Title: The Game.
Author: Heiwajima Shizuo.
Rating: M.
Warning: Language, innuendos, and sexual themes~
Summary: Hey Shizu-chan, let's play a game. I'll touch you—don't worry! I won't hurt you. Trust me, you'll feel amazing. Anyways, if my touches do nothing to you, I promise to leave Japan. But, if they do, you, Shizu-chan, will be mine. Deal?


With a little black bag filled with various so-called 'goodies,' he stepped out of the main floor his loft back in Shinjuku into the busy Tokyo street. As cool air hit his pale features, Izaya skipped down the streets of Ikebukuro humming to himself.

It was late. Street lights created suspicious looking shadows and made the already dark figure blend in with said shadows, making him feel as though he truly was a God; walking with his beloved humans, undetected each time he walked into the shadow of a tall skyscraper. But even so, the raven haired recieved strange looks when he was not hidden. A few people whispered here and there while other's made their way around Izaya, averting their eyes awkwardly.

But Izaya didn't care.

He didn't care at all.

So what if strangers found it strange seeing a grown man like himself skipping down the street, smiling as he hummed quietly to himself?

They were strangers and he did not know them. And even if he did, he wouldn't have cared. It wasn't anyone's business but his, anyway. Besides, he was far too excited for what he had in store for a certain protozoan that it was all he was able to think about. He was in a happy mood which, coincidentally, boosted his already booming energy greatly. If the somewhat borderline eerie smile wasn't any indication of this, then he didn't know what was.

As crimson eyes scanned around mirthfully, Izaya sped up his pace; almost running.

He was so excited!

He already experienced being top to such a dominate, intimidating male. And like a child who was given only one piece of candy, once wasn't enough.

Izaya wanted more.

He wanted more of Shizuo.

Sex with the blonde was surprisingly wonderful, really. It was exhilarating and he already felt adrenaline rush through his veins.

The foriegn expressions on his face when Izaya first thrusted against Shizuo's prostate and the deep blush that tainted his features were absolutely captivating. The way he looked up with pleading, half-lidded amber eyes and disheveled blonde hair. How the water from the shower made his muscular upper body gleam. Shizuo's tight entrance was simply entoxicating, combined with his voice crying in ecstacy as his prostate was assaulted repeatedly, was amazing and the thought sent a wave of pleasure through Izaya in the form of a not so subtle shudder that ran down his spine.

Reaching with his free hand to grab the pole next to him he swung himself, effectively turning the corner. As passersby gave the informant strange looks, Izaya continued skipping happily to himself as he hummed sweetly.

It was going to be a good night.

He could feel it.

Calloused fingers tangled themselves in sweaty blonde hair, and Shizuo sighed exhaustedly.

He had a rough day. After his very, very unwanted and heated encounter with the flea, he went to off find Tom as he cursed the damned informant. Soon, he found Tom and the both of them greeted each other, both waving at one another. When they got closer, Tom noticed the light color of fuchsia that tinted his worker's cheeks. The older male asked why Shizuo looked so flustered, only to have the blonde dismiss it hastily.

It was terribly apparent that he was hiding something, and even Shizuo knew how obvious he was being. But after a few, awkward moments, Tom shrugged it off and the two went off to find the man who owed them money, leaving Shizuo to sigh in relief.

Minutes speedily shifted into hours and before they knew it, it was already a few minutes to midnight and they were left searching a shady area of Ikebukuro. It seemed useless to keep searching at such a late hour and the duo decided to give up and continue in the morning. Yawning, the blonde followed Tom into an alley. It led to another alley that brought the too a few blocks from Shizuo's apartment. It was a short the blonde used often.

Unfortunately, this ended badly as they were soon surrounded.

According to Tom, the man they were looking for was the leader of a notorious organization called the Awakusu-Kai with numerous bodyguards and goons that did his bidding for him.

Or something.

Shizuo wasn't really paying attention when he was given this information earlier that week. He just listened to the first few sentences then spaced out as he smoked, really.

Standing in the dark alley, sunglass-hidden eyes glared lasers at the vicious looking men. The men were dressed in suits and all held bats, crowbars, chains, and menacing looks. None, though, were as menacing as the one that made it's way blonde debt collector's features.

