Of Demonic Mutation

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Speaking Normally
Demonic Voice

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Chapter 1 - I'll See Myself Out

The landscape was beautiful, grass waving in the wind and tree branches whistling. Not many people truly recognized the significance of the last twenty-four hours. And those that did had no idea that what was about to change would change everything. An explosion high above the ground sent out shockwaves, flattening the grass and even knocking over several trees in its radius. From the concentrated ball of flames erupted a fiery streak shooting at the ground at insane speed, and it screamed.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" followed by a giant "THUNK!" sound as it impacted the theoretically soft and yielding ground.

There was no splendid crater, only a singed imprint where the fallen object impacted. Besides being several feet deep, indicative of a high velocity impact, it was shaped like a human. "Uuuuunnghhhh," came the moan from the occupant of the man-shaped hole as a hand reached up and out before shakily pulling its owner out of said crevasse. Rising from the hole was a dirt encrusted, and still slightly smoking blonde young man. Standing upright, and ignoring the pain-filled cracking sounds of his back, his only thoughts were, "Oh, fuck me!" he mentally moaned in pain. He hadn't felt so bad since Gamabunta had used his pipe to nail him into the ground like a railroad spike. Cracking his neck, he rolled his shoulders, stretching the abused muscles and tendons of his body.

This was really confusing. His last memory was…Madara, facing the enslaved Jinchuuriki, the names…the removal. He shivered as he recalled the pain of Kurama's youki being ripped from him. The pain…Kami, nothing had ever compared to that kind of pain, nothing. But then, right as it had begun something had happened…Kurama.

Only recently he had wrested control of her youki away from her, fully realizing his potential as a jinchuuriki, leaving her as little more than an annoying voice in his thoughts even winning her trust and working with her. But they'd still been captured, in a sense.

His head tilted to the side as something was definitely off. His body, something didn't feel quite right. He couldn't in any way sense Kyubi. Not even she could hide her presence this well. It was as if, no, she just wasn't in him anymore. Words drifted through his mind. "Dumbass kit," but with the oddest tone. And then the world around him had exploded in the raw power of the Kyubi, leaving him…here?

"I wonder," he mused before channeling a fraction of the Demon's chakra. He nearly fell to his knees as the attempt brought him to two tails. Something really was wrong. Never had drawing on the youki been this easy. Kyubi…she was gone, her personality, her consciousness. But her power…he flexed his fist. Her power remained in him. This could be freakin' sweet or just another kick to the nuts. Heck, once the whole power struggle had ended between them, they'd actually had a rather amicable relationship.

Though she still hated his guts for the simple matter of containing her.

But where was he? These were not the Elemental Countries, or any place he could recognize, that was plainly obvious. Panicking, he stretched out his senses, barely remembering to tone them down lest their new enhancements blow up his brain with information overload. Even Sage mode felt slightly off. His eyes, closed, shot open as he realized what he was sensing. Red rimmed eyes were wide as he came to a conclusion. "Chakra…There's no chakra, anywhere!" He was interrupted as his enhanced hearing picked up a loud blaring approaching in the distance. "I'm in some weirdo new world…I'd say that's enough reason to run like a little bitch," and he was gone.

'With my luck, everyone here's a cannibal. Or worse…' He gulped. 'What if they don't have ramen here?' He shuddered fearfully at that last thought. It was too scary to even consider.

Running for miles, he stopped on the edge of what looked like a small town. His eyes bulged at the architecture, having never seen anything like it before. From his position on the roof he looked down at all the passersby. Massive metal objects rolled down the streets, fascinating him. The hairs on the back of his neck tingled as he sensed an incoming energy signature. It wasn't chakra, but as much as he wanted to run, he needed answers to the plethora of questions running through his mind, so he stayed. Before him erupted a swirl of smoke, and out of said smoke walked a tall man in a red cape.

