I'm back with a new story and I was really bored

This is a look at how insane I am and dragging in best friend into it Ok so this is about me and my best friend (with name changes)

Yes we play matchmaker so a lot of couples and romy

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"What are you doing Scarlet?"Says a girl 14 years old with shoulder length light brown hair on the short side, wearing a pink t-shirt with an angel symbol with gold sparkles, light blue jeans and barefoot and wearing a best friend half heart necklace.

"Reading about how to go to a different um place and building It." answers a girl 14 ½ shorter light curly brown hair. Wearing a light purple t-shirt with a black x on it with sparkles, a little shorter than knee length black skirt and is also is wearing a best friend heart necklace (the other half) and is barefoot.

"But your reading an x-men comic, how does that help you and why?"

"Um you see Annie it's about this inventor who makes it in this x-men comic his name is forge and he's very helpful." (Yes there is no comic that I know of like that except time travel.)


"Um no but too late."

"Wait what are you talking about?"

"You don't want to know." Hits a red button that Annie now see's.

A bright light comes and blinds the girls

"Um scarlet where are we?" Annie asks looking at a big building with a gate that says 'Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters'

"Yes it worked! We are in the land where the X-men are real."

"Huh, so are we in the cartoon or comics or the cartoons you don't like as much as x-men evolution?"

"(smiling) x-men evolution, you don't sound shocked."

"You said some day you will drag me to the x men universe so why am I not surprised that you did it."

"Oh ya but we are here lets go in."

"Can we?"

"Why not?"

"Um don't we need powers?"

"I'm crazy like they can stop me."

"Your right."

They walk up to the door and ring it Scott comes to answer the door

"Um hi, who are you?" (Scott)

(Scarlet) "That is so rude (burst out crying) all I wanted is to meet you and look at how stupid you are?"

"What?" Scott says very confused

Scarlet stops crying and looks up "oh how could I say that to the wrong guy. So ignore that hole melt down…my name is Scarlet but she calls me crazy."

"Um hi can I help you?" Scott still confused

"Yes you can, my name is Annie and we need to see Gambit and Rogue right away or she will blow up!"

Scott still confused but Jean (in his head to just do) led the two girls to the game room where Remy was playing pool with bobby and rogue was watching/reading.

"Hey Remy, this girl wants to see you and Rouge."

"Euh oui bonjour Mr. LeBeou Je suis un grand fan" (um yes hello Mr. LeBeou I am a very big fan) scarlet says in French

Remy looks at Scott confused "um Bonjour jeune fille (hello girl)"

"Je suis Scarlet et ce meilleur ami de mon Annie" (I am Scarlet and this my best friend Annie)

"You told me you can't speak French, Scarlet."

"Um Google helps me Annie"

"Alright now that I have met Remy E. LeBeou (Remy raises an eyebrow) now time for Rogue"

"Oh please no" rogue says tired

"Oh alright I'll meet you in the next chapter"

"What are you talking about Scarlet?"

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