Megan hurried downstairs before anybody could beat her to the door, although Evan was close on her heels. She flung it open, finding herself just centimetres from Jake who had stepped closer as the door was thrown open. For a moment she was completely dazzled.

Jake was wearing dark wash jeans and a black tee-shirt. Put together with his already extremely dark features and hair, he looked a bit like an emo, but in an eat-your-heart out kind of way. He looked amazing. As Megan stared, a frown appeared on Jake's face and he looked at her, confused. Snapping back into reality, Megan flashed him a smile before stepping into him, drawing herself up onto her tip-toes and bringing her lips to his. He responded immediately, cupping the back of her neck and pulling her closer. After a few moments, Evan coughed not so subtly and Jake pulled away, taking Megan's hand instead. "Oh, sorry mate didn't see ya there. I'm Jake." He offered his free hand, the one that was not clasped tightly on to Megan's, and Evan shook it. Megan watched as they tried to crush each other's fingers, taking a sec to look down the hall behind Evan, trying to see if Finn had just seen her make out with somebody else; but the coast was clear, he was nowhere in sight. She saw Evan grimace in pain. Yes, she had definitely chosen the right guy.

Dinner was bloody awkward. There was no other way to put it. As soon as they had sat down, Jake had slid his chair right up against Megan's and had spent the whole meal with his hand resting on her thigh. He didn't do anything else though, and for that Megan was grateful.

Once outside and away from the intense gazes of others though, Jake saw no problem in pushing Megan up against the side of the house and smashing his lips against hers. Megan let him. "Who cares?" she thought, feeling his hands reach up under her shirt and press against her bare back. He ran his tongue along her bottom lip and, guessing what he wanted, Megan parted them. They were really getting into it when Megan heard her name being called and she pulled away. "Did you hear that?" she asked, slightly breathless. Jake, who had immediately moved his mouth to Megan's neck, mumbled something unintelligible. Suddenly, Evan's face appeared by the corner of the house. He leaned casually against the brick wall, a smirk spread across his features. A blush flushed across Megan's face as she tried to step out of Jake's embrace. She saw the evil glint in Evan's eyes and suddenly, the sloppy feel of Jake's mouth on her neck made her snap. "Stop it!" She slithered out from Jake's arms. "I can't do this. Sorry Jake." His expression was disbelieving.
She exploded. "Yes, again! Believe it or not Jake you're not as irresistible as you think. I'm done trying to put up with you just so I can make myself feel better! Leave me alone! And you," she rounded on Evan. "Stop standing there with a smug smile on your face like you've won. You haven't! You're an arsehole and if you think for one moment that I'm going to come crawling to you just because no one else wants me, you've got another thing coming!" Just like that, Megan didn't want revenge anymore. She just wanted her life to go back to the way it used to be, before Korea, before the McGowan's; back to when her life was simple.
Megan tried to make a run for it but as she reached the foot of the stairs she felt a strong hand grab hers, pulling her to an abrupt stop. Tears were streaming down her face, making her eyes red and puffy, her skin tingling. On turning she was appalled to find Finn's face just centimetres from her own. Megan knew her face was a mess. She tried to step back but Finn just tightened his hold and stepped with her. There was concern in his bright blue eyes as they stared intensely into her chocolate brown ones. With his free hand, Finn hesitantly reached up and ran his fingers gently down Megan's soft skin. Megan suppressed a shiver.
"What's wrong?" Finn's voice was soft and husky.
She hung her head in embarrassment and didn't answer.
"Megan?" Finn's finger slid under her chin, coaxing her head up. Her heart stopped beating and a cold sweat broke out over her body; Megan panicked and broke down. "Stop it Finn. Stop pretending like you care!" For a second she thought she saw hurt in Finn's eyes but a moment later his jaw had tightened and he spoke to her through clenched teeth.
"What makes you think I don't care?"
"Oh please!" Megan scoffed. "You told me to leave. It's pretty obvious!" Finn was silent and then, with a glance back towards the garden, he pulled her down the hall a bit.

"Megan, I meant to get out of my room; not the country." She rolled her eyes, refusing to believe that Finn, gorgeous, talented and popular Finn, could actually like her, could actually have meant everything he had said and did back in America.
Casually, but with a certain intensity in his eyes, Finn leant back against the wall and looped his arms around Megan's waist, bending his head down so that their foreheads touched. "I'm sorry. Please forgive me?" his breath blew across her face, making her head spin. When she didn't reply, Finn pulled back slightly, his brow furrowed. Megan didn't know what to say. She didn't know whether to forgive him or not. He hadn't exactly been the world's nicest guy before she had left. Looking up at him though, Megan felt an urgency she had never experienced before; the desperate need to kiss him. So she did and she felt her body relax as soon as their lips met. Megan knew it was wrong, he had been a jerk, but it felt so right to be standing there in his arms that, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't pull away.