This fanfiction contains spoilers from the Kekkaishi series.

Welcome to my newest fic, Tears of Karasumori. (: The idea from this fic came from last week's episode of Kekkaishi, when Gen died. D: I love Gen... so my mind set to work at once, trying to find some way in which Gen could return. Here's my version. x)

This is going to be a 4-5 chapter mini-fic, but perhaps it will branch into more? We'll see.

Please enjoy! Ratings and reviews are loved?

Tears of Karasumori – After the battle at Karasumori a series of questions and dark motives surface. Gen's back; thanks to Karasumori, but nothing is the same. With his form and heart altered, will he ever be able to regain the trust of the Kekkaishis? GenxToki or Yoshi/Toki (I haven't decided yet, we'll see where the story takes this, but please send me your opinions!)

Disclaimer: I don't own Kekkaishi. Or Yoshi...or Tokine...or Gen... or anyone from this awesome anime. D: But I do stalk them. :3

Tears of Karasumori

Karasumori had not cried in a long time. It had remained impassive, watching vacantly. Now… however… it cried. For the sorrow, pain, death and violence it had witnessed. For the loss of a dear friend and protector, Gen. Most of all, Karasumori cried for the terrible gift it was about to give, and the heartbreak that would follow.

"Gen! Gen, wake up! Dammit!" Yoshimori shook the body of his lifeless comrade, but Gen did not move.

"Dammit, dammit, dammit!" Yoshi swiped furiously at his tears, but his vision was still blurred.

"Yoshi, he's gone." Tokine's arm rested carefully on Yoshimori's shoulder, and his hands came free of Gen's robe.

"He can't be gone. He can't be." Yoshimori clenched his fists, letting his shoulders slump.


"What's going on?" Gen Shishio looked upon the scene with utter confusion. He stood, by Yoshimori's side, gazing at his own body. Both kekkaishis wept, clearly unable to see him. He reached out to grasp Yoshimori's shoulder.

"I'm here. That's not me, I'm not dead." Gen's hand passed straight through the boy. The half ayakashi recoiled, as if he had been stung.

"Actually, you are dead." A new voice, devoid of emotion spoke up. Gen turned, clenching his hands, reflexively transforming them…
Rather, he attempted to transform his hands. Nothing happened.

Gen growled, a low irritated rumble deep in his throat, but he did not attack. There was no one to attack. The owner of the voice was nowhere to be seen.

"You are dead, you cannot transform, ayakashi-boy." The voice spoke again, sounding faintly amused.

"Show yourself." Gen's growl deepened to form the words.

The air rippled and a young man stepped from nothingness. Gen remained motionless.

"You died. One of the Kokuboro ran you through." The man indicated to Gen's body, which the Night Troops where now carrying away.

Gen was silent, his hands unclenched slowly as memories flashed behind his obsidian eyes. He nodded, slowly.

"I died," He murmured with a nod. He remembered now. The pain as his blood had fallen besides him and splattered Tokine's kekkai. The sense of peace ebbing over him. Yoshi's scream as silence blanked the world.

The young man nodded his expression neutral. "I think you shouldn't have."

A smirk flashed across Gen's face. "Who are you to decide if my death was right?"

"I'm Karasumori, Gen. I cried for you." The man's gaze pierced Gen, pinning him to where he stood. His mouth twitched downwards into a discontented frown.

"Hmph." Gen crossed his arms, but he could not remove his eyes from Karasumori's

"Your job isn't done yet. The kekkaishi girl and boy still require you. I still require you. You're different. Perhaps you can provide me with more entertainment?" Karasumori's eyes narrowed, gauging him.

The ayakashi-boy snorted. "I'm not interested in providing you with entertainment."

A grin passed over the man's face. Karasumori's teeth where pointed; animalistic in appearance. "I like you." He took a step towards Gen, pausing to tilt his head, as if listening. Gen was silent. Karasumori took a series of steps, pausing when his nose was inches from Gen's.

"Would you like to save your sister, Gen?" Karasumori did not wait for a reply. "Would you like to save the kekkaishis? Perhaps… Tokine?" He was close now, too close for Gen's comfort. Although he wanted to, Gen could not move. As if sensing Gen's discomfort, Karasumori withdrew a step.

"You need to save those you love. You need to save me."

Gen bared his teeth anger flashing over him. "No, I don't need to save anyone. My part is over."

"Gen, Gen, Gen. How stupid you are. You don't understand. If you don't return they'll die. Everyone will die."

Something resonated with Gen as Karasumori spoke. A deep dreadful feeling pierced his quick rage. I wasn't meant to die, not yet. The realization shattered his previous certainty, leaving him standing at the edge of a chasm of doubt. His friends, his sister… they still needed him.

"You speak as if you have the power to send me back to that life." Gen murmured. The hostility had departed from his voice, leaving a thinly veiled curiosity.

A rueful look crossed Karasumori's face. "I do, in a way. I don't have much time left. If you are to save them, you must choose now. Will you return?"

"Yes." Gen's answer was instantaneous. He didn't need more information to make his choice. If his sister needed him, Gen would return.

"It will not be easy. I cannot revive… all of you." Karasumori had become transparent, his voice fainter.

"Do whatever it takes."

Karasumori's form faded, becoming barely more than a spector's shadow. "I like you, Gen." He laughed before fading away completely, leaving Gen in darkness.

And so it had begun.