"Some kids are just lucky," Wally proclaimed, reading the cover of the Gotham Herald.

"What brought that up?" Robin asked, bringing a spoonful of Cocoa Puffs to his mouth.

It was early morning; the team had a late mission, so Wally and Robin had stayed the night at Mt. Justice rather than returning to their respective homes. Everyone else was still asleep, so Robin and KF were the only ones eating at the island in the kitchen.

"'Bruce Wayne and Son Party in Tokyo,'" Wally quoted.

"Eh, it probably wasn't that great."

"How could it not be great? The kid got to meet Tetsuya Nomura and afterward got to do karaoke with hot Asian chicks! If that's not a great before back-to-school time present, I don't know what is."

"But don't you think the kid would've been tired? I mean, it's a long flight to Tokyo and after fighting—

"Fighting? What would a billionaire's son be fighting?" Wally raised his eyebrow.

"Boredom. What else would he be fighting?" Robin covered, sounding as natural as possible; he had almost let the fact that he'd been in Tokyo to stop one of Scarecrow's plots from coming to fruition slip. And then he'd have a lot of explaining to do. He continued, "Bruce Wayne takes him to the business meetings too."

"Still say the kids lucky. So he had to deal with a little boredom. The reward was definitely worth it. The only place I got to go before school started was Six Flags."

"Dude, you're the fastest teen alive. You can run somewhere anytime."

"Yeah I can run there, but I don't get to go anywhere while I'm there! I'm too busy saving the day."

"At least you got to go to Six Flags?" Robin offered.

"Meh. Cedar Point's better."

"True," Robin replied, draining the milk from his bowl and getting up.

"Weren't you in Japan last week with Bats?"

"Eh, maybe," Robin called over his shoulder, speed walking out of the kitchen.

"You so were! Scarecrow, right?"


"And I bet you didn't even get to enjoy the ambiance afterwards. I heard Batman's a stick-in-the-mud like that."

"Uh-huh," Robin sped walked faster, hoping to lose Wally. Which is impossible, because like he said earlier, KF's the fastest teen alive.

"And I bet that kid of Wayne's didn't even realize the danger that was going on in Tokyo!"

It seems that Wally isn't going to let the topic drop. Robin was in store for a long morning. He could only pray that somebody would wake up soon. Even Red Tornado's company would be good right about now.

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Notes: In the Dark Knight, the newspaper comments on how 'Billionaire takes entire opera on a yacht' or something like that to cover for Batman's activity in China. So, I came up with this. Also inspired by the Dynamic Duo handling stuff in Gotham during the latest episode.

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