Summary: Doug doesn't come to find Megan in the airport and she leaves.

Megan Meade's eyelids began to droop heavily over her dark blue eyes, exhaustion finally hitting her. She had spent the last thirteen hours nervously replaying the last few days in her head. Her last encounter with Finn; the tearful phone call to her parents; the decision to pack up and leave and watching her friend, her love and her first kiss fade into the distance. Had she done the right thing? Would things ever be the same again? She'd really messed up her life when she'd agreed to go and live with the McGowan family. In fact, Megan had known it, deep down, since the very first day, when she had practically melted at the sight of Evan's smile. She heaved a sigh of relief as she felt the plane begin to descend. She was going home, back to her parents and somehow the thought of this made her relax in a way she hadn't in months, since before the whole disaster had occurred. As the runway came into view and Megan prepared herself for landing, she made a promise to herself, a promise that was going to prove difficult to keep: Megan was going to forget about the McGowan boys, she was going to stop thinking about them and move on with her life.

Days went by, weeks turned into months and Megan's spirits lifted. In the back of her mind Finn was always present, reminding her not to have too much fun or fall in love with someone else. But this, Megan couldn't understand. She was so pissed at him! Still! Why couldn't she just get over him? He broke her heart and here she was pining over him!
One night, Megan sat at her dressing table, staring dreamily at her reflection, a speculative look on her face. If there was one way she was going to get over Finn, she knew what it was and tonight, she planned to put it into action. She was a whirl of colour as she whizzed around her bedroom, getting ready. Two hours later she was back, wearing a cute but short black dress that just barely came to her thighs. She had on matching black stilettos, her strawberry blonde hair hung in soft ringlets, framing her pale face and heavy eye make-up had been applied. An evil glint was in her eye as she appraised her work. Tonight was going to be fun.

Megan took a deep breath before she got out of the car. Her heart was thudding in her chest, painful against her ribs. This wasn't what Megan was normally like; this wasn't what she would've done a year ago. Back then she would've wallowed in her room, feeling sorry for herself. Now, she was going to act.
Megan felt eyes on her the moment her long, tanned leg emerged from the black sedan and her stiletto clad foot hit the pavement. Attention was all on her. Climbing out elegantly, with a small smile playing on her lips she could see the effect she was already having. The hoards of teenagers gathered on the front yard stood, stunned for a few moments, before turning quickly to the people around them. Whispers followed Megan up the garden path and into the house where music was blaring. Parties weren't normally Megan's thing but she was here for a purpose. She was here to get back at Finn.
As she stepped into the living room, where people had gathered to dance and some were already drunkenly making-out on couches, Megan assessed the crowd. She spotted some of her friends, other members on her soccer team, dancing together in the middle of the waves of bodies. They waved at her, gesturing for her to join them, but Megan just gave a small shake of her head, her locks bouncing against her shoulders. Her eyes roamed. Then landed. In the corner, talking to a bunch of his mates, Jake Stratford stood, a plastic cup of beer in his hand. Good, Megan thought, maybe he'll be drunk. Jake Stratford, like Megan, was white. Amongst the masses of South Korean's, they stood out like a solar eclipse. The fact that Jake was extremely good-looking was just an added bonus. Not that Megan was racist or anything, but she just couldn't imagine herself with an Asian guy, doing the things she was about to do. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly for just a second, willing herself on, then plastered a fake, sexy smile on her face and strode over.

