Chapter 1

Return to Konoha

Story Adopted from DragonMaster4381

Four years after Sauske's betrayal...

Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves hadn't changed that much from an outside perspective in the past four years. Though that's not to say the occupants of said village hadn't changed over the years since he betrayal of the last Uchiha. The group known as the rookie 9 had changed much over the years, growing up much faster than most their age should have...though they were without two members. Sauske Uchiha was now in the village hidden in the sound, Oto, and the number one most surprising Knuckleheaded Ninja had left for a three year training trip with the legendary Sannin Jiraiya...their trip however ended up being longer than originally planned due to an odd complication with Naruto's seal. Jiraiya had made a seal key in hopes of allowing the boy to access more of the demon fox's chakra early on in the trip. The key worked...but not in the way it should have...instead the seal altered itself causing Naruto's body to change and adjust in certain ways as the seal drained the fox demon of its chakra and made it Naruto's. Naruto was still human...but the alterations made due to the mishap with the key had given him a sort of blood line limit or Kekkei Genkai...he had the perks of the demons chakra but none of the ill effects unless he tried to draw more than he was able to at the moment.

Another person who had changed much over this time was Naruto's first love, Sakura Haruno. Having been fed a very harsh dose of reality with Sauske's betrayal and Naruto's leaving to train she was forced to rethink her priorities in life. This had an effect of getting rid of the fan girl personality she once had as well as the crush she once had for the Uchiha. She admitted that she still felt something for the boy but it was clearly not love like she had thought it had been and she still wanted to bring him back to Konoha...if that was possible...if not then he was truly lost to them all. She missed her blonde haired friend allot, she hadn't realized just how much the obnoxious boy had meant to her until he wasn't there no more. As the old saying never know what you have until it is gone.

She had done well for herself though; she was the apprentice of the Slug Sannin and Fifth Hokage, Tsunade, who also was Naruto's adoptive mother figure. Tsunade was proud of her student who by rights would one day surpass her. Sakura was an excellent healer, had her legendary strength, could be gentle but still be fierce when need be...all in all she had grown into a fine young woman.

Ino Yamanaka and Hinata Hyuga had also taken an interest in healing; Hinata more so that Ino who also helped work in interrogation with Anko and Ibiki...thankfully she hadn't picked up their personality quirks. Tenten was another Kunoichi that had grown very well. She was now considered the Kenjutsu Mistress of Konoha. They even had Temari Sabaku from Suna living in Konoha now as a representative for Suna. She had tried dating Shikamaru for a while but it didn't seem to work out as the lazy Chunin was now dating a civillian girl named Mia and was engaged to be married to her.

Neji Hyuga had obtained the rank of Jounin and was currently betrothed to a young noble woman from one of Konoha's sister villages. Kiba Inuzuka along with Shino Aburame and Chouji Akimichi were still single and apparently quite happy about it. Rock Lee was also single...but he seemed more interested in his training and fitness...and flames of youth...than in dating like most his age...go figure. The boy had even outgrown his crush on Sakura.

It is said that the more things change, the more they stay the same. And that could quite very well be true. Despite their jobs as Shinobi of Konoha, Naruto's friends, though more mature, were still the same people they always were. They were just smarter now, wiser and had more experience...they also didn't let childish things get in the way of their lives anymore. They had learned that in their line of was simply to short.

Tsunade sighed as she looked at her former teammate, the Toad Sannin. He had just arrived back in Konoha late last night and was preparing to make his report on Naruto's progress. She was worried for the boy, he was like a son to her and he had been through hell and back during his training trip...she was afraid he wouldn't be the same person she cared so much about when he returned.

"Well then, let's hear it you old pervert." Tsunade said.

Jiraiya smirked.

"Naruto...well...he has changed quite a bit over the past four years." Jiraiya started. "In a good way I assure you. He has become allot like Minato was and he still has Kushina's temperament and both their strong wills. Though he has matured quite a bit, he's still the kind hearted, oblivious to females and unpredictable person he always was but he has long since lost his immaturity." Jiraiya started.

"He's no longer loud, brash or a braggart. He's still got his sense of humor but when it comes time to get serious...he is as fearsome if not more so than Minato was. The kid was a damn jutsu sponge I tell you...he learned everything I could teach him in a little over a year and even created several variations of the Rasengan...some of which I can't even do. The brat even learned the Hiraishin in a three months...bastard can do it without the aid of the special kunai too."