It had taken nearly fifteen minutes before the man known as Doctor Strange had managed to make him both vocal and literate in English, at least enough to make him adequately versed for a conversation. Even if his brain still felt like a fried egg afterward. And then he had told the man everything in hopes that he could get him home. Unfortunately, this time Lady Luck was throwing snake eyes as the man said he could not.

And after this oh so busy day, he had a feeling it was about to get even busier as he followed the 'Sorcerer Supreme' down the road. He'd done some kind of reverse summoning and brought them to some other place that he called 'New York'. But for some reason they were walking the last bit of distance.

"So why do I have to stay here?"

Strange looked back at the young man and had to repress the urge to smile. There was something about the boy, something that brought out the best in people. "There are two races on this world. Those that are normal, having no special abilities, and there are mutants, humans who have evolved to the level where they gained special powers", answered Strange, not even breaking his stride.

"Like bloodline abilities?" asked the curious blonde.

"Yes, like the bloodline abilities from your home. Mutants were treated in similar fashion to how you say you were treated, though not to that extreme level. Some the government attempted to control…or destroy." Naruto stiffened at that last bit. He'd hoped such shortsightedness would have been left from where he'd come, but no such luck. Strange continued his explanation. "Recently though, things have changed. Due to a…failing on my part, the mutant population, once in the millions has dropped to mere hundreds, as mutants the world over lost their abilities."

"You mean the thing that let me come here?" he asked, remembering something the man had said earlier.

Strange glanced at his young companion. "Indeed. This place is a school. At one time it was a training ground for mutants to learn to control their abilities, but with so few mutants left, it is now a haven for those that remain."

Naruto blinked at all the information he'd just received. "Then why am I here?"

"Can you not guess?"

"Well…not really. I'm not even from this world. I'm not a normal human or a mutant," the blonde said with a shrug. "Am I?"

Strange stopped before placing a hand on the boy's shoulder, signaling him to stop as well. They were not too different in height but he still had to look down to meet the blonde's eyes. "I am not sure. But I believe you may simply be from an alternate reality or another dimension, where humans gained these odd abilities. It is quite possible that you, as well the people in your world are simply advanced humans, possibly even mutants. You though, are something entirely new." Raising his hand, a glow encompassing it, he extended it to the blonde, palm facing him. Slightly glassy-eyed, "Your body has been altered by the presence of demonic energy, mutating you. So if you weren't a mutant before, there is the possibility you are one now."

Wide-eyed, he did his best to process all that. "Umm, that is…huh," he finally managed to say, stammering.

Quirking an eyebrow, "My sentiments exactly," added Strange as he continued walking. "You're taking this all rather well," he remarked offhandedly.

Naruto ducked his head, "Yeah, well, like I said, things back home weren't the best for me…especially if I wanted to live. And well, here I am so I may as well make the best of-WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!" They'd reached the clearing the mansion rested in and leaving the trees, the "sentries" around the school came into sight.

Strange could see why the towering Sentinel robots were a shock. The metal titans were surprising even to those that had seen them before. Quickly, he explained to the young man the purpose of the man operated giants. That they were responsible for 'keeping the peace' so to speak. "…" Naruto was speechless and utterly flabbergasted. He was mostly intimidated seeing as the foot on one of the massive metal giants could squash him flat. He was, in fact, at that moment, imagining that very metal foot driving him into the ground.

Feeling like the soulless eyes of the Sentinels were drilling into his head, he continued walking with Strange until they reached the front door. However, as Strange raised his hand to knock lightly on the door, it opened before he could.

The door opened to reveal a woman with a rather fatigued look to her demeanor. "Stephen."


Glancing with mild interest over the young man next to him, hardly seeming to react to his dirt and blood encrusted self, "Please, come in."

As she led them down the hall towards her office, they passed several students. Ignoring the looks he received from the other teens, and trying not to notice the massive one composed of stone, he voiced the question that had been sticking in his mind like a splinter. "Umm, Miss-"

"Frost, Emma Frost," she prompted, opening a door and ushering them in.

"Okay, Miss Frost, how did you know we were at the door? I didn't see anyone at the windows."