Surprise flickered across Jake's face. "Hey Megan. What's up?" Oh god! Oh god! Megan panicked. How on earth was she going to do this? Trying not to let her panic or hesitation show, she glided up to his side, placing her hand on his chest and standing on tip-toes (even in her heels) so that her eyes were level with his, their noses just inches apart. Jake's eyes widened. "Come with me," she whispered grabbing his hand and tugging him down the hall. When they were safely inside a deserted bedroom, Megan took a moment to gather herself, waiting for the click of the door closing. When it finally came it was quickly followed by the feel of strong arms being wrapped around her waist from behind. He's quick, Megan thought before turning around and sliding her delicate arms up his perfectly toned chest and looping them around his neck. There was still a bit of confusion in his emerald green eyes but they now sparkled with desire too. Slowly, Megan raised herself onto her toes and brought her lips to his. There was nothing. No spark, nothing. Damn! She thought. Jake didn't seem to notice though. He had cupped his hand, around the back of Megan's neck, deepening the kiss. Well, it's not too bad, Megan thought. I could definitely done worse. And that she could.
As they backed up, towards the bed, Jake pulled his top off, exposing the tanned six-pack underneath. Megan threw herself into it with a bit more enthusiasm. In a matter of minutes her dress had joined Jake's clothes on the floor and they were furiously making out on the bed. When Jake tried to get at the clasp of her bra, Megan only hesitated for a second, not even thinking of what she was doing, before helping him. That too was thrown across the room, landing softly on the grey carpet. Jake's mouth left Megan's and proceed to moved down her neck and to her breasts. Megan's eyes closed, enjoying the feeling. It was only when she felt him slip a finger into her underpants that her head snapped up and she pulled away. 'Oh My God! What am I doing?" Stumbling, she hurried across the room, collecting her clothes as she went, a horrified expression on her face. Jake hadn't moved. "Babe, what's wrong?" his voice was rough and husky. Previously, Megan would've found this irresistible but things had changed. It was Finn now. It had always been Finn. Without speaking another word to the half naked boy on the bed, Megan pulled the dress down roughly and stormed out of the room, down the hall and out into the open, clean night air. Her shoes swinging in her hand, she raced across the damp grass and jumped into her car, speeding away down the street. She was breathing heavily; her hands were shaking on the wheel. "What have I done?" she whispered aloud, appalled at herself. Jake was the most popular guy in school, there was be rumours flying around about her before the night was up.

Walking into school on Monday morning Megan kept her head down. She had worn her least flattering clothes, resorting back to her baggy jeans and t-shirts that she had worn at the McGowan's. She received a few odd looks every now and then as she hurried through the corridors but nothing that made her stomach twist as she had expected. Megan made it all the way to her locker, had opened it and was reaching for her books before anything really unusual happened.
Jake appeared beside her; leaning against the next locker, his arms crossed across his chest making his muscles bulge. Megan just glanced at him. He didn't say anything as she stacked the multi-coloured folders and in her arms. It was only when she had slammed the locker door shut that he spoke. "You want to talk?" His eyebrows were arched high. Megan grimaced. "Not really." Jake looked disbelievingly at her. "I suppose I do owe you an explanation though."
"You think?"
Megan sighed. "Okay. I'll talk to you at lunch."

Megan dragged her feet when the lunch bell rang, dreading what was ahead of her and deeply regretting her promise. Jake was waiting for her at the entrance to the cafeteria. Megan's appetite left her at the sight of him. His eyebrows rose when he saw her and she grimaced. "Quick," she thought, "Just get it over and done with quick."
"Hey." When Jake looked down Megan realised how close she was to him and stepped back.
"Look Megan; you're cute and all, hot even but what you did last just doesn't make any sense. It's not you."
"Yeah. I know. I was just a bit um, out of control? Sorry it had to be you."
"I'm not! Megan, I know that wasn't you last night, but did you see me trying to stop it? I wasn't going to hold back. Like I said; you're hot. I just want to know what made you do it."
"Nothing," Megan shook her head slowly, back and forth. "I'm just over guys, all guys. And I wanted to get back at one."
"Well, I'd be happy to help you with that. You know, pick up where we left off last night?" He moved closer to her, backing her up against the wall. Megan just glared at him. "No! Sorry to disappoint you Jake, but like you said, I'm not that girl. Thanks for the chat." With that she ducked under his arm and raced down the hall, her heart thudding in her chest. She had to get home.