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The grumble that emanates from her stomach is incredibly loud and more than enough to collect a few stares from passerby; not that Nanase notices, because her face is too busy being plastered to a window filled with sweets and pastries. "So good..." She mumbles and grudgingly removes her face. Nanase pretends she doesn't see the drool left behind that smudges the window and shakes her fist at the display.

"One day, I'll be rich enough to buy out the whole entire store!" She exclaims quietly (or not so quietly, because people passing by are still giving her odd glances) and nods as if to confirm it to herself. Nanase smiles at the thought of that, content even though her stomach is anything but. It's not that she doesn't have enough money on her to go and treat herself to something, but she's running late to work to begin with. So she casts one last, sad look over her shoulder and walks away.

If only she could work at a bakery like that; or anywhere with food, really. However, it was probably a wise decision of such business owners to not hire Nanase, considering the fact that she would probably eat up everything in sight - which is why she works at a flower shop, which was where she was on her way to that moment.

Of course, there were other reasons - personal ones - that also had a part to play in her job searching, when she had first come to Ikebukuro. After a somewhat long and vigorous search, she'd found a job at the flower shop. The owner was up to her personal standards, so she'd accepted the job. The pay was alright, certainly nothing special, but it sufficed.

Thirty minutes later into her shift, she's twirling a lock of her dark hair, poking at a rose and wishing they were edible. It's not like she has anything better to do, anyway - her boss is snoozing away in the back, and customers were yet to be seen. A petal falls from the flower she's prodding at, and she stares at it for a good minute. Just as she's about to try and see if roses taste any good, the shrill ring of the phone pierces the air.

Nanase's hand pauses en route to her mouth, red petal pinched in between her thumb and index finger. Immediately, she drops it like she wants nothing to do with it and picks up the ringing phone. "Hello! How can I help you today?"

"I need to make a super, super important order to be delivered!" The man's voice is hushed, yet still loud enough for Nanase to hold the receiver an inch away from her ear.

"I see... Any occasion? Preferences?" Nanase takes out a pad of paper and a pen, tucking the phone in between the nook of her neck and shoulder.

"Occasion? No... no, not really! Everyday is an occasion with my honey~!" The man says cheerily, and Nanase can't help but smile, even if no one can see it. "And I'd like it to be red roses. A bunch of roses! So much they barely fit in one bouquet!" A pause, "Oh, it's no one, my honey! Don't worry!" The man continues, "Actually, make that two bouquets! Two! Oh, even that might not be enough..."

"I'm sure it'll be fine, sir." Nanase holds back the giggle in her throat. "Alright, then. Two big bouquets of red roses! And your name and address, sir?"

"Kishitani Shinra. I live in..."

After she's taken the man's order and hung up, she lets out a sigh. She thinks about how nice it would be to have a boyfriend like that - one who just gets flowers for their girlfriend, just because. The one boyfriend Nanase had when she was younger turned out to be a total pig who had cheated on her; he had denied it, but he hadn't known about her... quirk. The quirk that had let her see through his lies.

No, love was nothing at all how Nanase imagined when she was younger. And with the way she views the world, it sometime seems that nothing anyone said was true anymore. Therefore, as much as she wishes she could find a great guy, the task seems gargantuan.

Nevertheless, she's still happy to know that yes, it does exist somewhere in the world out there - the person she had just talked to was living proof of that. So Nanase just smiles to herself and heads to the back to gather the roses.

A short while later, Nanase pouts and leaves the store, two huge bouquets of roses in her arms. Really, her boss was such a bum... a kind man, but certainly lazy.

"I've got important business to deal with, Nanase!" Is what he had told her; and of course, as expected, there's something flicking behind him when she looks down.

That liar, she grumbles mentally and trudges along to wherever this Kishitani Shinra's apartment is. By now, the sun is starting to set, and she hurries her pace. She's glancing up and down at the paper with directions on it (She's pretty sure she's lost, even though the directions are written right on there) as best as she can while juggling the huge bouquets - when suddenly, they're snatched out of her hands.

"Oh, are these for us?" Nanase blinks in surprise and looks up, then gulps and backs away at the sight of a young man in front of her holding the bouquets. He looks like a troublemaker; at least, that's what his goofy attire and hair say to her. He chuckles and tosses the other bouquet over her head, where another voice comes.

"Ah, how nice!" She squeaks and wheels forward, whipping around.

"Hey, don't I get one, too?" Comes a third voice, from inside the alley she's standing outside of. Damn you, boss...!

"Please give those back," Nanase tries politely, hoping there's no audible tremor in her voice.

