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"Damn it to hell…" Naruto muttered. There was no chance at this rate. And if that wasn't bad enough, he didn't see the possibility of bleeding to death too far away.

"Too late for remorse now. If I'm going out, I'm going out in a bang." Naruto thought, then inwardly chuckled at the situation-referencing pun.

Naruto silently analyzed his situation. Not far from death, one arm virtually useless, standing over underground explosives that would make even his ancestors feel the pain, a low chakra level, and dangerously low on his stock of weapons. And perhaps the most important to him, he was hungry as hell. If he died, the first thing he'd be asking God in heaven would be a really nice bowl of ramen.

Yeah, it definitely wasn't one of his best days.

Naruto took out another kunai, this one with an explosive tag on it and set his eyes on Deidara's silhouette.

"Now or never." He thought before throwing it.

It flew ever so elegantly before bursting out of the smoke barrier, blade-first towards Deidara. Using this distraction time, Naruto jumped on top of the tallest roof he could see, which wasn't the easiest act considering all he really saw was smoke and figures. The first thing was to get away from those mines. Even if Deidara was bluffing, he wasn't taking his chances.

Then an idea struck him.

"No, I can't. I haven't even mastered it, and who knows if I even have the necessary chakra for it." Naruto thought. But this wasn't a time to take precautions. If he didn't even try, what would be the chances that he'd survive this anyways?

Weighing his options, Naruto finally came to a decision. He did the cross-like hand sign for the Shadow Clone technique. Immediately three clones appeared in front of him. Two of them went on ahead, jumping on and off roof-tops on their way to where Deidara was, while one stayed behind with Naruto.

"Let's do this." He muttered, putting his hand out to one side. The clone immediately starting doing erratic and circular hand motions around Naruto's hand. A small chakra ball appeared inside of Naruto's hand, and he couldn't help but smile.

"This guy's going down, and he's going down hard." Naruto thought.


Gaara gained footing over another roof as he skipped through the town. He was getting far closer, so close to the point where he could see a silhouette of a figure up in the sky, although he couldn't tell what or who it was. He picked up his pace, already ready for whatever lied up ahead.


The two other clones that departed from the original Naruto rushed towards Deidara. After realizing they were directly below him, they both added chakra to the soles of their feet, jumping higher than any other regular human could. They popped out of the smoke, kunai in their hands and aiming for Deidara's bird. The clones sunk their kunai into the bird, using the kunai as a way to climb up unto where Deidara was. They stepped on the uneven footing of the bird, slightly stumbling, before looking straight at Deidara, who was only looking back at them.

"Haven't you ever heard of quality over quantity?" Deidara chuckled, raising his fists and adopting a fighting stance.

"I have actually. Luckily, I have both." One of the clones replied before sending a long jab towards Deidara, who with expertise timing blocked it before sending a counter punch.

The other clone intervened and parried this one, before sending his own punch at Deidara's side. Deidara huffed slightly as he felt the full impact of the punch, but quickly recovered. He retaliated by sending a high kick towards a clone's head. The clone blocked it but stumbled a bit. Deidara saw his chance in swiftly swooped in, grabbing the clone by the collar and throwing him into air. He quickly turned around and sent a punch towards the remaining clone. Deidara and the clone sent kicks and punches at each other none of them really getting a solid hit.

However, the clone in mid-air wasn't quite done. He took out an explosive tag out and strapped it to a kunai, throwing it with expert aim at in Deidara's direction. Deidara sensed it and made a quick turn, grabbing the clone putting him in a position that used the clone as a human shield. The kunai hit him square in the stomach. The clone grimaced, but then smiled.

"Another failed attempt." Deidara muttered, grinning.

"Who said he was aiming for you?" The clone whispered back, then took out the kunai and plunged it down on the clay bird.

Deidara jumped off the bird just in time. A millisecond after he jumped off, the bird exploded so close to Deidara he could feel the heat protruding from it. He made a few position adjustments in mid-air before landing safely on the ground.

"Curse that brat." Deidara said through gritted teeth.


Hinata gingerly skipped over buildings, her Byakugan activated. She couldn't even see past the towering fumes of smoke. She'd just have to get even closer.


Deidara stayed on guard, even though he could hardly see 5 feet in front of him.

"Have to be on alert. That kid could be anywhere." Deidara thought.

But he didn't have to wait long. Naruto rushed towards him, kunai in hand. He lunged at Deidara, but he grabbed his arm and twisted it backwards until he heard a familiar crack.

"Ah, the sound of broken bones." He smiled.

But he disappeared in a puff of white smoke. And he wasn't the only one. More clones rushed at Deidara, and he had no hesitation in taking them down one by one. There were far less than the last army of clones Naruto had made, but they still heavily outnumbered Deidara. He dodged and blocked, relying mostly on counter-attacks to take out the clones. But then he heard a slight whirring sound coming from behind the clones. Suddenly they all attempted to grab Deidara. He dodged and weeded through them, until he got through all the clones and saw Naruto coming towards him with a ball of chakra in his hand that spun furiously. The clones didn't give up though, and they grabbed his arms and held him in place while Naruto ran towards Deidara, a victorious smirk on his face.

"If I promise you one thing, it's that this is gonna hurt! Rasengan!"

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