For some reason, I had this strong desire to let her go.

Oh, sure, my mischief-making ways could have had something to do with that. It always 'pleased' me to get Marluxia's robe in a knot, and letting the girl loose would definitely do that. Marluxia and I never had gotten along.

But something more was in it this time. I wanted to help her. I wanted to protect her. Yeah, it would be saving Sora's ass, too, and stirring up chaos, and all those other little things that I loved to do. Still, it was also something more. Something about her; the way her tiny form hunched over every time she saw a black cloak, the pure smile that crossed her face as she drew Sora, followed by the pure anguish that she showed when she realized she was hurting him, the way that everything she did, she did with heart, despite the fact that, like me, she was Nobody.

Her fear made me want to tweak Marluxia even more. I wanted to save her, just as much as I felt like I needed to save Sora.

I told Marluxia I would cut through her to get to him. I was glad that he didn't call my bluff. I couldn't hurt her even if I were ordered to.

Maybe it had something to do with these 'feelings' I've been having, impossible as they are. With the fact that I can laugh again and not have to force it. With the fact that I can hate the icky orders I've been given.

But whatever the reason, one look in those pretty, sad little blue eyes of hers and I wanted to tear Marluxia apart. So I let her go to Sora, so he could tear Marluxia apart for me, and because that was all she wanted.

Some people say it was because I knew what was right. Right or wrong, I wanted her to hold her close to me and tell her never to cry again.

Is this what a brother feels for a sister? Is it something more? Who knows. Who cares.

I would do anything to keep her safe.

I know she's attached herself to you, now. I've seen it, heard it. So here's a warning.

If you make her cry, I swear on whatever God is out there, I'll kill you, best friend or not.

Got it memorized?

This just popped into my head today. The second in a series of Axel fics brought on by my recent KH obsession binge. ~Miri