Why oh why do I love writing tragedies so much? I'm sorry…don't hate me for this….

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It wasn't supposed to end like this.

If anything, she was supposed to die in some fabulously heroic way, fighting off a monster to save little children or something. She was supposed to go down fighting in a very different way than she was now.

It wasn't supposed to be cancer.

Cancer. *The very word sickened her*. She hated this stupid disease. She hated it for invading her body, for bringing her all this pain. For ending the long, wonderful life she was supposed to have.

But most of all, she hated it for all the damn sympathy it got her.

All the sad looks her friends gave her. All the fake smiles she got from the doctors. She had a room full of flowers, and she wished she could rip apart every one of them petal by petal.

But Percy was another story.


He would come to her bedside and laugh, and just be plain old Percy. He would crack stupid jokes, and compliment her on her "hair" (which was now reduced to golden stubs shooting up in patches around her head).

But she knew better.

The old twinkle in his beautiful green eyes was gone, the very twinkle she had fallen in love with. She knew that he was deteriorating along with her, slowly but surely. Each time she saw him he looked a little paler, the shadows under his eyes a little darker.

And she hated it.

They were supposed to be the lucky ones. They had survived countless quests and the biggest war in thousands of years, proved the stupid Great Prophecy wrong.

They were supposed to have a family together. She and Percy had even picked out a name.

Charlotte Silena Jackson. Charlie for short.

(They were hoping for a girl)

But now, because of damn cancer, that would never happen. Oh how she hated the fates.

And now she sat in the hospital bed, Percy holding her hand firmly. She heard the odd sound coming from the machines hooked up to her, Percy and Thalia screaming for a nurse, Nico standing stiff and pale in the corner. Grover was bleating, and Juniper was crying into his shoulder, staining his shirt with chlorophyll-tainted tears.

She heard the machine change to a long flat beeeeeeeep, and felt herself slip under….

She took a shaky breath, and had just enough time for one last thought before the darkness consumed her.

It wasn't supposed to end like this.

Ah…my first try at a full circle ending…how'd I do?

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