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Things you need to know before reading this fanfiction:

-Ages- (For most...I don't want to find out Spanner's age.)

Tsunayoshi Sawada: 20

Gokudera Hayato: 20

Takeshi Yamamoto: 20

Kyoya Hibari: 22

Ryohei Sasagawa: 22

Chrome Dokuro: 19

Rokudo Mukuro: 21

Lambo: 11

Reborn: Adult (There's possibly...you know what...never mind.)

Yeah…I guess that's it. I'll probably add more information in later chapters…maybe...Slight 8059. I might turn this into an 1827 later…PROBABLY. (Yamachan refers to Reborn as 'kid' still because you know...he has a habit for things."

-In the Vongola's HQ, Italy-

"Spanner? Did you finish the machine that I needed you to fix?"

The voice came from a brunette of twenty years of age. Six years had gone by since the alliance with Shimon and the Decimo's personality had become more collected, instead of what Reborn would call a 'Dame-Tsuna'.

"Ah…no. Sorry, Vongola. I got too interested in this new blueprint Shouichi gave me. See?"

The blond held up a gun with the words: Dimension encrusted onto it.


"Hai. It seems that Shouichi wanted to make a device to send others into another world…this one is the completed version…I think."

Despite his "cool" attitude and his knowledge expanding twice the normal rate of a human, he was still...Spanner.

"Pft. That's…impossible. Ha." The Tenth couldn't get the image of someone from his family…from the world, experiencing something called "travel between dimensions."

"Hmm. It's true, though."

You couldn't tell if Spanner was lying, literally.

A minute passed by because of what Spanner was telling the Decimo of Vongola.


A yell from the hallway outside notified Tsuna that it was about time to leave and continue his work; not to mention calm down his right-hand man. Instead of passing through the corridors, the current sword emperor ran inside the room that Spanner and Tsuna were talking in…with a certain hot-head trailing right behind.

"Mah, Mah~ Haya-chan. Cool down a bit?"


"Gomen, Haya-chan~"

"AND STOP CALLING ME THAT!" He said with a deep blush impaling onto his skin.

"Ano. Gokudera-kun, Yamamoto? What were you doing?"

Gokudera turned his head toward Spanner and Tsuna where he mistakened the scene as Spanner trying to injure his boss.


Gokudera quickly swiped away the gun from Spanner's hands and pointed toward the mechanic.

"What are you doing, Gokudera-kun?"

Gokudera, apparently not hearing, aimed and shot the bullet.


"Eh? What the hell happened?" The confused right-hand man asked.

"Dimension travel."

The Vongola's mechanic looked over to where the Vongola boss should've been standing and said: I told you so.



"Like I said before: Why did you shoot him?"


"I asked first."

Gokudera finally calmed down after some reasoning…

"Che. Why do you think I use dynamite? Because you don't have to aim the freakin' thing. Just have to make sure I have enough dynamite and throw a bunch at the target."

"Haha. Haya-chan admits it~"

"You should've done something as well!"

"But Haya-chan doesn't like it when I mess with his battles."

"Good point," he turned back to Spanner, "So how do we bring the Tenth back?"

"We have to bring him back immediately, or the alliance with the Shimon family will collapse."

A deep, but alluring voice, came from the entrance to the room.


"Hey, kid."

"The Shimon family will think Dame-Tsuna bailed on them…again. Besides that, I don't have any more punching bags."

Everyone in the room sweatdropped.

"Haha. Hey, kid. How do we bring him back?"

"We have to find Shouichi Irie first…and threaten him to give information."

"But..Reborn-san? Isn't he part of the Vongola?"

"Yes, why?"

"No reason…" Gokudera quickly thought. "I never want to be on Reborn-san's bad side."

"By the way, kid, where's Tsuna."

"First of all, our first priority is to contact Dame-Tsuna. According to Spanner's data in the computer, all we know is that Tsuna can hear us whenever we need to contact him because of the chip I implanted into his hand. The world he was transferred to is actually one that's...inferior to ours anyway."

I know I rushed it. Don't judge.