(Hey everybody thought I'd get a jump on a new Naruto Fic I've had on my mind for months. Let me say I've read a lot of Naruto High School version fics. Though some give up and some just don't quite follow, and over half of them are Yaoi. I've watched the one OVA in the series despite being comic images with voice over. But then I saw on Deviant art a doujin version that truly caught my eye displaying what a true high school world of Naruto would be like. It's not going to be exactly like it, I plan on making a High school Fic my way. Enjoy the intro.)

One night out in the streets of Japan in the back of a 7/11 a blonde sixteen year old with blue eyes was in a stare down with three punks who each had a skull logo on the back of their jackets. The blonde's attire included sneakers, blue jeans, a black no sleeved shirt, a long red no sleeved jacket over that, around his neck was a necklace of a green crystal, and tied around his head was a black headband with a red spiral symbol on the center. He is Naruto Namikaze or as the street fighters of the city regarded him as 'Nine Tailed Fox'.

"Al right fox boy, tonight's the night you're going down!" one punk declared to the blonde as he adjusted his headband.

"Yeah, can we make it quick I really need to get home." Naruto said in boredom.

"You'll need to get to a hospital when I'm done with you!" One declared running at Naruto ready to throw a punch, but Naruto blocked it with his right hand. The punk tried to punch him with his left one but Naruto blocked it with his left hand putting them in a stalemate until the blonde raised his right leg up kicking his opponent in the stomach.

"Ugh!" he groaned.

"Down time!" Naruto called swinging his left leg at the guys legs making him trip.

The second punk came at Naruto with a spin kick but Naruto blocked it and spun it making the guy fall to the ground. The final guy went at Naruto and the blonde boy kneed him in the gut, followed by a kick to the face, finishing it off with a spin kick to his legs tripping him up like the first guy.

Naruto looked down on the three who were groaning, "Thanks for the workout boys, but I got to bail." Naruto said checking his watch, "Oh great 12:30, and I start my semester tomorrow!" He said to himself as he started running off.

Unaware to him watching from around a corner was a girl about seventeen years of age with chocolate brown eyes, brown hair done up into two buns like panda ears, and very bosomy, her attire included a pink sleeveless blouse, and dark green pants.

She watched Naruto leave the three punks and smiled to herself saying, "He's good." She said before taking off.

The very next morning over by a big house, Naruto was sleeping in his room that was complete with a TV on a table along with a remote control stereo with a few DVD and CD racks next to it, a laptop computer on a desk with a few books, manga, and magazines, above it was a corkboard with several messages, pictures, and insignia emblems tacked to it a red shag carpet on the floor, a skateboard and an electric guitar with a single amp resting against one wall, the walls were colored blue like the ocean, and were covered by posters of skateboarding, martial artists, and rock bands, and Naruto's bed had double mattresses, with black sheets and pillowcases, and the covers were black with red swirl images on it.

Entering his room was a beautiful woman with violet eyes, long bright red hair that reached down to her calves, with strands that framed both sides of her face, with the left one being parted by a hair clip, her outfit included a high-collared, sleeveless loose-fitting dress with a green apron over it, a black band on her left wrist and white house shoes.

She was Kushina Naruto's mother, she approached her sleeping son, "Rise and shine sweetie." She said and Naruto groaned as he woke up, "Oh mom do I have to?"

"Yes, remember you semester starts today, now hurry up and get dressed breakfast will be ready." Kushina said leaving his room.

"Ok mom." Naruto yawned as he went for the bathroom to clean up. He then got dressed wearing black pants, sneakers, a white collared shirt with the collar popped and the top button unbuttoned. He then wore a black jacket over it unbuttoned and the sleeved rolled up to his elbows. He finished his outfit by tying his headband around his head and putting his necklace around his neck.

He then left his room going to his kitchen where his mother, and two men were waiting. The younger man had blonde hair and blue eyes like Naruto, and wore blue pants, and a blue collared shirt. He was Naruto's father Minato. "Hey look who decided to wake up." The man joked to the older man who laughed.

The other man who was older had white spikey hair with a ponytail going down his back, and was wearing black shoes, khaki's, and a green sweater vest covering an orange short sleeved collared shirt. He was Jiraiya a close friend of Minato and Kushina's, and Naruto's Godfather.

"Good one Minato." Jiraiya chuckled.

"Yuck it up you two." Naruto said as he took a seat at the table and ate some cooked ramen.

"So Naruto, it's your first day at your new school, excited?" Minato asked starting a conversation.

"Sort of, I'm just hoping no one's a total asshole to me for no reason." Naruto answered.

"Naruto, language." Kushina scolded her teenage son.

"Hey it's true." Naruto replied as Minato sighed.

"Just make sure you don't get expelled on your first day."

"Yeah Naruto, I really had to convince Tsunade to enroll you." Jiraiya said.

"You bribed her with money." Naruto scowled.

"Yeah, same thing." Jiraiay replied which made Naruto sigh.

