What do you do when the one you love the most is screaming? How do you survive when you can hear her but can't do a damn thing to help? Whatever it was, Ron needed to know now, he couldn't bear to hear Hermione like this.

He knew she was screaming, he could hear her begging for it to stop. He needed to get out of this damn cellar and help her! What was that bitch Bellatrix doing to his Hermione? He should have fought harder for a trade off, he would gladly let himself be tortured if it meant Hermione was safe. He kept searching, hoping there would be something he missed, hoping that there would be some hidden door letting them out.

What could he do? Hermione was screaming so loudly, he could barely think. Trapped in a cellar with Harry, an old wand maker, and Loony Lovegood, they couldn't help! Loony and the wand maker had already been here for months. There was no escape. Ron closed his eyes. He had to get to her, Hermione needed him.

'Bellatrix will pay,' Ron thought. 'I will make sure of it.'

Hermione screamed and Ron looked up. He would save her and make sure this never happened again. He needed to save her, there was still so much to do. There was so much he had to tell and show her.

Ron stalked around the cellar again, still hoping to find a way out.

Hermione always said his emotional range was the size of a teaspoon, but he hoped to show her differently. Ron didn't know how to talk to girls, he never had, and he would admit that freely. He wasn't the best friend he had always thought he was when it came to Harry or Hermione, and he knew that. He didn't listen to or help them with their problems like he should have. But he had tried so hard to focus on Hermione that at times Harry faded into the background. He tried, but Hermione was so intelligent that there was little he could do to help her a lot of the time. But not this time, all he needed was a way out and he could help her now!

Hermione was so beautiful and smart; she could even tell a good joke when her nose wasn't buried in a book. She was perfect and he couldn't stand that she was being hurt so badly by the dark bitch. He needed to save Hermione, they could do so well together. He could teach her about the wizarding world and how to have fun, and she could teach him all about the muggle world. He only stopped talking to her during their fights because she was right in the theoretical sense, he just wanted to teach her about the realities of the world.

She was so easy to be around most of the time. He couldn't just lose her like this. There was so much still for them to do.

'I'm going to save you, Hermione,' Ron told himself, moving to hear Harry's plan to escape. He couldn't get his mind off of Hermione and what he hoped for the future. Ron flinched when he heard her scream again. This was maddening. He would never be able to make this up to her again.

He longed for the time they spent together, but now that was all going to be ruined. There was no way Hermione would be okay if they didn't find a way out of this stupid fucking cellar. He hoped she would truly want him. He would never try to force her to be with him, Ron knew it would only work if she wanted him the way he wanted her. He dearly hoped for them to be together. And he couldn't deny why.

Ronald Weasley was in love. He could admit that now, after denying it for years. He was in love, and had always been.

To the one and only, Hermione Granger. The wonderful woman. He felt horrible for how he had treated her in their sixth year. He knew it was wrong to use Lavendar like that, but it was so easy. But now he could admit it, Hermione was the one he loved and needed.

And he hoped he could save her. He had to spend the rest of his life proving it to her.

A/N: So I was looking at this story and decided it needed an update. It needed to be revised, and I hope you all enjoy the new version.