Tsunade's eyes went wide. "Holy shit! Just what level do you think he's on, Jiraiya!"

"Let's put it this way...the kid beat my ass the last three times we sparred and most of those B and A-Rank missions you sent us were completed by him alone. He has absorbed six tails of Kyuubi's power that are his own now and should have the other three by the time he turns eighteen. Because of that his bones are now diamond hard, his senses are more acute than the Inuzuka clans and his natural physical abilities out class yours in strength and mine or Kakashi's or Gai's in raw speed. He's not invincible though, Orochimaru and the Akatsuki could still kill him if he's not careful." Jiraiya warned.

Tsunade sat back heavily in her chair. "Damn...little brat...sounds like he tried to turn himself into a weapon." She muttered.

Jiraiya frowned. "He did...he was able to retain his humanity and emotions but he literately made himself into a living weapon when he discovered that he was absorbing Kyuubi's power at an alarming rate. Statistically his body shouldn't have been able to handle it...he should have died...but his own chakra reacted oddly with the seal, fused with Kyuubi's chakra and super enhanced his healing factor to the point it evolved his body rather than damage it...though he was in considerable pain for two weeks while his body adjusted. As such he is a Hanyou now and when he turns twenty one or the natural prime of humans he will stop physically aging. He can still be killed but It'd be damn hard. Thankfully he can hide or summon his tails at will so all things considered he still looks like a human as much as he still acts and thinks like one." Tsunade had a relieved look on her features knowing that her adopted son still retained his humanity.

"What rank should I give him? The council wants him to remain a Genin...the bastards...but if his skills are as good as you say he could be ranked an Elite Jounin easily." Tsunade stated.

Jiraiya shook his head. "No...he already said he didn't want any special treatment. He said he'd accept Chunin rank since he thought he earned it in the last exams he took but he wants to earn his Jounin status when the time is right. He also wants to take his fathers surname, but once again wants no special treatment due to his father being the I said...he grew up quite a bit. Though he still calls me a pervert all the time and he'll probably still call you granny sometimes." He chuckled.

Tsunade smirked...she'd hug him first and if he called her granny...she'd brain him for it later.

"Any other skills he pick up?" She asked.

"Hmm...his Ninjutsu levels are quite advanced are his Fuuinjutsu and yes I've already had him certified as a Seal Master. He's got a near mastery of the Ryuuken style Taijutsu and is a master of two sword Mystical Beast Kenjutsu. Because of the Kyuubi he gained an affinity for all five normal elements and has learned how to manipulate them to the point he can re-create Wood, Ice and Magma elements for jutsu." Jiraiya mused.

" grandfather...he...was the last master of the wood element!" Tsunade explained.

Jiraiya grinned. "I know...why do you think I'm so proud to have the brat as an apprentice? He had re-discovered it and thanks to his altered genetics any kids he has will gain the same affinities he has...including the three rare ones. They should also gain his enhanced physical attributes and enhanced senses as well and we both know that the Namikaze clan was known for its high chakra levels and limitless stamina. We even decided to call his blood line limit the Omni-Element Kekkei Genkai since we know for sure his affinities will be passed on along with his abnormal chakra levels and stamina."

" least that should keep the council off his ass for a while at any rate." Tsunade mused. "How did he train so much and get so far in just four years though? It takes most Jounin at least a decade to get that far."

"Shadow clones." Jiraiya said smugly. "He learned the secret of the Shadow clone. Since he gained whatever they learned once dispelled he made several hundred a day and had groups of them work on different tasks. When added up he's got about eighty years worth of training in all due to Shadow clones. It's just a shame that no one besides him has the capacity to use them like that or we'd have one hell of a force."

Tsunade frowned in thought. It was true that only Naruto had the chakra stores to do that sort of training...the fact that he did it at such a level was a shock though. That combined with those missions she sent them during their trip ensured that Naruto had not only trained hard but had acquired the actual experience needed to go with the skills he learned.

"You've got a point there; it's too bad others couldn't train in the same manner without killing themselves." Tsunade sighed. "Did you give him his parent's scrolls?"