"Point is we don't want you getting kicked out like your last school." Minato said.

"Hey those guys had it coming and that prick Mizuki was waiting to get rid of me, I did them a favor." Naruto said like getting kicked out didn't matter to him.

So Naruto ate his ramen and checked his watch, "Whoop better hurry don't wanna be late." He said hugging his father and godfather and kissed his mothers cheek, "See you all later." He said grabbing his backpack and skateboard going outside.

When he exited the house he looked right next door to another house, and in the front yard was an old man watering his garden, "Hey Old Man Sarutobi how're you?" he asked the old man.

The old man known as Sarutobi looked over, "Ah good morning Naruto, where are you off to today?"

"I'm starting my first day at my new school old man." Naruto explained as he heard a voice call out, "Aniki!"

Rushing outside was a brown haired boy wearing a blue scarf around his neck. He was known as Konohamaru the old man's grandson. "Hi aniki wanna play ninjas today?"

"Love to Konohamaru but I can't, I'm starting school and I can't be late." Naruto explained and the boy looked disappointed, but felt Naruto pat his head, "Hey come weekends I'll come by."

"Really, thanks."

"Well I gotta go, see you two later." Naruto said dropping his skateboard, got on it, and rolled off down the street heading off.

Naruto was rolling around the city grinding a few railings of stairs goin down to a lower level, making a few jumps over a bench or two before he rolled into the streets holding onto the back of some pick up trucks before he switched lanes and was singing to himself about the Power of Love as he rolled.

Suddenly he spotted walking ahead of him were three girls dressed in the sailor uniform most girls where in Japanese schools. One has short pink hair and green eyes; another had long platinum blond hair tied in a long ponytail and had a very slender figure, and the final girl had long dark blue hair that goes down to her waist, with straight-cut bangs that concealed her forehead, and thin length strands framing her face, and pale eyes.

Naruto called ahead, "Excuse me, can you girls please move? I'm coming through can't you see?" he called as he rode right past them but made them jump back a little. "Sorry!" he called as he skateboarded off.

"Watch it idiot!" The pink haired girl called in anger.

"What was with that guy?" the blonde girl asked.

"It looked like he was heading in the same direction of the school." The pale eyed girl said drumming her fingers while blushing feeling startled by Naruto's rush.

"I've never seen him before, must be a new student." The blonde said.

"I just hope he's not going to be in our class." The pink haired one said as they continued on.

When Naruto finally reached the school building he skateboarded into the courtyard until he stepped on the back edge of the board bringing it up and he was on the ground holding the board. He looked up at the tower in the center with the clock and marveled, "Whoa, look at that erect tower." He said because of the towers tall and straightness and chuckled at his own joke.

"Well better get in and meet with Grandma Tsunade." He said as he walked right into the building.

Soon enough he was standing in an office as a beautiful woman with platinum hair in two ponytails, and had an enormous rack was sitting at her desk facing him. "Hey grandmas Tsunade you're looking great." Naruto said and got a pinch on his face from the woman.

"Watch it Naruto, while we're close like family I am the principal here and you will address me with authority." Tsunade ordered.

"Yes mam." Naruto replied.

"Good, now I have your class list, and locker number right here." She handed Naruto a sheet of paper and Naruto looked it over.

Naruto Namikaze Birthday October 10

Student# 153827

Locker# 489

Per 1. English: Kakashi Hatake-room 219

Per 2. P.E: Maito Gai-Gym room

Per 3. Math: Iruka Umino-room 134

Per 4. History: Asuma Sarutobi-room 117

Per 5. Study Hall: Ebisu-room 205

Per 6. Home Ec: Suzume Namida-room 328

Per 7. Music: Kurenai Yuhi- Music Hall B

Per 8. Theater: Rin-Theater A

Naruto thought, 'Not bad, Kakashi, Rin, Old man's son Asuma, at least some I know.'

"Well Naruto you better get going, have a good day." Tsunade told him.

"Yes mam." Naruto said leaving her office and headed for first period.

As Naruto walked to the hall and looked at the hallway map looking for the room first period was being held he stopped and saw in the window of one room was the girl who was watching him fight last night while he wasn't aware of this but gasped. "It's her, Tenten."

Naruto suddenly flashed back about a month ago before school started.


One night Naruto was walking around looking for some good fights until he heard fighting going on and he hurried to find the girl Tenten taking on a group of punks wearing cougar patches on their jackets. Naruto saw she was handling them very well but decided to get in on the action. He swung in knocking out one guy that tried to come at the girl from behind.

Naruto's appearance surprised everyone even the girl who was impressed by his move, "Hey I know you're handling these chumps with no problem. But you mind if I join in for the hell of it?" he asked Tenten.

The girl smirked and answered, "Not at all."

So the two joined together taking on the punks in a street fight almost as if it was a ballet performance, and combat ballet performance. When the punks realized they were defeated they split as Naruto watched them and said to himself, "That'll show them."

