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Last time, Naruto's twin sister Kisa after making friends with girls such as Chiyo and Ayako had made more friends over the course of Phys Ed and Lunch period. Three more girls known as Avaron, Akira, and Hiromi. Naruto and Sasuke could tell Kisa was going to do just fine at Konoha high, even if she made an enemy out of Niwa the Queen Bee.

After school, Naruto, Sasuke, and Kisa walked down the stairs, "Ok so the girls said they'd meet us at Hiro's." Kisa explained to the boys.

"Good. We'll be over there soon as well." Sasuke added.

"I promised Samui I'd pick her up from Kumo high." Naruto added.

"Right." Kisa nodded.

"We'll see you then." Sasuke said as the boys took off.

Kisa started walking away from the school and headed for Hiro's. She decided to take a shortcut through an alleyway. As she walked she felt as if she was being watched. She looked right from left until three boys who looked a year older than her popped out, "Well what have we here?" one of them asked the other two.

"Looks like we got us a cute wanderer." the second said.

Kisa sighed, "Don't flatter yourselves. You guys aren't my type."

"What, we're not good enough for you?" the third asked getting in her face.

"Just leave me alone." she replied in annoyance.

"Oh yeah? Make us." the lead challenged her.

Kisa rolled her eyes, "If you insist." she reached into her back and suddenly whipped out two spray cans and sprayed silly string at them. The three shielded their faces but still had the stuff covering them.

"Bleh get this stuff off me!" The second shouted as he and the other two were pulling the silly string off them.

"Hey boys!" Kisa called as the three looked at her seeing some kind of shooter strapped to her wrist, "I got a special delivery for you!" dice were suddenly shot from the device on her wrist and nailed the three in their foreheads. The three cried in pain as they clutched their foreheads and backed away, before each fell over landing in a garbage can that fell over and rolled into a wall knocking them out.

Kisa chuckled to herself, "I still got it." she said feeling proud of herself.

Suddenly she heard clapping, and looked seeing Kami emerge from another alleyway path, "Very impressive. I can see a street fighter of your caliber has not lost her touch."

"You," Kisa gasped, "You're Kami, aren't you?"

"That I am." Kami nodded in confirmation.

"My brother Naruto told me about you and your team," Kisa continued, "You're looking to recruit him by making him fight against your whole team."

"Correct. Your brother has much potential, potential that I look for in a street fighter. He's already beaten four of my teammates, and has not once disappointed me." Kami explained.

"I heard you used to have full ten members, but your former Kyubi met an accident. Are you mostly interested in my brother just so you can fill in the gap?" Kisa questioned suspiciously, "Because let me tell you my brother is not just some fighter you can just use to fill in a void."

"I assure you Kisa Namikaze, I have nothing but the greatest of respect for Naruto," Kami assured her, "I wouldn't just pick any one to be part of my team. Naruto has not only gained my respect, but Gaara's, Yugito's, Yagura's and Roushi's as well."

"Good. I'd hate to think of my brother getting involved with a group only interested in his strength."

"Rest assured, we of the tailed beast team treat our members like a family." Kami assured her, "But enough about me. What about you? I mean the Kirin Queen returning to the city? I didn't think it would ever happen."

Kisa scowled, "I may have come home here, but I'm not back in the street fighting saddle."

Kami nodded, "Everyone in the street fighting underworld knows of you and your confrontation with Nightmare."

Kisa frowned at him and spoke firmly, "Don't say that name."

"My apologies. I can imagine the memories it brings back to you." Kami apologized.

"Horrible ones," she answered, "But I don't suppose you know of her whereabouts do you?"

"I'm afraid not," Kami answered, "No one has seen or her word of her for years. It's like she's gone underground and vanished, juts like many thought you did." Kisa looked away in embarrassment.

"I just lost my will to fight full time." she admitted.

"I understand." Kami nodded.

Kisa let out a smile, "Still, Naruto will carry on our dream together."

"I know he will." Kami agreed.

"Well it was nice meeting you, Kami, but I gotta jet." Kisa bid him farewell.

"I hope to see you again, maybe you can watch your brother take on the next member of my team?" Kami suggested.

"I would love to see that." Kisa admitted as she took her leave, as Kami watched her and thought.

'Such a talented street fighter. Ooo bad one defeat cost her will to continue in the field.'

Soon Kisa arrived at Hiro's to see her new friends waiting for her, "There ya are, Kisa." Avaron greeted her.

"Where've ya been?" Ayako asked.

"I had a little pest control problem to deal with, but it's all good." she answered.

"Thank goodness." Chiyo said in worry.

"Anyone seen my brother and Sasuke?" Kisa asked them.