"'s a shame the manor was destroyed in the Kyuubi attack. At least Sarutobi-sensei left him that house out by the Hokage monument. He said he'd be moving in as soon as he got back. All that's left is for you to give him his clan scroll." Jiraiya answered.

"When is he going to get back, I had thought he'd show up with you?" Tsunade asked.

"He'll be back early tomorrow morning. He was helping with a small bandit problem in a small village just south of here when I left him. He told me to go on ahead and he'd catch up." The pervert grinned.

The next morning...

A lone figure walked along the old beaten path that lead to Konoha, it was just a few miles off at this point. Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki had grown much in the past four years. At 6 foot 4 he was no longer a midget like he used to be and his body had lost all traces of baby fat leaving a firm muscular build of a warrior, the right size and weight to optimize speed and strength. He wasn't overly huge like a body builder but he was far from a slouch either. His body was packed with firm, hard muscle that rippled under his tanned skin with each movement. Various scars littering his body as a testament of the hardships he had seen in his life. His eyes had remained the same though their icy sapphire blue depths now held a piercing nature about them rather than total innocence. His once short golden blonde hair had grown out leaving a unruly spiky mop on top of his head, the back was tied back in a short but thick ponytail reaching down to nearly his mid back. His whisker marks had become a little thicker and darker but not overly noticeable; his canines had grown longer though but only a little. Like his father he had developed a mix of rugged and pretty boy looks making him quite handsome over all.

His clothes had also changed over the years; he had long since done away with the orange jumpsuits. He still liked the color but had agreed that it wasn't practical in his line of work. He had also traded his ninja sandals for a pair of steel toed black combat boots. He had on a pair of baggy black cargo pants with various extra pockets, a shuriken and kunai holster strapped to each leg due to becoming ambidextrous. A utility belt with several pouches on it and clips for his two Samurai style Katana, one had an Ivory handle and the other had an obsidian handle, both carved to look like a dragon coiling around it. He called them Ebony and Ivory, they were forged of some strange ore he and the old pervert had found called adamant, it was unbreakable and chakra could be channeled into it. He had foregone wearing a shirt, rather had bandages wrapped around his lower torso while his upper body was covered in a sleeveless trench coat similar to the one his father once wore only this one was black with blue, purple and green flames coming up from the bottom with both Uzumaki and Namikaze clan crests on the upper back. The blue cloth of his forehead protector had been replaced with a long black cloth that was now tied on his left bicep, a long piece of orange cloth on his right bicep. A long flowing crimson scarf covered the lower half of his face, coiled like a high collar on his shoulders while the tails fluttered in the winds. And finally on his hands and lower forearms were fingerless black gauntlets with dark metal plates with the leaf symbol etched into them. Around his neck was the necklace Tsunade gave him...its supposed curse broken, the green crystal glinted in the sun light.

His travel necessities were safely stored in a traveling scroll; he had found sealing scrolls to be quite handy and made frequent use of them now. In all he made an imposing figure. He let out a slight chuckle...the bandits he took care of the previous day had nearly shit themselves when he fought them. Then again they were so disorganized and low skilled that he probably could of handled them before he had taken his training trip.

He saw the walls of Konoha come into view and a smile crossed his lips. He had really missed his friends...his precious people, but he had really needed the training or he would never have been able to properly protect them. Now he was certain he could and even if he did run into an opponent stronger than himself he wouldn't give in without one hell of a fight. He still held his Nindo but he also followed the Samurai Bushido Code now as gave him good standards to live by.

That brought another light chuckle. Jiraiya had tried his damndest to turn him into a pervert like him. Now Naruto would admit that he still did have a light perverted streak in him...he was a make after all, but he also held a deep respect for women...not that he actually understood them beyond the fact your didn't want them pissed off at you. That was something his sensei never seemed to learn...though it was amusing to watch the old Pervy sage get his ass handed to him by a bunch of irate women.

Thoughts of the fairer sex made his mind wonder to the few female friends he had in Konoha. He wondered how they were doing...he was sure they had all grown more beautiful but had they matured? He was pretty sure Sakura would still be hung up over the Uchiha-teme. He would always have a special place in his heart for her but he doubted she would ever be interested in him as anything more than a friend...he could live with that. He did want to take time to get to know Ino, Hinata and Tenten a little better now, he knew each of them a little but it would be nice to have them as more than just acquaintances.

