Soul Biscuits

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Warnings: SLASH! Threesomes, violence, blood, gore, 1920s gangsters, secret societies, baked goods; the works, man, the works...

Dedicated to Ryder Bellamiren and her sis Mooshy-chan! They are my muses for this fic, yay!~


Interlude 2: When Harry Met Leo


The scent of cinnamon wafted into a young artist's nose. Like a blood hound, he tracked the smell into a new bakery called The Sweet Retreat. The name of the bakery was arched in cheerful purple letters on the tinted glass front. A chime above the door jingled as the glass entrance was opened by slim, talented hands.

"Oh my goodness!" Leonardo Da Vinci cried out in delight upon entering the bakery. To his right was a long, long glass case showing numerous baked goods and at the end was a cash register and counter space. Behind the glass case was a three-burner stovetop that had three vacuum coffee brewers working. There was a door that must lead to where the proprietor made his goods. To Leonardo's left were several booths the led down to an open floor space at the back of the bakery where tables and chairs were arranged. Along the walls were numerous landscapes, replications of the real things according to Leo's trained eye. And the back wall was a line of receptacles for the coffee mugs and dishes and trash. Plus there was a table by the receptacles that held napkins, forks, knifes, and spoons. Already there were several people sitting down in booths or tables with cups of coffee and donuts and other baked goods. Leonardo jumped when a dark curly-haired young man popped out of the door behind the glass case with a beautiful strawberry cheesecake that he placed within the case by the other cakes.

"Good morning, sir!" the young man said cheerfully, his posh British accent obvious.

"Good morning to you as well!" Leonardo replied. He watched as the brunet closed the cake portion of the case closed. "I just heard that you opened."

"Quite right, sir. This is the grand opening and I opened at seven o'clock this morning. My name is Harry! How might I serve you today?"

"It's nice to meet you! I am Leonardo." He pointed at one of the goods on display. "A raspberry scone sounds delicious actually."

Harry smiled and opened that section of the case. He used a piece of wax paper to grab the scone. "Anything else? Perhaps some coffee or tea? Juice?" he asked as he turned around to reach for a plate by the coffee brewers.

"Tea, my friend, no sugar or cream."

"Earl Grey good?"

"Yes, yes!" Leonardo clapped in delight as he sauntered down to the register. He watched with eager crystal blue eyes as Harry approached from his side of the case with the scone and a mug of steaming tea. "How much in total?" He got his wallet out and paid the amount recited by the baker. "Thank you, dear Harry."

"You're welcome," Harry replied in amusement. He watched as Leonardo practically waltzed to an empty booth.

Today was looking good...


End Interlude

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