A Jack & Allison Story (Allison's POV)


Much like our first night together, Jack took his sweet time following me into the bedroom. I made sure he had an ample show to enjoy along the way.

The master bedroom is one of my favorite things about this house. I could have bought more reasonable when I'd moved here, but being on the Department of Defense payroll as an agent investigator and pretty much second string to the Director of Global Dynamics had its perks.

Pretty much most of the upstairs was taken up with the master. It had a full size walk-in closet, not quite as big as you'd see on some TV shows, this wasn't a New York loft, mind. The attached bathroom had a fully outfitted jacuzzi tub with a multi-headed shower archway. It was the bathroom at Jack's that showed the place had been designed by a guy, and a nerd at that. Oh, it was nice, for what it was, and I didn't have voice activated anything, but nothing beat the therapeutic power of that tub and shower. Or the occasional entertainment value, as he'd demonstrated a few nights ago.

I had to revise that thought a little when Jack caught up to me, though. He pulled up close behind me and trailed a line of kisses down my neck, then returned nuzzling my ear while his strong hands worked their magic.

He has really talented hands, by the way. Strong and agile, and like when he kisses there's no hesitation. It's not forceful, per se, but he communicates very aptly what he wants and how he wants it, and sometimes it's just fine to let someone else lead.

I felt him grin as he said into my hair, "Can I have this dance?"

I didn't jump, but I was certainly surprised when the music came on! I was confused for a second, but as he started to move I went with it. I turned around to face him and he took my hand in one of his, resting his other on my hip, and led into a slow dance as the music filled the room, low and insistent.

"And I didn't even have to ask to lead this time." he chuckled softly. We danced slowly around the room, while I gazed up into his vibrant eyes. They were full of self-satisfaction and he had a please little grin on his face.

"What did you do?" I asked.

"Oh, I had some help. You can take it out if you want, it's a limited AI thingy."

I had a moment's apprehension, there had been a number of incidents with his self-aware residence… some of them quite scary. "It's safe? And I mean really safe, not Fargo-safe?"

He nodded. "Yep, but we can worry about that later."

His look lost the mischievousness. It was somewhat difficult to read, but I gathered he was pensive. The intensity of his gaze made me blush, and I ducked my head.

"Remember our very first dance?" he asked. It would be hard to forget that. In the middle of a crisis situation with clones of Nathan Stark ready to embark on a quest of world domination, he asks me to dance. It was a ploy, of course, to get Nathan's jealousy to override his ego. I nodded.

"Well," he said, "I think it bears repeating. When was the last time I told you how amazing you are?"

I laughed low and kissed his collarbone. "Not today," I said.

"You are. You're strong, independent, and smarter than ten women put together," he said, repeating those words from three years ago.

"Go on," I murmured, continuing a line of kisses across his strong chest.

"And I think another ten times beautiful." He cupped the side of my face with one hand, his other sliding down below my waist. I may or may not have growled a little at him.

"For God and Country," he murmured, and kissed me on the lips. Oh Jesus, God it was a good kiss! I got drawn into that for a good long while. When I came up for air he had that self-satisfied grin on his face again.

He pulled back a bit and started to take off his undershirt. A small grin played across my face as I decided to repay a previous favor then. Just as he got the shirt half-way up, I stepped in and reached behind his back, grabbing it and yanking it down, using it to bind his arms a little. He looked at me, a little bit startled. I hadn't quite got it before the shirt was off his head, but it didn't matter. I bent my head down and kissed a line across his chest, ending at one of his nipples, which I gently bit and teased a little.

He groaned at the sensations, pressing against me so that I could feel his urgency. "Now, now, Sheriff Carter," I gently admonished him, interspersing kisses with my words as I continued. "It wouldn't… do… for you… to try… and escape… lawful custody… now, would… it?"

"Oh?" he chuckled, low and resonant. "Am I under arrest?"

"Well," I replied, tugging a little harder on the shirt and twisting it, "I do have you, don't I?"

"Mm. I guess so," he teased. I knew he could escape from the hold easy enough. If he wanted to. I reached down with my right hand, holding onto the shirt with my left. I unfastened his belt buckle and let the uniform trousers drop.

"At least they're not Mickey Mouse boxers anymore," I said, nuzzling his neck. "Sit," I said, grinning as I let go of the undershirt and pushed him toward the bed. He did so.

I decided to vamp it up a bit and slowly did a runway walk toward him, warmed by the obvious fires of desire in his eyes. They fairly smoldered like vibrant blue gems! I undid the ties holding my dress closed and stopped a few feet in front of him, slowly slipping it open, putting on a show.

He grinned and started to lean forward, but I demurred. He relaxed back as I showed off for him, enjoying the heat of his gaze. While I hadn't been expecting tonight, exactly, our more frequent encounters had left me more willing to wear more pleasing undergarments for him. Tonight was one such night.

I let him enjoy the view for a while and slowly removed the bra and panties, but I left the garter and stockings in place. I love the ones with ties on the side.

"Jesus, Allie," he said, low and hot. "You are so beautiful it hurts!"

I smiled a predatory smile back his direction and slowly moved in. When I stood at his feet I knelt down, and (with a little help) removed his trunks.

I'm not exactly a young woman anymore, but all that means is I'm not a girl either. After many years of experience I know how to please my man. I set to it with a will and an effort, and decided to show him just how good I was at this.

I treated him to this for some time, and his stamina and resolve were impressive, but I refused to let up until I'd brought him to climax. By the time I was finished he was lying back on the bed, no witty replies this time!

I let him recover for a few minutes, idly toying with him, until he began showing signs of revival. He sat back up and leaned forward, capturing my head in his hands and kissing me. This time it was urgent, aggressive. He broke off a short while later, saying "You're amazing!"

"I know" I smirked.

His response was a simple needful groan. He started to pull me up, but I stood under my own power and straddled him there, taking his renewed vigor in me with one smooth stroke, and lost myself for a while.

He embraced me, lavishing attention on my breasts. If I haven't mentioned the talent of his tongue before, now is the time. Wow.

We began moving slowly, together. He shifted attention and captured my mouth again in a kiss while I concentrated on the pleasures he was bringing out of me.

He moved, pushing us farther onto the mattress, but letting me maintain my position. I ground against him as he lay back, twisting just so every now and then, and using all my learned experience to wring as much from him as I could.

We were like that for a long while, changing positions time and again. His stamina was never something he should have been ashamed of normally. Having drawn the early excitement from him at the start, he was able to last much longer than normal this time. I have no idea when the first orgasm took me, but after that he took control.

Sometime later, I couldn't be bothered to keep track of time in the lease, I became aware that we were spooning, lying on our sides as he moved within me, his talented hands drawing every gasp they could from me, his breath hot and needful in my ear.

He timed his final arrival of the evening with mine, when he let go it sent me over the edge, and I lost myself once more. We fell asleep that way, lying close in the afterglow.

Just before nodding off I twisted in his arms and kissed him one last time, murmuring, "I love you, Jack."

"Mm. Love you too, Allie. Always."

I planned on holding him to it.

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