As he walked up to the gates he showed his passport and mission papers to one of the Chunin on guard, a man named Kotetsu...that was probably due to the fact his full true name was there instead of just Uzumaki. After making the man sputter in shock for a second, Naruto took back his papers and walked through the gates.

He was surprised to see how little had really changed...the people had grown older but little else had changed...unless you counted Tsunade's face, which was now carved on the monument next to his fathers. Naruto just smiled, not one of his old fake ones but a small true one. Then he took off in a dead run and leapt to the rooftops.

Jiraiya was walking with Tsunade through town intent on meeting his apprentice at the gates. He smirked when he felt the boys chakra close by, though it was heavily muted it was still too strong to completely hide. It seemed like someone else had sensed him as well since Sakura came tearing around the corner along with Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon, who had all obtained Genin rank.

"Tsunade-sensei! Is it true? Has Naruto returned?" Sakura asked a bit excited for the chance to see her friend after all these years.

The older woman smiled at her apprentice, she could see what few others could. Sakura didn't realize it yet but Naruto's absence had caused her feelings for the boy to grow in ways that easily surpassed that of friendship or brother/sisterhood...if she would let them.

"Yes, we are on our way to meet him now." She answered.

"He's already here." Jiraiya said smugly as he looked up.

There perched on top of a tall post reaching above the houses was Naruto in all his glory. His trench coat and scarf flapping in the winds with his hair, his arms crossed as a calm look seemed to be etched on his features as he gazed over the area.

Sakura's eyes went wide...Tsunade didn't do much better either. This was Naruto! The loud mouthed, hyperactive, most surprising, knuckleheaded ninja of Konoha! He looked more like some sort of legendary Shinobi warrior than the old visage he used to have. That...and he was tall...very tall. And were those muscles...well toned ones at that...Sakura nearly drooled when his coat flapped open to reveal his bare chest.

"Oi, brat! You going to stay perched up their all day or you going to come down to greet us!" Jiraiya called out.

Naruto slowly turned his head down to see Tsunade, Sakura, Jiraiya, Konohamaru, Udon and Moegi waving at him. He let a half smile cross his lips and lazily stepped off the post and landed next to them without so much as a sound and with incredible ease.

"Told you it wouldn't take me long to handle those bandits Ero-sennin." Naruto said. His voice a much deeper and rich baritone now that spoke of both great power and kindness.

Naruto looked at Tsunade, his features softened a little more than usual. "Hey, Mom, I missed you. How's things been going here in Konoha?"

His answer was to get the wind squeezed out of him by a happily sobbing Tsunade. He returned the hug...though he was a bit strained...old or not she was damn strong. He patted her back and told her he was back to stay.

Sakura watched with a smile on her face. He had changed allot but it was obvious he was still the same kind and caring person he always was. His eyes, though having gained a piercing nature, still retained their old warmth and gentleness that she had long missed since he left. But they now held a deep sense of maturity and power.

"Hey Boss!" Konohamaru cheered excitedly as Tsunade let her son go so he could greet the others, so far she deeply approved of his changes.

Naruto knelt down so he was eye level with his two little brothers and sister.

"Hey there squirt, have you been training hard?" He asked in a good natured tone.

"I sure have!" The boy exclaimed excitedly. "I even have my own improved versions of your Sexy Jutsu now!"

Naruto just gave him a slight smile. "You know...I've grown up now. You shouldn't be using perverted techniques like that anymore either. Such techniques aren't befit of Genin or Ninja." He said. "

Jiraiya just wasn't fair. Tsunade and Sakura looked absolutely gob smacked...that jutsu was actually an S-Rank Kinjutsu and horribly perverted. To hear Naruto berate his own invented technique was a shock.

"Don't you use that jutsu anymore boss?" Konohamaru asked curiously.

Shooting a slight glare at Jiraiya...making him sweat as the two females glared at him he replied.

"No...not unless I am forced too. Granted I'll admit the jutsu worked well on perverts but it has little to no practical use as a real Shinobi technique. I have no use for things like that anymore...guess you could say I out grew it. You really shouldn't use that jutsu's actually pretty insulting to women...instead...if you want to become great ninja, find your specialty." Naruto said in big brother mode. "That's not to say you still can't pull pranks, everyone needs a good laugh now and then." He added to ease the disappointed look on the boy's features.