"Yes, well, I'm psychic. The moment you two arrived on the grounds I was able to sense your minds," she answered, moving to the chair and sitting behind the massive desk.

Stunned, and gawking openly, Naruto's eyes widened drastically, surprise shining in them before clouding over. Eyes now narrowed, "Wait, you read my mind, didn't you? While we were walking down the road?" It was more a statement than a question. He had felt an odd tickling that he couldn't explain, but now he understood.

She'd been peeking.

She looked at him with a thoughtful sparkle in her eyes. "I did, yes," she responded, her slow answer piquing Strange's interest as well.

"And?" the Sorcerer asked.

Crossing her arms she seemed to almost be looking through him. "I tried to be subtle, only looking at his recent memories. He should be proud, his mind is fairly strong. Though I was being gentle about it."

Meanwhile, while the two made idle chitchat Naruto seethed in silence, both for her reading his mind without permission, and for being spoken of like he wasn't even there. "You know I'm still here," he growled in annoyance, his left eyebrow twitching.

"So who is this?" she asked and the pair continued to ignore the irate blonde.


"Hey guys, new recruit today." Multiple heads turned to look at the rock mutant. "What do you mean?" asked a redhead with silver skin.

"Miss Frost took some blonde kid and a guy in a cape to her office." All present digested this news. "He looked pretty fucked up, too. Looked like he'd been stomped on by one o' the Sentinels."

"I wonder who he'll be replacing?" mused Julian thoughtfully, earning several glares and even a look of outrage from Noriko.

"Shut up, Kellar!" she shot back darkly.

"Please not now, Julian," added Cessily, her silver arms pulling her knees to her chest.

"Hey, I'm just sayin' what everyone's thinking." And it was true. With teams losing members due to their loss of powers, there were slots to be filled. And the idea of this new guy possibly 'replacing' people that were their friends left a certain bitterness to their thoughts.

"Better not be on my team," Noriko grumbled crossly, several others thinking the same.

"Perhaps he should be given a chance first," suggested Sooraya, her hands clasped beneath the folds of her robe. As rational as her statement was, no one responded, lost in their own thoughts.

Back With Naruto:

"So this boy's people all had a base mutation? Hank will have a field day over this," she asked, whispering the last part.

"From what little he has mentioned, yes, but what I'm trying to get across is the fact that his body has been further changed, mutated by demonic presence," Strange insisted.

Emma nodded, "Yes, I'm still not sure I understand that."

Naruto slapped his hand over his face. Sighing, "The Demon's power, sealed within him, has been fully absorbed into his body, altering his genetics even further. He is…an oddity."

"'He' is still in the room," Naruto reminded, loosing a mild growl in the back of his throat.

"We haven't forgotten," she answered back lazily.

"He knows nothing of this world, and with his abilities, the ones he has and the ones he will have, this school is the best place for him."

"Yes, his abilities. What are they anyway?" she asked, intrigued, and turned to Naruto.

His face scrunched in concentration as he tried to remember a topic of a lesson from the past. What'd Jiraiya call it? "Energy…energy manipulation? Yeah, that's it!" During their three year trip, the uber pervert, Kami rest his soul, had taught him from the ground up, covering any and all bases.

"Energy manipulation?" Emma repeated.

"Yeah. Back home we call it chakra. But it's gone by other names too, like life energy."

It was an interesting idea, Emma couldn't deny it. There were mutants with abilities like he described. They could release energy from their bodies, like telekinetics to name a few. Though she would have to ask Strange to fill in the blanks later. "And you use this…energy…to do what?" she asked.

"It can be focused to parts of the body to increase strength, speed, stuff like that. Then um, well, hm, we use hand signs to regulate and focus our energy, and then use techniques." Inwardly, he thanked Iruka for beating chakra theory into him. Before now, he'd never thought it would come in handy. He demonstrated by making a Shadow Clone, ending up making thirty-seven and severely crowding the room. Figures, absorbing Kyubi's youkai had screwed over his control, again. Dismissing his clones he raised his hand and began focusing his chakra. If he was really lucky his experience with the technique would make up for the wavering control. It took a bit more effort than usual, but in a few seconds a glowing, spinning blue ball of energy formed in his palm. "This is chakra," he said simply, and let the Rasengan fade.

