Naruto looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. It has been 7 years since the Arashi incident and things weren't better than ever.

Konoha grew back to its glorious days with the help of Suna. Once Gaara heard about Arashi he apologized for Arashi actions but they knew that it hadn't been he's fault.

After 5 years they named him the next to be Hokage, the 6th Hokage Of The Hidden In The Leafs.

Life couldn't get better.

Today was a special very awaited day for everyone. He was wearing a black tux just right for the occasion.

"We're about to start" Kiba whispered, making Naruto smiled.

Naruto watched as Kiba walked down the hile and then he followed him. He smiled to the familiar face in the crowd, like Kurenai Yuhi and his son. Tsunade and Shizune and even the Ramen Shop owner and his daughter.

He looked up and smiled. There before him stood Sasuke Uchiha. His best friends. A man that he shared a bond and nothing could break it.

Then the wedding song came in as soon as Naruto settle beside Sasuke.

First was Ino Nara who was accompany by her 5 years old twins Aria and Yukimaru.

Both kids were dark haired with green eyes, wearing the same color as their mothers dress, which it was purple.

Shikamaru and Ino married just a year after the Arashi incident. No one knew they were engaged until the wedding invitation got to everyone's mail.

After Ino, followed Tenten Hyuga who walked along her 7 year old son Genji. She was already pregnant when everything happened and didn't had the chance to announce it because of the events.

Of course Neji being the old fashion kind of guy made a quick wedding and married her in a instant.

Genji was the exact image of his father, the only thing he had from his mother was his passion for wepons. He was wearing a black tux and Tenten wore a light pink dress.

Then entered Hinata Uzumaki, along with her 3 year old son Usui and her 1 year old Misaki.

Usui had his father's blond spiky hair and his mothers pale eyes. He was as Hyper as his father, always getting himself in trouble. Misaki has short brown hair and bright blue eyes, she was also very hyper even thought was one year old. Hinata could barely keep up with her kids, but she always was smiling and enjoying every moment with them.

Usui wore a black tux and Hinata and Misaki wore light blue dresses.

Then entered the bride. Sakura Haruno walked down the hile in a bright white dress and huge smile acompany by her 6 year old son Saito Uchiha.

A lot of things happened in 7 years, this included the slow and painful return of Sasuke and Sakura and now after having their kid, Sakura accepted Sasuke.

Saito was the same Sasuke there was no Sakura anywhere, to her dismay.

Sakura smiled at her husband to be and grabbed his hand.

There in front of Konoha they got married, adding one more family into the group.

Naruto smiled at his wife as they walked down the hile once again, his children beside him and his wife in his hands.

Never in a million year would he had thought that he could be this happy.