Sakura watched him as he interacted with Konohamaru, a light blush crossing her cheeks. "He's grown up so much now...he's really handsome now too. If only I could have seen this more when we were younger...but he's back now...and maybe..."

"Maybe he'll wrap us up in those big muscular arms of his and kiss us until our toes curl!" Inner Sakura finished causing her to deepen her blush.

"What is your specialty Boss?" Konohamaru asked eagerly.

"I have several now. Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu and Genjutsu is still pretty low. My best advice to you and your friends is to find what your best at and go with it, nurture the skill and build on it but don't become too dependant on just one skill. That's what happened to me with Shadow Clones, it's a really useful skill and has many uses but I left myself too limited and stunted my own growth. Tell you three what though...if you can get permission from your sensei I'll teach each of you a jutsu that best suits your skills...sound good?" He asked.

Konohamaru cheered and the three twelve year olds glomped Naruto who let out a chuckle and returned the hug. Jiraiya and Tsunade smiled at the scene...for all the horrible things Naruto had gone through he had turned into one hell of a man. They had no doubt that he would easily surpass his father one day and most likely save this entire village if not the world one day.

Naruto stood up and looked at the last person that had come to greet him. "Damn...Sakura-chan sure has changed over the past four years...if possible she's grown more beautiful than before. It sucks that she's probably still hung up on the Sasuke-teme...the bastard has no clue as to what he's missing...oh well, a promise is a promise I guess...but if he tries to kill me again..."

"Hey, Sakura-chan, nice to see you again." He said with a half smile that made her stomach flop a couple of times.

" do you think? Do I look older now?" She asked shyly as she leaned forward and put on a cute look.

What happened next caused Jiraiya to gawk, his jaw hitting the ground, and Tsunade to beam in pride.

"Yes you do, you've grown into a beautiful young woman...a flower that has truly bloomed over time." Naruto replied...come on...he may be a oblivious most of the time but he wasn't that stupid when it came to the fairer sex. And to better his social skills with women Naruto had, had a few shadow clones read up on a few books on proper etiquette, manners and a few romance novels to get a feel for what women might like in a man. He was still a bit on the innocent side and sometimes oblivious but nowhere near what he used to be.

Sakura practically melted on the spot as she silent praised Kami for the changes her friend went through. He had left an immature, loud and somewhat stupid but kind hearted kid and returned a strong looking, kind and handsome young man...hell he even beat Sasuke in the good looks department now by a long shot.

"I haven't forgotten my promise to you either, Sakura-chan, I'll get Sasuke to come back...even if I have to beat the notion into his head." He added and to his masked surprise, Sakura had frowned at the mention of Sasuke, he arched an eyebrow at that.

Before she could say anything though another familiar presence made itself known.

"Yo!" Kakashi greeted and looked over at Naruto and let out a low whistle in his mind. "Damn! He's grown allot since he left, looks allot stronger too."

Naruto nodded at him. "Hey, Kakashi-sensei, I got something for ya." He said pulling out a new looking familiar orange book and tossed it to the stunned Kakashi. It was Icha Icha Paradise wasn't due for release for another few months!

"Ero-sennin gave that to me." Naruto's face took on a deadpanned look. "He suggested I try reading it...I only got to through the first half of the first chapter...not quite sure what you see in those books but have fun anyways."

"Hey! That is one of my best works yet!" Jiraiya said indignantly.

Naruto's eyebrow twitched. "Well it wouldn't be so bad if you focused more on the romantic and action values of the story rather than the smut." Naruto replied crossing his arms.

Tsunade snickered. "Looks like you really did fail to turn him into a pervert."

Jiraiya sighed in defeat. "Don't remind me...still...I'll get him one of these days! Everyone is a pervert at heart!"

Naruto arched his eyebrow. "Not likely, Ero-sennin, the difference between me and you is that you have no inhibitions and use your research and books as a way to make up for your own lack of a romantic life. I on the other hand do not let those kind of emotions rule my judgment." Naruto shrugged as he knocked the Toad Sannin down a few pegs. "It's true that everyone has perverted thoughts...without them children would never come to be but just because you have them doesn't mean you should go wild with them."

"Damn that was cold, brat." Jiraiya muttered and pouted. Kakashi nodded as he hugged his new little precious like a baby.

