This is my first fanfic song, and I'm basing it on The Zombie's She's Not There. I do have to say Ryan Murphy can be a genius picking out songs, because this song probably best fit what Finn was thinking about Rachel during the Super Bowl episode. Again, this story was inspired by lifting weights and running at the Y and listening to the song on my phone.

Well no one told me about her the way she lied
Well no one told me about her how many people cried
But it's too late to say you're sorry
How would I know why should I care
Please don't bother tryin' to find her
She's not there

Finn was driving on a cold, rainy night, making sure he was careful. Driving on nights like this was never his favorite, but the basketball game ran late and his family couldn't make it to the game, so here he was driving like a grandma on the deserted road. He started slowing down knowing the curve that he was approaching, and it wasn't his favorite. In fact it scared the shit out of him on rainy days or nights, and he always tensed up. As he took the curve, his truck lights hit the form of a girl, soaking wet.

Without a thought, Finn pulled over and jumped out of the truck to see if the girl was okay. Surely she couldn't be, standing out in the cold rain at night. "Excuse me? Miss? Are you okay? Miss?" Finn yelled over the rain, and shut up as soon as he saw the girl turn towards him. She was small, probably a foot shorter than him. She had huge, expressive dark eyes and plump lips. Coming out of his trance, Finn asked again, "Miss, you need help?"

Hearing a soft voice that seemed to be right next to his ear, "My boyfriend got made at me and kicked me out of the car. I've been waiting for him to comeback for me, but he hasn't. I'm so cold."

"Well, how about I take you to my house and you can call someone to get you, okay?" Holding out his hand, Finn watched her grab his, and then he led her to his truck. Helping her into the cab, Finn grabbed a quilt from behind the bench seat and covered the girl up.

As he climbed into the driver's seat, Finn started the truck and turned the heat on high. Turning to the girl, he extended his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Finn Hudson. I go to McKinley."

The girl looked at him with those deep brown eyes, grabbing his hand in her cool, small one, "Hi, my name's Rachel Berry. Thanks for stopping. I was starting to think no one would."

"Well, my mom always taught me to be kind and respect all ladies, so I of course I had to stop and help you." Finn gave Rachel his half grin, and saw her smile shyly in return. "How long have you been out in the rain? I know not a lot of people drive down this road since it heads out towards the country, but enough come by, so surely they would have stopped for you."

"I saw several cars, but none of them stopped for me. I even waved my arms, but they just kept going. By the time you'd come along. I just gave up and was going to start walking home."

"Well, now you don't have to. In fact, here's my house." Finn pulled into the driveway of an old farmhouse. After his mom married Burt Hummel, both adults decided they needed a bigger home to accommodate themselves and two teenage boys. Kurt, Finn's stepbrother had half of the second floor, which he shared with his parents. Finn had the refurbished attic on the third floor. Pulling behind the other cars, Finn was glad that his family was home, because he honestly wasn't too sure what to do next when he got Rachel to his house.

Coming around, Finn opened the door, and helped Rachel down and then pulled her quickly to the porch. Finn's mom, Carole, opened the door, "Finn, I was so worried, and your phone was off. Oh my, who's this?" She asked looking at Rachel up and down.

"Mom, this is Rachel Berry. Her boyfriend kicked her out of his car, and I found her waiting at the side of the road, soaked, so I picked her up and told her she could call someone to come get her." Finn's mom instantly went into mother hen mode and took Rachel to get some dry clothes. Walking further into the house, Finn was greeted by Burt and Kurt. Kurt was immediately asking Finn all about the girl that he had brought home, and Finn answered him the best he could, but he really didn't know anything about her.