Percy can only think of one way he wants to spend his last little while at Camp Half-Blood, and that's with Annabeth.

Though their freshly formed relationship is only a few weeks old, the other campers - especially Clarisse - are ruthless about teasing them. Apparently, everyone at camp thinks they're really adorable, and there are constantly eyes on them.

But now, most everyone had gone back home for the year, until next summer, which left Percy and Annabeth standing atop the hill, holding hands and taking in the almost completely empty camp.

It was eerily quiet compared to how it sounded on a daily basis, alive and bustling with activity.

But the silence was comfortable for the two of them as they stood and contemplated their options. He thinks about his empty cabin, it's blue stone walls suddenly seeming very welcoming.

He turns his head to grin at Annabeth. "What?" she asks him curiously.

He says nothing, but tugs her along behind him as he makes his way down the hill to the patch of what used to be twelve cabins, but recently more had been added.

He hears her laugh lightly as he swings the door to his cabin open, the air suddenly flooding with the smell of the sea.

As soon as the door shuts behind them, Annabeth pulls Percy to her, tangling her hands in his hair as she kisses him once, twice, three times.

Surely they had an excuse for wanting some alone time before they head back to the city for the year, as they had barely had two minutes alone together the past few weeks. Everybody was always interrupting them.

Percy, knowing that they have time now, breaks away from their normal innocent kisses, letting his lips linger on hers for longer.

In the next few moments, their kisses became one long, drawn out kiss, his arms snaking around her waist.

They pull away for a few moments, only so Percy can back up to his bed, pulling Annabeth with him.

And then their lips are attached again, a very different sort of kiss coming to life beneath their lips. More passionate, less restrained than the ones shared in the past.

Percy finds his tongue sweeping her bottom lip, and she opens her mouth for him. Their tongues begin to tangle together, tasting one another.

It's a new experience for the both of them, one Percy seems to very much like.

He loses track of time, his mind wandering, but always returning to the fact that he is kissing Annabeth, and occasionally remembering that he needs air to survive.

For him, it's mere seconds later when Annabeth's peering at the clock and realizing they had no more time left.

She reluctantly pulls away from him, and when she sees his pout, she's hard pressed not to forget about the time and pull him in by the shirt collar.

But she doesn't and instead sighs, letting a smile grace her face as she looks at him.

"Come on, Seaweed Brain, let's go home." Of course, she only realizes after she says it that it implied they will be going to the same home, which makes her a bit sad.

But the good news, they'll only be a cab ride away. She can live with that for now, and so can he.