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-Where Tsuna is-

"Fairy…Tail. What is this?"

Even as a mafia boss who traveled to even the most narrowly populated sites in the world, he'd never heard of a "Fairy Tail," let alone knew why these people were dressing in such odd clothing. Being a more sensible "Dame-Tsuna," the Decimo made his way into the so-called "Fairy Tail" only to discover a mix of fights and what not. Tables, and chairs might he add, were flying from one side of the room to the other and the poor Vongola knew he was going to experience a heavy migraine soon after.

"Hello, are you here to join Fairy Tail?"

Hearing a sweet, yet surprisingly commanding, voice, Tsuna turned around to find a average heighted blond looking up at him expectedly.

"What is Fairy Tail, my dear?" he questioned. Maybe she, proving to be calm in this state of havoc, would answer the question he's been wondering for the past few minutes.

"What's Fai-"

She was soon interrupted by a loud scream yell that could probably be heard from the next city.

Undoubtedly, the cause of this "noise" was none other than the infamous Natsu and Gray.

"A-ah! Natsu and Gray are fighting again Mr.-"

"Sawada. Sawada Tsunayoshi."

"Please stay seated for a moment, I think that they'll stop…soon. Beside the point, I'm Mira-Jane. It's nice to meet you Sawada-san."

I know I typed Mira-Jane's name quite weird. I like it like that.