Hi Guys and Girls! Story number 2 is starting. This one is currently longer than my other story 'Our Little Arrangement' so it should keep you all going for a while. Unfortunately, as those who have read my other story will know, I have just moved to a smaller town. I have discovered we don't get mobile or wireless internet like I was using at my old place so I have to use the net at work to post this. This means, until my internet gets sorted, I can't promise regular updates but don't fear… I am still writing!

This story is inspired by a little girl in my class last year. Let me know what you think.

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Chapter 1.

As Rachel packed her suitcase, she couldn't help but think about the drastic turn her day had taken. When she had woken up early that morning, she had been full of energy and excited to go to school. She was planning on informing Mr Schue about some of the proposals she wanted to put in place for glee club.

But things started to go down hill when Mr Schue had someone talk to the class about their hopes, dreams and wishes for the future. Rachel listened as a number of the other girls mentioned they wanted to do things very similar to their mothers and she started to realise just how desperate she was to learn about or meet her mom.

Her dads were strict, very strict. They had hit her quite few times when things had not turned out right. They kept a very disciplined house where Rachel was expected to call her fathers sir and to spend her time doing chores and homework. Music became her lifeline, she would spend any free time she had practising or listening to music. But Rachel knew if she was going to have any chance of ever being able to find her mom, she would need to be brave and talk to them.

The outcome she got, was far from what she expected. She knew they would not be pleased but had hoped they would say no and that would be the end of the conversation. Instead they had yelled about how ungrateful she was being, considering how they had adopted her and looked after her for all these years, beat her and gave her an hour to pack her bags.

Tears ran down Rachel's face as she gathered her essential belongings into two suitcases and a backpack. She would have to go back for the rest later. How could they do this to her? It had taken her several trips to get her things downstairs and with out a second glance from her fathers, she walked out the front door.

She had been wandering around aimlessly for fifteen minutes or so, dragging her suitcases behind her, before she realised she had no idea where to go. Here body was starting to feel the effects of her fathers beating- she was sore. Rachel turned herself around and headed for the school. Maybe the cleaners would still be there and she could spend the night in the auditorium. She always did her best thinking there. Once again, luck was not on her side. The school doors were locked.

Rachel slid to the floor, lent against the wall and sobbed. She wiped her tears away with the back of her hand and winced at the bruise that was starting to form where she had been hit. She wasn't sure how long she sat there and cried but when Mr Schue had put his hand on her shoulder, she was gasping for breath.

"Rachel! Are you okay?" he asked, concern evident in his voice when he saw the black eye she was sporting and her bags. Rachel just leapt into his arms and cried even harder while he rubbed her back soothingly.

When the tears calmed, he asked her, "What happened Rachel?"

"My fathers kicked me out," she cried, "I don't know where to go."

"Oh Rachel, tell me the full story," he said softly. He was silently hoping that he wasn't going to have another teen pregnancy on his hands.

"I told them I wanted to find my birth mother," she explained between gasps, "needless to say the idea didn't go down too well… what am I going to do now Mr Schue? I don't have any friends I can stay with."

"Do you have any family?"

"My dad's families disowned them when they told them they were gay, If there is any, I've never met them," she said quietly, realising just how alone she was now, "even if I had, I'm not sure I would want to stay with them anyway."

"Well then, you can stay with me for now," Will pulled her up and held out his hand to pull her up. He helped her gather her bags into the back of his car.

They drove in silence, neither sure what to say to ease the situation. When they pulled up outside a house, Rachel moved to get her bags out of the car.

"Leave them, Ill get them later," the teacher said leading the tired girl into the house, "just come in and rest for a while." There would be time for a tour later. Rachel sat down on the couch and was asleep within minutes.

While the young girl was sleeping, Will used the opportunity to make a few phone calls.

"Emma, It's Will," he started, "I have a bit of a sensitive situation on my hands here that I think I'm going to need your help with. Can you come around?"

"Is everything alright?" she asked quickly.

"I'll explain it all when you get here… I need to call Principal Figgins as well." They hung up and Will called the principal next. Within twenty minutes Emma Pillsbury was knocking on his door. He led her into the lounge room and indicated to the sleeping girl on his couch. Her eyes widened when she recognised the teen.

"Her parents kicked her out because she asked about her birth mother. I found her crying outside the school," he explained quietly, "she hasn't said anything but I think they are responsible for the bruises she is covered with as well."

The guidance councillor put a hand to her mouth in shock. Before she could say anything, there was another knock at the door. Repeating the story, to his boss the small group moved into the dining room where they could talk without disturbing the girl.

The Principal made a few phone calls to see where they legally stood with handling this situation.

"We are going to have to formally report her to Social Services… She will be placed in temporary care as a ward of the state until they can make other arrangements," he explained when he hung up.

"No! We can't do that to the poor girl, she has been through enough!" Emma argued, "they will put her in a group home or she will be bounced between different foster families and she will get no help. I have seen it countless times before."

"She can stay with me," Will said quietly after a minutes silence, "I'm registered as a foster parent… Terri's sister asked us to when she had the triplets and I never cancelled it when we divorced. I know Rachel, and she won't cope with being moved around very well."

Principal Figgins took a moment to think about the proposal before speaking up, "Ill call Social Services and see if we can arrange this, I agree it would be the best scenario for Ms Berry."

"In the mean time Will," Emma said as she watched her Boss pace while he was on the phone, "have you got somewhere for her to stay? Ill make up the bed if you show me where everything is."

Will smiled over at the guidance councillor and showed her to the spare room, now known as Rachel's room, and got a fresh set of linen out of the cupboard. He carried Rachel's bags in from the car and helped Emma finish making the bed.

"Social Services are sending someone here tomorrow morning to finish the paperwork and talk to you both, but as long as it's alright with you William, Rachel will be staying here indefinitely," Principal Figgins said from the doorway.

Will let out a sigh of relief. At least they could make sure Rachel was being cared for.

"Ill make sure your classes are covered for the rest of the week so you can stay home with her."

He nodded and silently moved to living room. He gently picked up the sleeping girl, placed her down on the bed where Emma removed her shoes and pulled the covers up. Rachel stirred but didn't wake as he shut the door.

After saying goodbye to his guests. Will climbed into bed. He didn't sleep much that night as he thought about the events of the day. It was only going to get harder.

Have no fear… this will eventually be a Puckleberry story but there are some necessary events that need to take place first so stick with it.

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