Author's Note – Dedicated to my wonderful beta Aly. I hope you enjoy the Rose/Eleven fic you requested.

He knew this feeling. No matter how many times he regenerated this was an emotion that never went away … attraction to the opposite sex or if he was entirely honest with himself the same sex too, but that always came and went with whatever new body he was inhabiting. This time though the human creature trying to seduce him just happened to be female and he couldn't stop himself from being … well, attracted.

Amy Pond was the young woman pressing her lips against his while she frantically pulled at his braces, losing her grip at one point and letting the elastic slap against his chest. She wanted to have her way with the Raggedy Doctor and he was doing his best to discourage that. Her voracious reaction to him was something he had worried might happen. After learning just how much of a role the memory of him had played in Amy's development, The Doctor knew keeping the girl as a companion might be tricky. He was after all an extremely likable fellow and after you add to that the years of her building him up to grandiose stature in her head and Amy never stood a chance.

Really, though any time he brought a new companion on board, The Doctor feared their friendship might grow into something deeper. Out in the recesses of space and time things worked differently and for humans it could sometimes be too complex. It was a world that only Time Lords were meant to experience. Only a handful of his human companions had never once worried him. Their ability to take in his life had been like second nature. He recalled one of them actually being rather recent. Although, he had sensed she was special from the start. As soon as he had held her hand in his, only hours after saving her life from those damned Plastics, The Doctor had seen into who she was and knew … Rose Tyler was his match.


And she was the exact reason he needed to stop what was happening with Amy this instant. He tried to think of what might exactly work to repulse the girl. His Age! Yes, his age. Humans only lived at the most 100 years. He was well beyond that. If she knew how old he really was then maybe that might deter her from moving those soft lips of hers against his skin. "Amy … Amy I'm over 900 years old. Do you know what that means?"

"It means it's been awhile?" She cheekily replied, her hot breath trailing down his neck as her mouth continued to find places to caress. He had misjudged her. His age didn't bother her in the least.

"Yes, or I mean no … No. Stop this Amy. That's not what I meant." The Doctor softly nudged her away, "I'm old … I don't age. It's impossible for me to be with you," He paused and then added rather dejectedly, "or anyone of your kind."

Amy formed her lips into a pout that was meant to look sexy rather than childish, "Awww, that's very sweet Doctor, but I wasn't really looking for anything that long term."

She moved her body towards him again, ready to resume where she had left off, but The Doctor reached out a hand which was now holding his sonic screwdriver. It made its usual sonicy sound that he fancied so much as he pushed down on the buttons.

"And you wanted to use this … how?" Amy pulled in her bottom lip, staring at the device, curiosity creasing her brow.

"Ewww … no. No no no no." The Doctor scrunched his face up in slight aversion once he realized the girl's train of thought, "I just … I didn't know how to get you to stop. It's always my last line of defense. When all else fails, sonic."

Amy shrugged, "Alright, you've soniced and got my attention. Obviously this isn't what you want. I'll just gather up my stuff and leave," Amy turned quickly on her heel, The Doctor catching the look of rejection written clearly on her face as she moved, but then suddenly she was facing him again, "Hold on, this is my room. You take your box and leave. I have some angst to work through now, thank you."

This was exactly how he hadn't wanted the scene to play out. It was key for him to keep from hurting the fragile emotions of a young girl who still had so much to learn about herself … about as much as he did. The Doctor hadn't wanted to add another notch of negativity to Amy's life. He'd already done enough damage with his many appearances, disappearances and reappearances in her timeline over the years.

"Amy, please … you have to listen to me." He reached out to caress the girl's hand causing her to pull away slightly, but ultimately she kept her hand in his, "It's not like you think. Yes, I find you very attractive and quite honestly it's taking a lot in me now not to do what you want me to, but …"

"Buuuuuuuut …" Amy mimicked dragging the word out when he didn't respond.

For a man with many words, too many words, who said a lot of words that usually got him into trouble, The Doctor was for once at a loss. He couldn't find the right way to explain to Amy exactly what he was feeling, what he had been through. Even in this new skin, with new bones and new hearts, he was still very much the same Time Lord he was when he had lost Rose, not once, but twice.

"But … I …"

Amy began tapping her foot with impatience.

"You know what? I think we need to take a little journey to help you understand me a bit better. Yes, that sounds about right. Please, step into my box, Miss Pond." The Doctor snapped his fingers causing the doors of the TARDIS to spring open just as he knew they would.

Amy's face did not at all look trusting, so The Doctor felt compelled to raise and lower his eyebrows a few times, "Ayyy Ayyy… you know you want to."

"Oh, you are completely maddening, you know that?" She sighed, but nonetheless let him lead her through the doors of his time machine.

"Yes, I do know that." He replied with a laugh.