They heard a horn honk, and Akira pointed to Naruto's car, "Over there."

Naruto parked his car and he, Sasuke, Tenten, and Samui exited it, "Hey girls!" Naruto called.

"Hi guys!" the group greeted the four.

Tenten looked at the group and smiled at Kisa, "Looks like you made quite a pack of friends, Rei."

"Yeah I really did." Kisa smiled as Naruto spoke up.

"Well girls I'm sure you all know Samui." Naruto introduced them. Though they never talked to her they have seen her around Naruto whenever he'd leave the school.

"Of course, who could forget someone with a rack like that?" Ayako asked while motioning to Samui's top feature.

Samui looked away feeling embarrassed in front of Naruto, until Avaron chided her, "Ayako!"

"Really Ayako, must you be so rude to such an elegant lady?" Hiromi lectured her, while Ayako shrugged.

"Come on let's go in." Sasuke suggested as they went inside.

Soon they were sitting around a table enjoying their drinks, "So Kisa, how was your first day at your brother's school?" Samui asked her guys twin.

"It was better than I expected," Kisa admitted, "First day and I made this many friends." she motioned to the girls.

"Well congrats. Seems you're off to a good start." Samui smiled.

"Well almost," Kisa admitted, "First day and I already made an enemy."

"Who?" Samui asked.

"A girl named Niwa." Kisa explained.

Samui shifted her attention to Naruto and Tenten, "Is she talking about Niwa Miaki, that girl you said whose been bringing down the morale of most of the female student body?"

"One and the same." Tenten admitted.

"But Kisa stood up to her when she was picking on Chiyo." Ayako boasted on Kisa's behalf.

"Nice." Samui smirked feeling impressed.

"Well if there's one thing I learned from my bro is you can't just sit back and let others walk all over the weaker." Kisa replied.

"Got that right." Tenten nodded in agreement.

"Well we're afraid you came at a rotten time to transfer I'm afraid." Avaron spoke up.

"Why's that?" Kisa asked.

"Next week is the annual Konoha High Spirit Dance." Hiromi explained.

"An annual dance as part of Spirit Week, to show we all have that Konoha high spirit!" Akira cheered.

"And that's rotten timing how?" Kisa asked, while Naruto explained.

"Tenten and Sasuke told me that when Niwa first came to Konoha high she's aimed to be Queen of every dance or pageant the school hosts, and Queen of Spirit is her fave title to aim for as of now at least until we become juniors then she'll be aiming for Prom Queen."

"And when Niwa wants something, she gets it." Chiyo warned Kisa.

"Any other girl who stood up against her wound up humiliated." Avaron added.

"She constantly finds ways of getting dirt on a student and uses it against them." Ayako put in.

"Using blackmail to get what she wants?" Kisa gasped in shock and anger, "That is dirty and rotten."

"Worst part is every member of the student body knows it, but can't get evidence of her doing it to show the faculty." Hiromi stated.

"We're just going to have to live with the fact she's gonna make the student body cower before her until we graduate." Chiyo sighed as she took a sip of her drink.

Kisa frowned that such a person was getting away with such tricks and schemes. Even in the world of street fighting such tactics would be considered frowned upon, "Well I'm not gonna let that happen!" she shot up form her seat, surprising everyone.

"Kisa." Sasuke gasped.

"I refuse to sit back and let some stuck up bitch get away with murder. So I'll be running for Queen Spirit, and show her she can't always get what she wants on a silver platter." the girl explained with eagerness.

Samui smirked, "You're definitely like your brother."

"Yeah, you got more spunk than I thought." Ayako added.

"While I think you're crazy for even thinking about it, I admit you've got guts to stand up to Niwa." Avaron added.

"If you want to register you can talk to me," Akira explained, "I'm actually head of the committee."

"And you'll need an excellent publicist and stylist." Hiromi put in.

"If you want out help that is." Chiyo added sheepishly.

"You girls would be willing to help me?" Kisa asked.

"Not just them." Naruto spoke up as he, Sasuke, and Tenten huddled close.

"We're with ya too." Sasuke added, while Tenten winked.

"Thanks guys," Kisa smiled and looked determined, "Well looks like I got a campaign to run and I'll be needing votes. Spirit Week starts next week and I'll be needing all your help."

"Then let's do it to it!" Naruto called as they put their hands in and cheered.

Watching outside the coffee shop window was Niwa who had managed to hear what they were saying. She crept away from the shop and spoke to herself, "So that fresh meat thinks she can steal my title and crown for Spirit Week? Well missy you got another thing coming if you think you can do that. Looks like I better cal in some assistance," she pulled out her cell and put in a call, "Hello, Yoroi, Misumi?"

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