"Hmm... maybe after we're done with you, yeah?" The one she had seen first smirks and advances on her, and the third one pulls her into the alley as she lets out a squeak.

"Don't worry, we won't hurt you..." He coos, but the long, tell-tale sign that screams they will hurt her is right behind him. "We just want to have a little fun, is all!"

"H-hey!" She cries out, and the two holding the bouquets toss them to the side. Nanase clenches her eyes shut as she gets shoved up against the rough brick wall behind her, a hand on her mouth. By now, she's waiting for the worst to happen, and if she comes out of this in one piece, her boss is going to get an earful. She also vows to buy herself a good, stiff drink. Or two, or maybe three...

A loud, creaky door opens from the alleyway, and then:

"The hell is this?" A quiet mutter breaks the laughter of the men surrounding her.

"We're just having some fun, man," says the one on her right, "Why don't you go mind your own business?"

"Ehhh?" The quiet, deep voice is starting to get louder. "You know, I really..." A crack of someone's knuckles. "...hate violence..."

"Shizuo," comes a different voice, and Nanase wonders if it's even safe to open her eyes. She isn't sure she wants to see what's going on.

"S-Shizuo?" One of the punks stutters, "H-Heiwajima... Shizuo?" A circle of curses comes from all three of the thugs. "Shit, this girl ain't worth it... let's get out of here!" A flurry of running steps race out the alleyway, and Nanase finally opens her eyes.

There's a dark skinned man in a nice suit with dreads, his hand on someone's shoulder. Her eyes trail from the shoulder to his face; well, the face was certainly rather nice looking. Trailing her eyes down, she notes that he's dressed in a bartender's outfit, and there's a snapped cigarette still smoldering dimly at his feet.

Nanase can't help but look at them somewhat suspiciously; after all, one of them must have been frightening enough to scare off three men, and they're both bigger than her.

The blond must see the wary look on her face, because he tells her, "We're not going to hurt you." She looks down, behind and below his waist. There is nothing there; he's telling the truth, and she breathes a sigh of relief.

"Ah... thanks." Nanase says timidly, wiping her brow. "I was really scared for a second there... oh! The bouquets!" She exclaims in remembrance and searches the ground of the alley.

"These?" The dark skinned man bends down and scoops up a bouquet, and the blond picks up the other that's been thrown on the other side.

"Yes!" They look relatively undamaged, though a few petals flutter down onto the cement. "Thank you both, again. I really appreciate it..."

"You can thank Shizuo," The dark skinned man jerks a thumb at the taller man, who's currently lighting up a cigarette to replace the one he must've tossed. He hands her the bouquet, and she turns to the blond to take the one he's holding. "He's the one who scared them off."

"Then thank you, Shizuo-san," Nanase takes the bouquet from him and gives him an grateful smile.

"Yeah," He mumbles, and she bows to them before going back to the delivery - when she realizes she doesn't have the piece of paper with the directions on it.

"Ahh, no!" She lets out a wail and stops in her tracks, slumping. "Boss is gonna kill me..."

"Something wrong?" The dark skinned man asks as they start back out onto the street.

"Oh... kinda... okay, yeah." She sighs, "I was supposed to make a delivery, but I've lost the paper with directions on it." She must've dropped it in her surprise when she'd gotten pulled into the alley; the wind probably blew it far, far away. Nanase looks at the sky remorsefully, "All I know is that the flowers are going to a Kishitani-san..."

"Kishitani?" The blond asks, and she nods.

"Kishitani Shinra-san." She pauses. "Oh, he's probably gonna kill me, too!"

"That's your friend, right?" The man with dreads looks towards the blond, who nods.

"You can help me, Shizuo-san?" Nanase looks at him hopefully. He doesn't respond at first, and he seems hesitant to assist her.

"That was the last person for the day anyway, Shizuo. Go ahead," The dreadlocked man tells him.


"See you later, then." The man ignores him, pats him on the shoulder, and leaves the two of them alone.

The blond grumbles for a moment before glancing at her over his shoulder. "Come on, then." He starts walking onto the street, and Nanase rushes to keep up with him.

"Ah, Shizuo-san, you don't have to take me there if you don't want to," Nanase looks down at the bundle of roses in her arms, "Directions would be fine..." Really, she'd get lost even worse with verbal directions, but he's already helped her out once tonight. Nanase knows she'll feel guilty if she's keeping him from any engagements.

"It's fine, I guess. I don't have anything else to do, anyways." She peeks down towards his backside a bit awkwardly, hoping he doesn't notice her looking - nothing there. He's telling the truth, again.