The females in the area, Sakura and Tsunade included, had raised the boy up a few notches in their opinion. Sakura idly noticed that several of the other young civillian females were staring at Naruto with unmasked lust in their eyes. She glared at a few of them not even realizing she was doing it. How dare those tramps look at her Naruto like that? She was still so far shocked and happy at Naruto's changes and having him back that she hadn't even noticed that she was thinking of him in a possessive manner. Tsunade noticed though and smirked to herself...perhaps a little match making was needed later.

"It's great to have you back kiddo." Tsunade said gaining Naruto's and the others attention. "I would like to offer you the rank of Chunin but we need to get you a proper skill assessment first okay?"

Naruto nodded. "Sure, I was expecting as much anyways."

Kakashi let out one of his usual eye smiles. "I don't have anything to do since it's my day off, I could do the assessment." He offered eager to see how much his student has grown.

"That is a splendid idea, perhaps Gai and Kurenai should join in as well." Tsunade mused.

"Has he grown that much?" Kakashi asked curiously.

Jiraiya snorted. "The brat kicked my ass the last three sparring matches we had."

Sakura started slightly and looked at Naruto...just how much stronger did he become?

Naruto smirked. "I also have some jutsu I know you don't have, Kakashi-sensei, but if you want you can try to copy some of them during our match."

"I doubt that, Naruto, I know over 1,000 jutsu." Kakashi said thinking the boy was pulling his leg.

"Well there are the ones I invented and my elemental jutsu." Naruto replied as Jiraiya smugly handed Naruto a element reader card.

Naruto pumped some of his chakra into the card and it did something no one had ever expected. The card floated up out of his hand and split into eight segments. the segments burned, got wet, crinkled, split, turned to dust, grew roots, melted into a smoldering droplet and the last one froze and shattered.

"B-but that's impossible!" Kakashi exclaimed. Sakura was stunned speechless and Tsunade, though she had been told was still shocked to actually see it.

"For some it is!" Jiraiya gloated; he loved bragging about Naruto these days. "It's a Kekkei Genkai that woke up within him, we call it the Omni-Element Kekkei Genkai, he has a natural affinity for all the main elements and three rare ones...Ice, Magma and Wood. It's been tested and it's a part of his blood line now, though I will admit it took him a while to master all of his element manipulations."

"Hey now...don't let all my secrets out sensei." Naruto said in a warning tone. "A true ninja always keeps a few secrets." Jiraiya just waved him off, scowling slightly at having his fun taken away...after all how often is a sensei gifted with the chance to brag about having a prodigy?

Kakashi was slightly stunned to see Jiraiya bragging it up instead of Naruto but chalked it up to the boy gaining a good amount of maturity on his training trip. He was certain that this new Kekkei Genkai was a side effect of having the fox sealed in him but damn that was one hell of a piece of compensation. With Naruto's new blood line limit no jutsu would be beyond his grasp. He idly wondered what the council would do if they found out.

Naruto glanced up at the sun and noticed it was nearly noon. "Hey, do you guys mind if we cut this short for now? I want to get my stuff unpacked at my new house and get a bite to eat. I'll meet all of you at training ground 7 to do the assessment at two."

"Good idea, you go get settled in and we will prepare things for the test." Tsunade said.

Naruto nodded and vanished in a swirl of fire shocking the shit out of everyone but Jiraiya, who was laughing loudly.

"The brat got bored one day and decided to make variations of Shunshin, he can use each of his different elements in it. He even taught me the water, earth and fire types...quite fun really! Well...I'm off to do a bit of research before the test! Later!" Jiraiya said and also vanished in a swirl of flames to prove his point.

"Looks like things are finally going to get interesting around here again." Tsunade mused. "Sakura, gather your friends from the rookie nine along with Gai's team and tell them to be at training ground 7 at 2:00."

The stunned girl just nodded dumbly and ran off to do what her sensei asked. Tsunade then pulled out a scroll and handed it to Kakashi.

"This is a briefing of Naruto's skills, power levels and some of the things he has learned or done during his training trip. Since you are still technically his sensei you are entitled to the information but I also don't want you to underestimate him like you used too, he's allot more like his father now and underestimating him would be a fatal mistake." She said and left in a flurry of leaves.

