Amethyst Angel – Chapter two

By Cahira Dawn


Two gods watched from high above the universe. One woman with long sapphire hair and a man with eyes of bright gold. The woman looked down at the earth calmly while the man paced around in agitation.

 "How can we win Fate?" He turned to the woman. "Without Sailor Saturn the senshi will never win! They need her to bring the new Crystal millennium."

"You are not thinking Destiny." She said. "Saturn would not let herself die. She knows the future we have set out for her, whether she realises it or not."

"What am I supposed to think? She died in an explosion. No one could have survived it."

"She has supposedly died in explosion before Destiny. Do you not remember her last life? She was meant to die in the lab explosion, but she survived anyway. All we can do is wait for events to unfold."   


Heero woke late that day. By the time he was dressed and downstairs the others had already begun to eat breakfast. The bags under his eyes were clear to see.

"Are you alright Heero?" Asked a concerned Quatre. "You don't look to well."

Heero grunted something indecipherable as he sat down. Pushing away the glass of milk with one hand he started on the toast. Trowa looked up from the book in his hands.

"Slept badly?"

Duo grinned and leaned forward.

"I know… You were thinking about a girl weren't you? Is Heero in love hmmm?"

Heero stopped eating, his whole body motionless. Duo's words had clearly struck a nerve, but no one really noticed.

"Shut up Baka!" Wufei said fingering his katana menacingly. "Or I'll be forced to teach you some manners."

Duo jumped back in mock fear.

"Oh no Wu-man! Don't hurt me! I mean Heero thinking about a girl? You don't even need half a brain to tell I was joking."

With a growl Wufei reached for his sword, but it was not he who stood up. Heero stood up with a jolt and walked out of the room. There was a stunned silence for a few moments in which Duo looked around in confusion.

"Was it something I said?"


A woman bowed before the dark throne. Her blood red hair reached down to her waist and her yellow eyes looked up with sickening adoration.

"Oh, great Queen of Death. What is your mission for me?"

The woman upon the throne stared down at her slave. Her violet eyes gleamed in the darkness.

"The senshi have awoken. Soon they will try to create a Crystal millennium. It is your mission my faithful slave, to destroy them all."

"Yes majesty, it will be easy. Without Sailor Saturn they cannot win."

The 'Death Queen' smiled evilly.

"True my slave. How true."


Usagi reached into her backpack and pulled out the 'beeper'. Sailor Neptune appeared on the screen, a serious expression on her face.

"Princess, the enemy has begun its attack. Meet us in the city centre. We will need your help."

Usagi nodded and reached for her brooch.



Author's notes:

Well that's the end of the first chapter. More will come soon. I promise that Hotaru will be in this story. Oh, the first chapter has been revised and you may want to reread it if anything was confusing here. Lastly…