Emma's eyes widened subtly as she watched his demonstrations, and then even further when he'd made that ball thing. Such an ability did seem reminiscent of telekinetics, but the level of control he already had compared to most with similar abilities was astounding. She sighed before leaning forward, arms flat on her desk. "Before I can allow you to attend, young man, I need to see your thoughts. I need to be certain that you are not a threat to my students."

As insulting as those words felt, he could understand. A kage would do the same thing if it meant protecting his, or her, people. "All right," he finally replied, giving in. But he was on edge. This 'psychic' stuff reminded him far too much of the Mangekyou Sharingan.

His vision faded as he retreated to his mindscape.

Almost as soon as he'd gotten there, the blonde headmistress appeared. "You have a surprising level of control over your mindscape for someone so young," she commented, looking over the grassy plain he'd created so long ago.

"I'll take that as a compliment," he replied curtly before changing the layout to a long hallway full of doors. Offhand, she noticed that no longer was he dirtied and covered in blood. Now he stood clean and tall before her. She couldn't help but admit that he was quite handsome. He had a tall, lean build with nicely tanned skin. Oddly, unlike the near invisible trio of scars bore on either cheek of his physical body, this one's scars were a degree darker and more pronounced. His formerly matted hair now hung in clean, golden spikes.

Looking around her, she immediately strode over to the nearest door. In a blur, a hand caught her by the wrist of her outstretched arm, stopping her. Locking eyes with the one who'd stopped her, she waited for an answer. Finally, releasing his grip, he spoke up. "I'll only warn you once. I'm willing to let you roam my memories, but this is my mind. Any subterfuge and I'll know," he spoke in a deathly whisper.

"You're not very trusting."

He smiled grimly, "I've had better weeks. So I'm sorry if I seem a little on edge." Assimilating what he said she again faced the door. Reaching for the knob, she looked back, only to receive a nod of consent before opening it.

She was amazed by all she saw. Distant lands in a completely different world. People from ordinary to extraordinary, both good and bad. She saw those who'd cared for the young man and that he had in turn cared for. Unfortunately, they were a paltry few compared to everyone else. There were those who had hunted him, Akatsuki and Orochimaru. She saw how poorly he'd been treated and his tireless personal mission to prove himself. She saw how his entire village had sold him out. And finally, she saw Kyubi, in all her glory, and how she saved him. Motivated by spite for their captors, as well as a smidgen of respect for him, she'd used her power to send him to this world, if a little 'different'. All in all it was an amazing life story, if a little sad.

When she was done, she found herself back on that same grassy plain. "Are you finished?" Searching for the owner of the voice, she found the blonde lying down in the grass, eyes closed and arms supporting his head. "Well?"

Crossing her arms and glaring, mildly, back at him, "I am."


"Honestly, I'm surprised you're sane."

"Join the club," he agreed, his voice holding a hint of amusement.

"Well…that was…interesting," murmured Emma as she leaned back into her chair.

"And what do you say, Emma?" asked Strange, as he'd waited there for her to finish for her to finish for over four minutes.

Emma sighed, "…He is welcome to stay."

Strange nodded before standing. "Then I shall take my leave. I may check in on young Naruto's development. Until then, I wish you the best, both of you," and with a short bow of his head, the tall man disappeared in a swirl of smoke.

After a moment of uncomfortable silence, finally, first clearing her throat, "Let's get you settled in. I would like to make you an offer though."