Kakashi looked at the scrolls and sighed. It had his name on it...Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki. He had been one of the few that knew the truth, hence why he had protected him when he was a child. didn't excuse his blatant favoritism when Sasuke had been around. He had thought he owed it to Obito to train the last Uchiha...he had been wrong and while he might not have much more he could teach Naruto, he would still try to be there for him and Sakura as well...they were after all like family to him...even if he didn't openly show it often.

The house Old man Sarutobi had left to Naruto was on a large plot of land covered in forest near the base of the Hokage monument. It was a fairly large home, three levels including a basement and had its own hot spring out back and an onsen built inside. It had a couple of small gardens for his hobby and fully stocked kitchen and all the utilities he would need. He suspected that Tsunade had seen to it that the home was furnished before he returned. Still he liked his new home all the same, though it was pretty big for just himself. He figured it must have belonged to a noble family that either moved or died out due to the amount of bedrooms and size of the place.

He unpacked all his items from his sealing scrolls and left them in their proper places. He then fixed him a small lunch of Miso soup, a couple of rice balls and some onigiri. He still liked his ramen but he never passed up the chance to eat different foods now that he could.

At training ground 7 there was a large group gathered. Asuma, Kakashi, Gai and Kurenai were there along with Tsunade and Jiraiya. Kiba, Shino, Neji, Lee, Shikamaru and Choji were also present along with Sakura, Hinata, Tenten, Temari and Ino. The former Genin rookies had been surprised to find out that Naruto had returned and were looking forward to seeing him again, some more so than others.

"How strong do ya think he's become?" Kiba asked his teammate.

Shino shrugged. "Uzumaki-san has always been a bit of a wild card, it is hard to say." He replied in his usual monotone.

"It's troublesome...but he's probably gotten some decent skills." Shikamaru added.

"Yes! I look forward to seeing just how brightly his flames of youth shine now!" Lee bellowed.

"Agreed my student! He should make a splendid rival for you!" Gai ranted.





And cue the hug and horrible well as everyone cringing and backing away from the two spandex clad men.

Ino shuddered. "I hope Naruto hasn't gotten any weird personality quirks like those two do."

"Same here..." Tenten agreed.

"I am sure, Naruto-kun, will be just fine." Hinata said in her usual shy tone of voice, she had thankfully grown out of her stuttering.

"If he's anything like what he was when he fought, Gaara, then he'll be much stronger." Temari said confidently.

Sakura just nodded her thoughts on Naruto, her eyes slightly glazed over and a faint blush on her cheeks.

Tsunade smirked at the girls...they had no idea just what they were about to see. She then turned to Jiraiya who had his usual smug smile plastered on his face. While she had to admit that he did have good bragging rights it was annoying to see him get so into it.

"It's almost two...what kind of entrance do you expect?" She asked.

"Probably nothing special, he's not much for theatrics anymore unless he's trying for fear tactics."

Sure enough a few minutes later Naruto walked out of the forest and onto the training grounds. He looked mildly surprised at seeing his old friends there but hid it well. His friends, minus Sakura, on the other hand were openly gawking at him and his changes. He idly noted that Ino and Tenten had faint lines of drool coming from their mouths, Sakura looked a bit flushed and Hinata looked ready to pass out...Temari was a bit of a shocker, especially since she was looking him up and down with an odd glint in her eyes.

"Hey...long time no see guys." Naruto greeted.

He nearly laughed out loud when they all waved at him in a rather stunned manner. Kakashi, Gai and Kurenai then walked out, Kakashi pushing up his forehead protector, revealing his Sharingan. Knowing that the test was about to start, Naruto removed his scarf and trench coat revealing his muscular upper torso. To her credit, Kurenai only blushed slightly due to her relationship with Asuma. The other girls, except Tsunade, were practically drooling though...she snickered to herself...Naruto was about to gain his own fan club.

Naruto tossed his coat and scarf over towards Sakura and Hinata. "Keep an eye on those for me okay ladies?" He asked kindly...they nodded dumbly.

Naruto then cracked his neck a couple of times and loosened his muscles. They watched as his eyes went from warm, kind and gentle to cold, piercing, calculating and confident in a split second. Even Gai had the presence of mind to get slightly nervous at this.

"Are you ready for your assessment?" Kakashi asked.

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