin like butter.

"Bad luck kid, the Hokage doesn't care whether you're brought dead or alive." Ichiro said digging the Katana further as Naruto winced.

"But we'll take first one." Akihiro finished.

"I…I told you not to take me lightly." Naruto growled.

"What does it matter, you're a goner, even if you escape you'll die from your injuries." Daiki differed.

Naruto lifted his head before chuckling. "I guess you didn't count this in your small, idiotic plan." He finished before raising his hand and doing the "release" hand sign. He disappeared in a puff of smoke as the three brothers stood there, stabbing nothing.

"What? A replication?" Akihiro yelled.

"Thanks for telling us Akihiro; I don't think we would have survived if you hadn't said that." Daiki said, putting his dagger back in its sheath and taking out his bow.

"Smart ass…" Akihiro said, doing the same.

"Guys stop fighting, he's running away remember?" Ichiro said, separating the two.

"Nope, I'm not." The real Naruto said, leaning on one of the trees.

"Heh, you little prick, you should've ran away." Akihiro said.

"I could tell you the same." Naruto smirked.

"This kid is all big talk." Ichiro said. "Go get him."

Daiki aimed his bow as Akihiro ran at him, dagger in hand.

"Die!" Akihiro yelled as he lunged at Naruto. He quickly dodged it before kicking his back, making him fall on the ground.

Daiki let go of the arrow as it flew towards Naruto's back. Naruto did a backflip, avoiding the arrow as well. Akihiro got back up and lunged once more, being avoided once more. Almost simultaneously, Daiki let another arrow loose as Naruto quickly grabbed Akihiro by the arm and pulled him towards him, using him as a human shield. The arrow flew and hit Akihiro straight in the heart. He gasped as it pierced his body, making a small amount of blood come out of the sealed wound.

"Akihiro!" Ichiro yelled as Naruto threw him on the floor. He fell with a small 'plop' on the soft grass as both Daiki and Ichiro stood in shock.

"One down, two to go." Naruto said, with a deadly calmness in his voice.

"I'll kill you, you bastard!" Ichiro yelled as he ran towards Naruto, katana in hand.

Naruto jumped and dodged him before using his body flicker technique, appearing a few feet away from Daiki in less than a second, ignoring Ichiro for now. He quickly unsheathed his ninjato before slashing it across Daiki's neck. It had been so fast that Naruto's blade didn't even have blood in it. Daiki stood for a second before falling on his knees and finally plopping on the floor, dying fast by the second but unable to move.

"Hmm… I guess Konoha's current Hokage didn't have a big budget if he hired you bozos." Naruto taunted.

Ichiro growled. How could it be? Naruto killed his two brothers like nothing!

"Who, no, what is this guy?" Ichiro thought, holding his Katana up.

Naruto charged at Ichiro, ninjato in hand. He used his body flicker technique once more, but Ichiro saw it coming and the sound of clashing metal filled the air as their swords clashed with each other. Naruto jumped back and retreated before doing his usual cross-like sign. This time five shadow clones appeared, only one clone ran at the bounty-hunter while the others circled him. Ichiro, not knowing what to do, stood still, confused.

"First strike." Naruto thought.

The clone that ran towards him punched him, making him retreat a bit while the real Naruto used the clone's back as a jumping device. He put his feet on the clone's back and jumped high in the air, while his other clones kept their circle formation and ran at him preparing to kick him.

"Second strike."





The four clones yelled in unison as they kicked him into the air.

"Naruto rendan!"

The Naruto that had jumped in the air lifted his leg and quickly let it go down; hitting Ichiro's back-side of his head. He plummeted towards the ground and face-planted it before all the shadow clones disappeared in a puff of smoke, having finished their duty.

"Third strike, you're out."

"Not too shabby huh?" Naruto said, having a grin on his face before walking towards his opponent once more.

He turned him around and took out his ninjato once more, softly putting the blade to the bounty-hunter's neck.

"Alright now who hired you?" Naruto inquired, his face serious once more.

"I-It was the leaf's hokage, Danzo." He said. He was too weak to fight back.

"Hmm." Naruto said. "For what purpose?" He thought he knew, but if someone like the Hokage had hired bounty-hunters to kill him, it might be a different story than what he had imagined.

"We didn't receive any info on it; all we knew is that it was an assassination order." He said.

"D-Don't kill me!" He begged.

Naruto sighed. He didn't like killing people, but if he let him live he would spill valuable information to the leaf, and hiding from the pesky bounty-hunter's would be harder and harder.

"I'm sorry…" Naruto softly apologized before running his blade through his neck, killing him instantly. Naruto slowly closed Ichiro's eyes before picking himself up, slightly saddened.

He had been his opponent, but even so, he still hated being regarded as a death machine. He wasn't heartless; it was just that people never gave him the light of the day to know him. His real him.

"I think I heard something over here!" Naruto suddenly heard someone yell, not too far away, the sound of horse's hoofs getting louder.

"Darn…" Naruto muttered as he jumped on the branch of a tree and jumped from tree to tree with expertise.

He summoned four shadow clones, instructing them to stall the pursuers. The shadow clones ran at the enemy while the real Naruto skipped through trees, trying to find a refuge.

After a while he heard the horse's hooves once more. They must have landed some blows on his clones. He created five shadow clones this time and changed his direction. After a while he heard the sound of an explosion and turned around, seeing smoke and debris flying in separate directions. His heart was beating loudly as he ran, trying to avoid being seen. He had to find a place to hide, and soon.

And he finally found it after five more minutes. Towering not too far away from him, there stood a magnificent house. It was lying on the other side of a small road. Its walls were tall and white, with not many windows, and before it laid a beautiful garden, full of only the prettiest flowers. But that wasn't exactly good. If there was such a well taken-care-of house in the forest, it most likely meant someone lived in it. But he had no choice of whether to be picky or not.

He landed on the floor and quickly approached the house. When he finally got to it, he added chakra to his feet and quickly climbed up it, aiming for the first window he could find.


A lavender-haired girl ran to her bed-room, a crying mess. Her strict father had once again verbally-abused her, and even slapped her across the cheek, with such strength that it still hurt incredibly when she touched it. She slowly wiped away her tears as she steadily got closer to her room, sick of her mess of a life.


Naruto finally got to the room, opened the window, and snuck inside as the hoofs of horses got closer. He quickly made the hand signs for the camouflage technique as he slowly blended in with the background. He looked around the empty room. It was extremely tidy, with shelves with books stacked neatly on them and the bed made perfectly corner by corner. He slowly looked out the window only to see his pursuers gallop past the house, trying to find him. There were six in all.

He sighed in relief and waited a few more seconds before walking towards the window once more, but suddenly heard the door of the room being opened. He cursed himself and slowly stepped back. A crying girl walked in with a red cheek and tears streaking her somewhat pale face. She tossed herself on her bed as her long hair fell in disarray and sobbed.

Although Naruto didn't generally care about anyone, he felt somewhat sorry for the girl. It must have been one hell of a slap to get someone like that.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Uzumaki, you're only here to hide, not to socialize." He reminded himself. Since the girl was laying face first on her bed, it was the perfect chance for him to quickly escape.

He walked to the window once more and was about to open it fast before noticing that the girl was looking where he was standing. He looked down at himself, it was impossible for her to see him, he was completely camouflaged. But he closely looked at her eyes and gasped slightly. Veins seemed to be drawn towards her eyes.

"Oh crap, she's one of the Hyugga's! Her eyes can still see me!" He was in trouble. Real trouble, he had no idea he had landed in one of the Hyugga's house.

"W-Who are you?" The girl timidly asked as Naruto stood frozen.

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