Summary: The story takes place after Longshadow's demise. Sookie is more than who Bill thinks she is. Eric and Sookie know exactly what Bill is up to. Eric is not who Bill think's he is (position wise). Eric is also hiding a secret from Sookie. The story starts while Eric and Bill are talking in Eric's office.

It's a short story, but I hope you enjoy it. It will have a couple of chapters, not sure how many.

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Chapter 1 - Bill's Assignment

Sookie stared in the mirror at her reflection. She was bathed in vampire blood. Pam walked in, winking at her, which caused Sookie to smile. While Pam watched Sookie remove the blood from her delectable body, they were able to hear the conversation that was taking place in Eric's office, thanks to Pam's doing.

Eric stared at the young vampire seated in front of him.

Bill didn't have a clue of what was going to happen next, and though he was a favorite of the Queen, he knew he had committed a great offense. He stared at his bottle of True Blood, wondering how to get out of his current dilemma. He knew Eric would take this opportunity to take what he wanted, what he thought was his, Sookie.

"You killed a vampire, Bill," Eric said with an intense stare "for a human," he added, his tone dripping with disdain. Bill had made a huge mistake and Eric was going to take advantage of the situation. The infatuation of Bill with the girl would end tonight if he had any say in the matter, which he did."What are we gonna do about this?" Eric asked.

Bill thought about it, but he was unaware as to what would be a good retribution for his offense. "What do you have in mind?" Bill asked, knowing darn well what Eric's response was going to be.

Eric smirked, "I'll take the girl," he said indisputably.

"No," Bill answered quickly and Eric noticed his confident tone, but then Bill thought of how to fix his mistake. "You can have anyone. Why do you want her?" Bill asked in a calmer tone.

If only Bill knew, but he was oblivious as to Eric's reasons. Eric saw this as his opening for what he intended to find out tonight, "Why do you want her?"Eric replied and then he smiled cockily at Bill "You're not in love with her, are you?" Eric asked in a mocking tone, because that would be even funnier. He could just imagine Bill's expression, it was going to be priceless. Eric could only picture Pam's face if Bill was indeed in love with Sookie, his Sookie.

"Sookie must be protected," Bill declared quickly and then he realized he had made another mistake.

"That sounds like an edict," Eric sated somehow upset "but it couldn't be, because I would know about that," he added and saw how Bill was falling, the truth was about to be uncovered. Eric smiled. "Admit it. You love her," Eric teased, and hoped that Pam and Sookie were listening to everything.

"If I hadn't done what I did, would you have let his disloyalty stand?" Bill asked trying to change the subject and stir Eric's thoughts in another less dangerous direction, dangerous for Bill that is.

"Whatever I did to Longshadow, I would not have done in front of witnesses, especially not vampire witnesses. Not smart Bill, not smart at all," Eric said. Bill knew he had no way out. "Now answer me this, you didn't check in with me and you have been staying in my area. Why is that Bill?" Eric asked and he was suddenly in front of Bill, his fangs out. If there was one thing Eric couldn't stand, it was treachery.

"I was going to, but I have been working on a project for the Queen," Bill replied quickly and then he shut his mouth, because he had said too much.

"On?" Eric queried. "I'm not aware of this project and I should be, since you…are…in…my…area," Eric said, his face full of anger.

"I report to her, not to you," Bill answered. Eric leaned back, resting his tall frame against his desk, his threatening stare towards the younger vampire did not change.

"Very well. I'll just call her and tell her you killed one of my underlings to protect your human," Eric threatened.

Bill thought he had won, but then as he thought about it, he realized it would be a great mistake and the Queen would be furious with him. No he couldn't allow Eric to make the call. The Queen had sent him to circumvent Eric. He couldn't allow the Queen to know. He would find another way out of this mess, besides there was nothing wrong with Eric knowing of his assignment, they both owed their loyalty to the same Monarch.

"No," Bill said quickly, Eric raised his eyebrow.

"A trade," Eric offered. Bill nodded. "Tell me what is this project and I will cover up Longshadow's demise," Eric said. It was either that or he would have to be taken to the magister so he agreed.

"I'm here to procure Sookie for the Queen," Bill admitted. "I must protect her and win her trust so that I can deliver her to the Queen," Bill added.

Eric smirked. Bill was history. No one was going to deliver his Sookie to the Queen.

"I see," Eric replied and continued to stare at Bill, "the Queen still recruits human pets. I thought she would've learned after her last punishment," Eric mused, he leaned in towards the young vampire, his fangs were out. "Aren't you afraid, Bill?" Eric asked staring at him "When the magister finds out, you will be punished for being the delivery boy," Eric reminded him.

"This is my last job for her and then I'm free," Bill said which was true. This was his last payment to her and his debt would be cleared. Fifty years had been his punishment for feeding from one of her favorite pets.

"I must inform the magister. I cannot allow such things in my area and you have broken many of our laws," Eric said and Bill growled. Eric thought it was comical that Bill tried to go against him. Eric is much older than Bill and well, he is the Sheriff. Bill tried to fight Eric, but Eric held him by his throat before Bill had time to react. Eric was hissing at Bill and Bill knew there was nothing he could do, but follow his Sheriff's orders.

Sookie listened carefully to everything that had been discussed. She turned around and ran to Eric's office, Pam ran after her to stop her, but Sookie smiled wickedly and winked at Pam. Pam was stunned and didn't have a clue as to what Sookie was going to do next.

"Eric, don't call this magister," she said almost out of breath "I…I…I'll do whatever you want," she offered. Eric released Bill but not before shooting him a warning glare. Eric eyed Sookie curiously as he sat back on his chair and rested his long feet on his desk with a smug grin plastered on his face.

"Sookeeeh, No!" Bill said outraged. He knew darn well what Eric wanted.

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