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Chapter 1: Suprise! I'm over you.

2 years later.

Hinata watched as some of her colleagues run towards the town gates. "Sakura!" She called at the pink haired girl who stopped dead in track as she heard her name. "What's going on?" Hinata asked.

"Naruto is back!" Sakura said. "He brought back Sasuke"

Hinata's eyes winded. "He did it" Hinata thought. She was about to ask Sakura something else but it was too late, she was already standing in the middle of the streets alone.

"I'll see if Hokage-sama needs me" Hinata said to herself and ran towards the Hokage tower.

On the outside of Konoha Naruto stood in front of Sasuke Uchiha, both were hurt from the previous fight. Naruto was in better conditions, after all Sasuke had passed out from using too much of his chakra and sharingan.

"I finally did it. I brought Sasuke back" Naruto smiled painfully.

"Naruto!" He heard a voice that called his name and then he heard footsteps. They found him, they were here. Last thing Naruto saw that evening was Akamaru's paw and then everything went black.


"Naruto" The voice called his name softly. The voice sounded familiar, too familiar. Maybe it was Hinata's, Hinata the woman that had hunted his dreams ever since he left; the woman who he wish to see; but as the voice grew strong he knew it wasn't Hinata.

"Naruto, come on wake up" The female voice said once again. With much effort Naruto opened his eyes to find Sakura smiling down at him while Sai stood beside her. "Welcome back Naruto" Sakura grinned.

"Hey guys" Naruto smiled back. "I brought Sasuke back. As promised" To this Sakura giggled.

"Yes Naruto. You brought Sasuke back home" Sakura said, tears threatening to fall.

"Where is he?" Naruto said as his eyes scanned the room, only to find a male with light brown hair standing in his door way.

"He's in another room, with anbus. He lost a lot of blood and he's been treated but also the Hokage as order for the anbu's keep an eye on him until his trial is over" Sakura explained.

"Good" Naruto relaxed.

"Your injuries weren't as bad, you will be out in a couple of hours" Sakura said making Naruto grin. "You will, though" She continues. "Be followed by Arashi, here" Sakura pointed at the male with brown hair.

The male stepped forward smiling. "Good Morning Uzumaki-san. My name is Arashi Higurashi and I'm from the village hidden in the sand. I specialize on peoples mind and I will be making sure you are alright." Arashi said. "Order of your friend the Kazekage"

"OK" Naruto said. "Nice to meet you" He smiled.

"Well Naruto I will bring your discharge paper and you can go" Sakura said and left the room along with Sai.

Naruto smiled to himself, now everything would fall back into place.

Hours later, Naruto and Arashi walked out of the hospital. Naruto felt like he had won the war inside of him.

"So, you came here because Gaara wanted to know how I was mentally?" Naruto asked.

"No, I live here" Arashi said.

"But you said…"

"Oh I am from the sand village but I came here to be teached by Ibiki" Arashi explained. "I want to expand my abilities"

Naruto grinded, Arashi was just like him, wanting to always make a better ninja. He liked Arashi; he could tell they could become great friends.

"Oh, there's Hinata-chan!" Arashi beamed. Naruto's heart began to beat faster than it had been. From what he could see, Hinata had grown more.

"Let's go scare her" Arashi said as he wore a devilish grin on his lips.

"I don't we should do that, she might faint" Naruto said as he recalled his numerous incident with Hinata in the past.

"It will be fine" Arashi said. He tiptoes toward Hinata as grinded widely. He sucked air in and yelled in her ear while being so close.

Naruto expect for Hinata to yelp with fear and then pass out but instead Hinata grabbed Arashi's hand and flipped him over, making him land in front of her on his back.

"I told you never to scare me again" Hinata said glaring down at the male.

"Sorry Hina" Arashi chuckled. Hinata's glare softly turned into a smile.

"You weirdo" Hinata giggled as Arashi jumped on his feet.

"Yeah but I'm your weirdo" Arashi said.

What, Naruto witness next made his heart stop instantly. Arashi grabbed Hinata's chin and kissed her lips while she kissed him back.

"See, all fine" Arashi grinded as he snaked his arm around Hinata's waist and looked at Naruto. Hinata followed Arashi's gaze and gasp as she saw Naruto standing before her.

"NARUTO!" She yelled with happiness as she run to his arms and embraced him in a hug. "I'm so glad you're back"

Naruto was shocked, never had Hinata be able to hug him without fainting.

Softly her wrapped his arms around Hinata's waist and hugged her back.

His eyes landed on Arashi who grinded at the two teens, maybe Naruto was wrong, maybe Arashi wouldn't be his friend.