"Hey you." Tenten called as Naruto turned seeing her smiling at him with a soft giggle as she leaped over landing beside him. She formed her right thumb and finger into an 'L' shape and motioned it to the right side of Naruto's head with her finger pressed against his cheek, and his chin resting on her thumb, and she pulled his head closer and she pecked him on his left cheek as he blushed from this.

Tenten then walked away from him but turned back around and spoke, "Nice moves." She said as she continued until Naruto called out.

"Wait, what's your name?"

She turned back around and answered, "Tenten. And you are?"

"Naruto, Naruto Namikaze." Naruto answered.

Tenten smiled, "Well catch you later Naruto Namikaze." She winked and hurried off.

Naruto stood there feeling the spot where she kissed him and blushed, "She's cute." He said to himself.

Flashback ends

"So she goes here to, but she's a junior, I'm just a sophomore." Naruto said but remembered he had to get to class.

Soon enough he found the classroom and knocked on it. An adult man's voice came from inside, "Come in."

Naruto entered the classroom and saw his father's friend Kakashi who had silver hair, a mask covering his mouth, and an eye patch over his left eye. "Kakashi Sensei, I made it."

"Ah yes welcome, class I'd like to introduce you to your new classmate, this is Naruto Namikaze, he just transferred here." Kakashi explained to the class as they all look at him.

Naruto glanced around the room seeing the boys wearing the same uniform he was wearing except their collars were normal and their jackets were buttoned, and sleeves weren't rolled up. He noticed the three girls he passed from before were in his class with the pale eyed one looking nervous and blushing, while the other two looked shocked and TO'd remembering how he almost ran into them.

His gaze then stopped to a boy with black hair who was half brooding until he saw him, "Sas… Sasuke is that you?"

"Well Naruto, ain't it a small world." Sasuke said.

Naruto walked to Sasuke and the two pound fists as Kakashi cleared his throat, "Naruto why don't you tell the class about yourself."

"Such as sensei?"

"Likes, Dislikes, Hobbies, plans for the future?" Kakashi gave some examples.

"Well like he said I'm Naruto Namikaze, I like ramen, pizza, soda, and manga, what I hate are douche bags, whiny people who don't do squat, cowards, vegetables, and people who judge others before getting to know them." Naruto started, "My hobbies include skateboarding, playing my guitar, and practicing martial arts. My plans for the future are nothing career wise, but if anything for the moment I aim to be the top street fighter in the city." Naruto explained.

This got everyone looking at him while Sasuke smirked hearing all this before when they were Junior High students. Suddenly the pink haired girl spoke up, "What kind of stupid plan is that?"

"Hey what's your name?" Naruto asked.

"Sakura." Sakura answered.

"Well Sakura, shut up!" Naruto said in a Jack Black tone.

Sakura growled and was ready to do something before Kakashi spoke up, "Ok that's enough, everyone Naruto will be joining us this year so treat him like you treat each other… Or not." He joked.

"Hai sensei." They said as Naruto took a seat behind Sasuke as the boy looked back at him.

"Word of advice, don't tick Sakura off too much, she'll try to maul you. Believe me as her boyfriend I've seen plenty."

"She's the Sakura you mentioned about in your texts?" Naruto gasped quietly.

"Yeah so?"

"The way you described her was nothing like this." Naruto said.

"She's not that bad." Sasuke said as they got ready for class.

As the hours went by class was just about up and the students were pouring out of the classes eager to get home. Some were bumpy into their janitor known as Danzo Shimura, an old man with a bandaged right eye, and a missing right arm.

"Hey you little brats I just mopped there!" Danzo called and grunted, "When I become principal of this school I'll teach them some respect." He grumbled as he got back to work.

Naruto was then walking out of the building with Sasuke, "Well Naruto how was your first day here?"

"Well coulda been better, I mean Gai sensei's brutal exercises were nothing compared to Iruka-sensei's math cramming." Naruto said.

"You'll get used to it." Sasuke smirked, "After all you're the future top street fighter in the city."

"You got that right." Naruto smirked back as two students approached him.

One was big-boned with red swirls on his cheeks, while the second was thin and had brown hair done up in a pineapple ponytail, "Hey Sasuke." The thin one said.

"Yeah Shikamaru?" Sasuke asked the boy.

"Look I know it's troublesome, but me and Chouji are heading to the barbeque hut, you and your friend wanna come along?"

Sasuke turned to Naruto, "How about it Naruto?"

Naruto thinks about it knowing this would be a good opportunity to make some friends and answered, "Sure I'm game."

"Al right, let's go." Chouji cheered as he marched off followed by Shikamaru and Sasuke, while Naruto skateboarded after them.

'I think this school might be just my kind of place.' He thought to himself.

(And that's part one. This fic is going to be sort of like your typical high school sitcom series with various kinds of events, and along with various fights Naruto engages in his spare time. You guys loved my crossovers with Naruto. Now I'm going for a regular kind.)