Naruto sighed contentedly as he left the shower. He felt like he'd shed several pounds of dirt, sweat, grime, and dried blood. His thoughts focused on Miss Frost's offer. Since he had no clothes or anything, the school would help him out. In exchange, he would act as an assistant to someone named Logan in a self-defense class. For now, while his only clothes were being washed he was given a pair of school issued sweats and a t-shirt. She said that he would be taken into town the following day to pick up clothes for him, but he would have to stay as is for today. He was put up in a small room, not that the size mattered. His old apartment was barely big enough for the broken bed he'd put in it. Miss Frost had also mentioned that once the now powerless students left he would be assigned to a room with another student. That would be fun; taking the place of someone who had most likely been a friend to the current roommate. He was to wait until she set up a class schedule for him, and that he should expect to be given a physical anytime from that afternoon to the next day. He wasn't looking forward to that either.

Now cleaned and thoroughly dry, he replaced his necklace back where it belonged around his neck. It was just one more curiosity, the necklace. It had been around his neck when he dug himself out of his Naruto-shaped hole, and he had absolutely no idea as to the how or the why. Nor, the what. Taking a moment, he fingered one of the blood red magatama. It would never replace the Shodaime's necklace, long since destroyed, but there was just something about it. It felt strange, yet familiar under his fingertips.

Hell if he understood any of it.

Probably never would.

Shelving the unanswered questions for now, he stepped over to the bed and sat down to read the books he'd been given. For a moment, his eyes settled on the battered and broken pieces of the forehead protector that had managed to come with him, now resting on the small bedside table. Not wanting his memories to turn dark his eyes shifted back to the pages before him.

To his surprise, and immediate discomfort, he hadn't been reading for more than half an hour when someone knocked on the door. Someone big and covered in blue fur. Dr. Hank McCoy, as he'd introduced himself, had come to take him to the medical bay where he would give him his physical. During the exam though, he came to realize that he wasn't just there to administer the physical but to ask all the questions he could about him, his people, and his world to satisfy his own hunger for knowledge.


"Simply amazing," the furry man murmured in awe as he went over the results, pages flying on the clipboard. Looking at the boy as he continued through a full-body exam, "You're at the peak of physical condition, my boy." Naruto shrugged, not really knowing what to say to that, though he did feel a little proud. Hank was intrigued by it all. His body temperature was a few degrees higher than the norm, but that could be easily explained by the astonishing metabolism his body was host to. Even when he'd had him run on a treadmill to test his heart rate and breathing, he'd found the results just as astounding. Running at what many would assume to be full tilt, his heart rate and breathing were fairly steady. He was broken from his analysis by the machine's incessant beeping. He was annoyed at first at being taken away from his notes, but that was gone when he saw the results of the scan.

"Mr. Uzumaki, did you know you have a tertiary circulatory system?"

"Hunh?" Naruto asked, really confused. Too many big words in one sentence equals a dumbfounded Naruto.

Hank brought up a projection. "Look here. It flows through the entire body like blood vessels, but at a far greater level of interconnectivity." But Naruto wasn't really listening. The display of the lines going through his body looked…familiar. Something from long ago… "Oh," he muttered in realization. "I know what that is."

Hank swiveled back around, waiting eagerly for an explanation.

"That's my chakra system."

For once, Hank was at a loss. He had no idea what the boy was referring to. "Could you elaborate?"

After hours of explanations of chakra, jutsus, and youki, the man's questions and curiosity never ebbed. He seemed very interested in his ability to heal, even proposing the possibility of him healing others. Other than that, it went like any other physical that Tsunade or Shizune had given him, though admittedly the technology here was a great deal more advanced.

"If my readings are accurate, which they undoubtedly are, the 'chakra' your body produces is not as a result of mutation. At least, not as a result of the X gene."


"Your chakra network, as you call it may have once been a mutation for your people, but from what you've told me it is a normal physiological occurrence."


Seeing the blonde starting to zone out. "Your mutation, my boy, lies not in your fascinating energy." Seriously, did this guy come with a translator? "However, your altered x gene does show signs of overactive adaptive capabilities."

"…" Subtitles? Did any and all gods just like making him feel like a dumbass?

"Progressive adaptation. Simply put, your body adapts itself to stress by strengthening itself. The tertiary effects spread outward from just the physical and into other aspects. Your senses, reaction speeds, and so on."

