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Today has been just one of those days for PJ. He has nearly fallen asleep in most of his classes. Right now, he is bored as hell listening to his art teacher explaining something. To aggravate him more, the two dumb freshman whom he sits by cuss like there's no tomorrow. They ramble on about how BA they are being. Since when has being a dolt been bad ass?

Many of his friends ask 'Why don't you go sit next to your sister in art class?' He usually tells them that he doesn't want to be the only junior sitting with sophomores like his sister. The truth is that Ivy and Teddy have made it very clear that they don't want him sitting at their table. Who really wants to tell their friends that your sister rejected you?

PJ is snapped out of his thoughts by hearing the freshman snickering,

"He's so fucking screwed. He's going to shit his pants." One of them laughs. PJ glares at them both.

"Hey, some of us are trying to pay attention." PJ snarls. He sees their eyes widen but not at him but something over his shoulder. PJ reluctantly turns around and is startled to see his teacher towering of him and the whole class silent.

"Yes Mr. Duncan but apparently not you." She scowls at him. PJ just looks at her with a scared expression. "Now, I see that you have a tendency to daze off in your own world. So to fix your problem I will assign you to a seat." The teacher looks around the room to scan for any open seats. She spots one and raises her eyebrows as she says, "You will sit next to your sister over there." The teacher points her lean finger to a seat next to his sister.

PJ groans in protest. He slowly gathers his stuff and goes to sit next to Teddy. The class casually starts up conversations again.

"Hey." He murmurs to Teddy. He also gives Ivy an acknowledging nod. He sits down and immediately begins to draw. Teddy just glares at him and then continues her conversation with Ivy.

"So he was like Hey. I said hey back." She indulges to her best friend.

"Who is he?" PJ snoops in. It's kind of hard not to eaves drop when he's sitting right next to her. His curiosity is also peaked by Teddy's squealing about some guy.

"No one." Teddy hisses at him. She turns back to Ivy and continues being vague. "So then he asked me about you know what and I said you know what."

"Ohh! No way! I thought he wasn't into you know? So he finally decided to grow a pair?" Ivy says.

"Ivy! He just had to be sure." Teddy hits Ivy, who is sitting across the table from her. PJ just rolls his eyes. He has a clear picture of who this guy is now. Only one guy could get Ivy to be sassy to and not get a laugh from Teddy. Spencer. PJ hates the guy. He was the exact opposite of himself. PJ is funny and relaxed. Spencer seems too charming and tries way too hard to impress people. PJ doesn't like the idea of Teddy going out with him but Teddy would yell at him for being into her personal life. He wouldn't call his feelings jealousy but simply protective.

"Sure. So when is it?"

"Tonight at 8. He is taking us to his you know what at you know where." Teddy hints. PJ has had enough of the vagueness because clearly it wasn't working but he decides to keep his cool.

As soon as PJ heard the final bell ring, he ran out of the art class room and went to his locker. He could not wait to get out of there. When he got all his books for the homework, he hurried to his car and drove home.

"Hey honey. You got here quick. Go up and do your homework." Amy, his mom, said to him as he entered. PJ just nodded his head and sprinted up the stairs. He isn't usually this eager to get home and do homework but tonight was his favorite TV show season premier and he is not missing it.

An hour later, Teddy arrived home from her usual afternoon club meetings. Teddy was a proud member of Key Club, a volunteer group at her school. She was so excited to tell her little sister about what happened to her today but on her way up the stairs, her mom stopped her.

"Teddy honey, as soon as Gabe gets home from his soccer game, we all need to have a family meeting." Amy tells her calmly. Normally her mom isn't this serious but she is now and that scares Teddy a little. She shakes it off and heads up stairs to do her homework before her date.

Teddy finishes her last sentence on her history assignment right as she hears Gabe's footsteps through the front door. Some people might ask why she knows it's Gabe and she would say that Gabe is the only one who you can hear the dirt tracking on the wood floors. No, actually she could hear her mom scolding him for tracking dirt in the house. Teddy looks around the room and spots her red video camera sitting on her bed. She walks over there and starts to record her message.

"Hey Charlie, I have big news for you… uh I mean me. Today in school, Spencer asked me out on a date. You know how we are a sort of not really couple? Well now this will be our first official date. He is taking me to a fancy restaurant owned by his parent's in downtown. Isn't it exciting?" In the middle of her talk, PJ knocks on the door. Teddy continues her smile at the camera. "I will be right back." Teddy rushes to the door, leaving the video camera on her bed, still recording.

"What PJ?"

"Mom wants all of us to go downstairs for our life alternating family meeting. This is probably code for that we are out of milk." PJ says. He is really close to his sister's face right now and it is uncomfortable. Teddy only cracked like five inches in her door for him to talk through so he had to press him mouth right up to the door. Teddy nods and shoos him away. She walks back to the recording camera.

"Sorry Charlie but mom called for our life alternating meeting right now. If your life consists of the same meaningless meetings then good luck Charlie." Teddy carefully closes the camera and leaves her room.

When Teddy makes her way into her living room, PJ and Gabe were already there just talking on the couch. She sits down in the middle of them and giggles when she hears them groan.

"Oh calm down you two." She sighs.

Her attention is caught by her parents who walk in and immediately look at them with an oddly. Teddy gets a weird feeling in her stomach that something is about to happen. Usually, if it's just about what's for dinner then her mom is less serious.

"Uh… kids, we have something very important to say to you." Her dad stumbles with his words. He looks pale.

Amy looks at them sadly. "It is about time to tell you the truth." She looks towards PJ. She immediately turns away from him. PJ just looks back and forth between his parents.

"What is it?" He asks.

Bob, his dad, takes a deep breath and tells them.

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