"Well, okay... Ah, I'm Nanase, by the way." Still walking side by side, she fumbles a hand out to try and shake his in introduction. He glances at her again before giving her hand a quick, light shake. Satisfied, she brings her attention back to studying the flowers with feigned interest and smiles.

Because in this city, it's hard to find someone who tells the truth; and though she's known him the grand total of less than five minutes, he has yet to tell her a lie.

If Tom wasn't such a good friend to him, Shizuo might kill him. He doesn't really feel like showing this girl all the way to Shinra's, but he'd sort of been trapped into it. He feels a little guilty at the last thought - this was a task that wouldn't take up too much of his time, really.

Shizuo supposes that no one would try to harass her if he was with her, anyway. She seemed to be nice enough - though incredibly helpless, like every other girl he'd met. Minus Celty, of course; but he's not sure whether to entirely classify her under normal female. He's sort of surprised that she's willing to walk with him by herself, though, considering his reputation.

"I just moved here," The girl begins out of nowhere, which indirectly answers his question. "So I'm not that familiar with things... yet." She chuckles sheepishly.

He just grunts in reply and continues puffing on his cigarette.

"Do you know the city well, Shizuo-san?"

"I've lived here my whole life, so I'd say so." An awkward silence falls over the two until she breaks it again.

"Are you... are you sure you don't mind taking me there, Shizuo-san?"

He hesitates again, but he finds that he really doesn't. He'd be able to pay the two of them a visit, anyway. "It's fine. I already said that, didn't I?" Though, he is starting to feel a bit annoyed at the fact she's asked him that twice. He glances at her again - and is she looking where he thinks she's looking?

Sure enough, it seems like Nanase is staring intently at his behind, and he looks away quickly. Whether it's to spare her or himself of embarassment, he isn't quite sure. "Well, if you say so, Shizuo-san!" She says cheerily.

"... Yeah."

Twenty minutes later, they're going up the elevator to Shinra's apartment. Shizuo's still trying to figure out why she was looking at his rear end, and keeps throwing her wary, furtive glances. She doesn't seem to notice this, though, and continues to look ahead, flowers still tightly held in her arms.

Finally, they get up to his door, and Shizuo knocks loudly. The door opens, revealing Shinra's familiar face; he smiles once he sees Shizuo, then his eyes go to the large bouquets in Nanase's arms.

"Ah, the flowers! They don't nearly match up to my honey's beauty, but they're still wonderful!" He exclaims and waves them in. "You can just set those on the table for now. I'll go get the payment..."

Nanase does as he says, and Shizuo silently studies her before Shinra comes back out, money in hand. "Here you go! The price and then some for the delivery." He pauses and cocks his head, looking from Nanase to Shizuo.

"Do you two know each other? Ah! Shizuo! Don't tell me, you've got a girlfriend?" Shinra grins widely, and Shizuo can feel a vein pulsing in his forehead.

"Girlfriend?" Nanase blinks and points to herself in surprise. "We're-"

"I'm hurt you didn't tell me! How rude, after we've been friends for so-" Shinra notices the fierce glare he's receiving from over the girl's head and chuckles nervously. "Ah hah... right."

"Shizuo-san just helped me out with something, that's all!" Nanase exclaims, scratching her head. "Well, I'd better get back to work. Time is money, after all!" She starts for the door, "Thanks again, Shizuo-san. You really saved me back there, haha... And Kishitani-san, I hope she likes the flowers!"

The door closes quietly. "So where's Celty?" Shizuo asks Shinra, who's now searching for a vase to put the flowers in.

"She got called for a job. It's okay, though! She'll come back and I'll have these lovely flowers ready for her!" He swoons, and Shizuo resists the urge to roll his eyes.


"So what did you help that girl out with, anyway?" Shinra asks, still rummaging around in the cabinets.

"Scared off some thugs that were bothering her. Then found out she was delivering flowers to you, and-"

"How chivalrous of you!" Shinra cuts him off, finally grabbing a big vase out of a cabinet. "Maybe this could be the start of something beautiful!"

Shizuo stares at the doctor and tries to calm himself. Even though he's one of Shizuo's oldest friends, his love babble never ceased to annoy him - Shizuo's grateful the doctor hadn't seen the girl staring at his butt, or else he'd get more stupid ideas.

"Shut up, Shinra." He sighs and turns to leave. "I'm leaving. See you." He grumbles out, and Shinra gives him a goodbye as he heads for the door.

Besides, the city was huge - he highly doubts he'll ever meet that girl again. But when he opens the door, Nanase's right outside, hand poised to knock.

"Ahah... I got downstairs and realized I didn't know how to get back..." She tells him sheepishly, pale gray eyes looking up at him hopefully.

Or not.

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