Okay, he understood a little of that.


Flashback End

By the time it was over it was getting quite dark, not that he could see that so many meters below ground level, and his growling stomach notified him that it would go on strike if it remained empty any longer. McCoy had given him instructions to the cafeteria for the evening's meal, and his stomach led the charge.

"…This is uncomfortable," he thought with a hint of mild amusement at feeling the looks of curiosity, confusion, and even animosity from the other students. Not that he blamed them. He and Sakura had treated Sai the same way, at first. "Ah, to be the new guy," he mentally chuckled at how easy some of them were to read, and decided to take his meal outside rather than to eat at a table by himself.

Absently, he thought of how the way some of the students looked should have surprised him. Hell, he hadn't been the least bit shocked by Dr. McCoy, and the man looked like a big blue man-tiger. Then again, with everything he'd seen, something like stone boy over there or silver girl weren't too out of the ordinary, barely rating a four-point-o on his Weird-Shit-O-Meter. Especially since 'ordinary' had never been a part of his life. This strangeness was just par for the course that was his life. Once out the door, he looked for a spot where he could eat in peace. Fortunately, he found said spot…fourteen meters up on the crested roof of the school. Leaning against the shingles, he looked thoughtfully to the stars as he ate.

With the Hellions and New Mutants:

"That's the new kid?" Julian snorted in suppressed laughter. "I'm not impressed."

David, while powerless, was still the smartest at the table. He knew it was never a good idea to underestimate someone. And he had the oddest feeling that the blonde was someone who shouldn't be underestimated.

"Why's he in school uniform?" questioned Santo as he shoveled food into his rocky maw. "I mean, sure he's a student but why's he wearin' sweats and a t-shirt?" he amended.

"Who knows," answered Brian as he idly played with his spaghetti. His mind remained on his up and coming egress from the school, and the friends he would be leaving behind.

"Who cares," Noriko grunted in addition. Her gloves crackled as electricity arced between her fingers, a sure sign that she was less than happy.

Swallowing, Santo asked the question that everyone wondered about. "Wonder what he can do?"

"Can we talk about something else? Anything else," suggested Noriko.

Sitting next to her, David placed a hand on her shoulder in attempt to comfort her. It seemed to work as she looked less wound up. The others at the table of mismatched team members, Cessily, Jay, and Kevin were quiet. Sofia hadn't left her room the whole afternoon and her absence had made Julian testy, more so than usual. Soorayah would have said something rational about how it was wrong to alienate him, but she always ate alone and wasn't there.

After a short time though, Soorayah rejoined them. Sitting on her team's side of the table, "I believe I have seen the new student."

"Yeah, he came through here maybe ten minutes ago," Julian mumbled, showing just how much he didn't care.

"Where'd you see him?" asked David.

Soorayah paused thoughtfully before answering. "He was on the roof, eating," she supplied.

"Good spot," thought Jay, appreciatively.

Looking around the table, "Then I take it no one has approached him yet?" she asked. The silence, deafening as it was, was answer enough.

Meanwhile, while most of the campus residents were eating, Logan was giving Emma a piece of his mind. "Dammit, I don't need some kid 'assisting' me."

Emma sighed tiredly. "He has a great deal of fighting experience, Logan, as I've been telling you. And he isn't the type of person to accept the school's charity. He needs clothes and books, and since he knows so much about various fighting styles, I figured a trade of sorts might work."

Logan ground his teeth in annoyance. "Yeah, well, if he doesn't meet my expectations, you've gotta find another job for 'im."

"…Fine," Emma sighed defeatedly once he'd left. Of all the X-Men, Logan by far was one of the most stubborn. Even Scott had understood the boy's situation.


"Huh? Wuzzat?" he groaned. The sound of loud, demanding knocks on the door waking him. Staggering to the door, "Yes?"

"Open up, kid," someone insisted from the other side. Opening the door, he came face to face with an older man of about the same height, with crazy hair. And something about him screamed "I can kick your ass." Looking him over, "Get dressed, kid. I'm gonna see if you can handle bein' my assistant," he growled.

