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It was a normal day in the normal game of S4 Lea-

"Player: Nogitsune, you are under arrest for the theft of multiple items within the user bazaar, any action outside of surrendering will be deemed grounds for banning" said a tall figure in a black jumper and helmet, face hidden behind an opaque faceplate. The figure was flanked by a pair of similarly dressed but slightly smaller players, who's names where displayed above their heads as GM2 and GM3.

Like I was saying, a normal day in the game of S4 League. As I vaulted off a digital-concrete wall, and slid past a group of surprised beginners, the 3 GMs tried to push through the crowd of players in hot pursuit. A turn of my head revealed that the black clad pursuers where busied by the newbie's questioning. I smirk, slipping into an alley and running through the Connect Forest gateway.

I guess I should begin with the entire story of the game before my own, if I'm to continue with the actions of myself and my…. Friends. S4 League started out as an experiment, the point to create a war simulator as an alternate to actual bloodshed, named 'Net sphere' which would simulate actual combat based on army information of warring countries. Now at the very beginning, the Net sphere was a universal success, the U.N. praising it as a war deterrent, and for the years following, the simulator was thought to be absolute. It wasn't till the results of a false war between the Chinese armed forces fought a small rebel faction and lost, when the Net sphere became under fire, all of the results under scrutiny. Within a matter of months, Net sphere was shut down.

While the official server for the false wars was shut down, Net sphere was never pulled from the entire world system. It would take hackers a year and a half to gain access, but successfully, the war simulator was reactivated, under the control of a mysterious group, and allowing anyone with the proper 'key' to access and play in the renewed Net sphere in a game of war. These war games went on in private servers hidden deep inside the world network, till the official rights and license was sold to a game company.

Net sphere underwent its final change, with most of the violence toned down, adding a new E-sport styled game with it, and being renamed Stylish Shooting eSper Sport League, otherwise shortened to S4 League. As of today, the League has garnered all sorts of fans and supporters, with the game holding 4 tournaments per year, and clan matches at least twice a week, earning itself the sports title it was intended to be. Even as new players join by the hundreds each day, the game still contests that it is a true sport.

Ah but I'm been going on too long, and as I spring from tree to tree inside this cyber forest, I haven't even told you who I am and why the game masters back they were chasing me. My name is Nogitsune, the field fox of my group as I like to say, and if it wasn't obvious, I'm a thief. I stop in front of a large cybernetic oak tree, and give it a good punch and a kick, a hollow thump coming with each hit. I'm not a bad guy, per se, I prefer to think of myself as some sort of Robin Hood, taking from the greedy, snobbish pros and redistributing my earnings among my group and the rookies. A section of the large tree's trunk dissipates in a series of green 1's and 0's, revealing a short, pink haired girl in a hoodie and skirt glaring daggers at me.

"Nogi what the hell took you so long? We can't have any of the more aggressive 'dogs' find this place" she berated me, grabbing my ear and yanking me down, the trunk's wall reappearing as if it never disappeared. She let me go, walking ahead down the dully lighted tunnel of our little base.

Now DaCiel here was a good friend of mine, and usually she would have gone with me. However, most of her equipment, along with most of everyone else part of Kamichi (I neglected to tell you till now the name of the unofficial clan) had been falling to bits, and seeing as I'm one of the best at navigating, had to pull a solo mission.

"Jeez, look at yourself" she criticized me "your shirt is in tatters, and your shoes are about to fall apart too." I look over myself, my vest and long sleeved dress shirt indeed having more than a couple of holes, revealing pale white skin, and my normally polished leather shoes now having their soles flop around, leaving only my black slacks in good shape. "Look Ciel, I'm sorry if I have to take more than my share out of the stuff, but I had to do some drastic things. There were three GMs chasing me" DaCiel stopped when I said that, spinning around and slapping me across the cheek, making me stumble a little.

"Nogi you know your way around Esper City's bazaar, so how could you end up with not one, but three mods after you?"

"I'm sorry; they just caught me off guard. Anyways, I lost them before I even got to the gate" I explained to her. Ciel's only response was a huff before turning back and walking swiftly into the gathering room with me a few steps behind. The room was large, with the roots of the oak running along the edge of the floor and across the walls. The room was lit with some hacked together bits of flames floating near the ceiling, over a large wood table in the middle. Behind the table sat our clan master.

"Welcome back Nogitsune, what were you able the snatch up while you were out?" said Thebes, the head of our clan. Thebes was the definition of a gentle giant, being at least 7 feet, and wearing only loose black pants, revealing his natural tanned skin and a large black dragon tattoo running across the left side of his body. His black hair went in every direction, and he hid his eyes behind a pair of shades. Although physically intimidating, Thebes was as kind as could be, often taking the better weapons and items just to give out to some poor beginner who was having a rough time.

I stepped forward and emptied my inventory out onto the table, with dozens of clothing and esper chips, and more than a few weapons of varying sizes. "Mostly nothing out of the norm sir; cheap clothes that'll last at most two months, some weak weapons, and the collection of hourly chips. I was able to get some unique stuff off of a tourney team" I said as I pulled up a Daito in its sheath and a large golden revolver "luckily they didn't notice till after I got away." Our clan master picked up the large sword, a grin plastered on his face. "Nice job, I think you deserved your share today" Thebes said, the Daito vanishing into his inventory "Keep the Rev, I know it works for your style." He got up and left, taking a large amount, no doubt to hand out to the rest of Kamichi, leaving only some clothes and chips for me and DaCeil to split between us.

"So Ceil…. Uh….. Want to go find a few matches" I asked her off hand, replacing my shoes and shirt right in front of her. She shook her head, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"I have some things to do. Maybe next time pup" Ceil logged out before I could even counter her insult, leaving me alone in the empty room with just the golden revolver left on the table. "Guess it's to the pub rooms again" I sighed as I opened the lobby window and was transported to the waiting room.

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