Formerly sleep-clouded eyes widened in understanding, now fully awake. "You're Logan?"

"Get dressed, kid."

Closing the door, he pulled on his now clean clothes. Amazingly, even the oldest blood stains were gone, but he'd been up for over an hour stitching the cuts and holes. Pulling his shirt over his head and sliding into his boots, he moved back to the door. Though it had only been a minute, barely, 'Logan' waited testily by the door. Without a word, he walked away, Naruto, understanding, in tow.

He had to admit, this was…damn. This was the best training room he'd ever seen. Around the walls were pieces of equipment that seemed to be built for super strong individuals, with a running track between them and the wall. And in the center was a fair sized training mat, which seemed to be their destination. Stopping in the middle of the mat, Logan turned to face the blonde, analyzing him. He wasn't acting threatening, yet the teen was like a coiled spring while appearing calm. And by how he held himself, he had been in some fights. Emma had forced him to read his file. It said he'd been trained as a ninja. Heightened senses, increased healing, endurance, and something called energy manipulation, but it was the first two that hit closest two home.

Clearing his throat, "All right, kid, the lady upstairs says you can handle bein' my assistant. You know, teachin' classes, that kinda stuff. But she's not a fighter. I want ta see for myself if you have what it takes." Taking all this in silence, Naruto stood there, if feeling a little tense. "I want you to fight me so I can gauge your skills. And even if you manage to lay a hit on me, I can heal any wound. So don't piss yourself about holding back. Now that that's out of the way…Let's see what you can do." Naruto's only response was a growing grin, revealing his larger than normal canines.

Thirty-seven minutes later said blonde was on his back, a foot on his throat. "Not bad. You're pretty good, kid, but I've got something you don't. Years of experience." Inwardly he was amazed. The kid's stamina and energy were on a level that even he couldn't match. And his healing… No matter how many times he was knocked down he got right back up. Hell, he'd even broken the blonde's leg…twice, along with his right arm. He had a Hell of a pain threshold, that was for sure, but like any seasoned fighter it was his eyes that said the most. They glowed in defiance, not arrogance, but the simple quality of spitting in the face of Death. Smirking, he removed his foot and offered the kid his hand. Pulling him to his feet, "Y'know, you surprised me, kid."


"Whatever. Most people would 'a called a foul on the blades."

"In a real fight there are no rules, you just have to stay alive," Naruto rationalized.

"Heheh, you got that right. I guess you'll do for an assistant," he complimented before dropping the hammer. "Oh, and you should go. Breakfast is in ten minutes," he added with an evil grin. Momentarily stiffening, the blonde was gone, dashing out the doors, Leaving Logan to laugh at his joke.

"Why are all teachers so…evil?" he wondered, zooming down the hall. Skipping the stairs, he chose to vertically jump from handrail to handrail, floor to floor, rolling over the rail of the third floor. Damnit, he had to shower and change, and eat, before classes, according to the schedule he'd found on his bed last night after dinner. Unfortunately, rushing as he was, he nearly flattened several students. "Yes, almost there!" he mentally cheered. That is until a door opened.

He threw on the brakes to prevent himself from crashing into her. Skidding the final foot and a half, he finally managed to stop, but now he was face to face with a very pretty redhead with silver skin, their noses very nearly touching. For that one moment all either could see was the other's eyes. One pair a deep blue and the other a shining pupil-less silver.

"Uh, erm, sorry," he said, his tanned cheeks reddening. Then he remembered. "Damnit. Late," he muttered as he rotated around her on his heal, and burst down the hall to his own door, leaving one very surprised Cessily Kincaid.

"Uh, erm, sorry…Damnit. Late," and he was gone. She had to admit, waking up this morning, she hadn't expected anything like that to happen. And wasn't that the same blonde that was new to the school? Shaking her head, she continued on to the cafeteria. If only the warm blue of his eyes was as easy to shake off.