When Tom caught sight of this, he sighed and took out his phone to begin texting, telling Shinra Shizuo would be dropping by to have the latter's injuries taken care of later. He knew what was going to happen, so he decided to use texting as an excuse to avoid watching his worker close-to-kill other people. Even he got scared, sometimes.

His indifference towards the situation angered one of the strange men and he charged at the duo, creating a domino effect as the rest of them followed suit.

Needless to say the fight that broke out was one of the most violent in Ikebukuro.

"Idiots… Thinking they really had a chance against me." He mumbled quietly to himself as he thought back. "Either that or they've never heard the name 'Heiwajima Shizuo.'"

Shoving his hand into the pocket of his dark pants, he pulled out the key to his cozy apartment. The metal felt cool in his sweaty palm as he was still a little heated from his brawling not too long ago.

With a long, tired yawn, he unlocked the door and walked in, closing it behind him with a small kick of his foot. Quickly taking off his shoes, he reached into his pocket once more in search of his pack of cigarettes and lighter. He suddenly had the urge for a relaxing smoke, and it was much too hard and appealing to resist. But, when he did not find them, he realized he must have dropped them earlier.

"Shit… stores are closing now so I can't go to buy another pack right now…" He sighed. He'd just have to wait for tomorrow.

Shizuo wasn't a chain smoker so he knew he could handle it. But a good smoke did sound rather nice at the moment and the sudden craving for one made him groan frustratedly.

He sighed once more and sluggishly made his way to his kitchen, not even bothering to turn on the lights. He was too tired. The lights would only give him a headache and make his eyes burn from behind his signature sunglasses. When he remembered he was suppose to visit Shinra, he groaned. Oops.

"Guess I'll have to go see him tomorrow."

Finally making his way into his little kitchen, he opened the fridge. He closed his eyes, yawning silently, and reached for the full carton of milk he bought the other day. He was feeling lazy, not wanting to find himself a glass, and opened the carton of milk then placed the opening to his parted lips when—


Suddenly, the lights in his apartment came on, revealing a smirking Izaya. It caught the debt collector off guard and he fumbled with the blue carton of milk, spilling a small amount on the corner of his mouth as he gaped.

What just happened?

Was that Izaya?

Why was he there?

How did he get in?

But, what Shizuo could not wrap his head around was—

"What in the world are you wearing?"

In pink lingerie, with panties that barely covered up Izaya's… parts, the informant placed a fragile hand on his slender hip. Along with the revealing undergarments, he wore matching pink heels and white bunny ears. "Like what you see, Shizu-chan?" Izaya purred.

He winked and placed a foot in front of the other as he bent over, posing teasingly for Shizuo. Blood immediately rushed to the blonde's cheeks, leaving a dark shade of red that stained the blonde's face noticeably. This made Izaya's faint smirk deepen and he straightened himself, holding in a light snicker. For a protozoan, Shizuo's reactions were rather adorable.

Especially when he got all flustered like that.

'Cute as always, I see.' Izaya mused internally. 'Too bad you still disgust me.'

His heels making 'clack' sounds with each step he took as he sauntered his way towards Shizuo, his hips swaying from side to side teasingly, Izaya noticed the way the other's eyes would drift back and forth from ogling his body like a hormonal teenager and looking away timidly. Izaya stared in amusement once his reddish-brown eyes caught sight of the bulge in Shizuo's dark pants. In fact, it made him walk all the more faster before he stopping in front of the blonde.

Placing his hands on Shizuo's broad chest, Izaya leaned in for a kiss. But instead, he licked the milk that spilled on the corner of Shizuo's mouth and smirked.

"I guess that's a yes~" Izaya wrapped a smooth leg around the debt collector's waist, playfully grinding against Shizuo's hardening member through the fabric his pants. Shizuo bit his lip and groaned.

"You should put that down, you know~" The informant reached for the milk and placed it on the cool surface of Shizuo's counter. "You wouldn't want to spill it."

"The fuck are you doing here and why are you wearing that?" The blonde blushed when the only response was loud, mocking laughter.

"I'm here because I wanted to show you my new outfit. As for why I'm wearing it, the answer is simple. I wore it for you~" He wrapped his arms around Shizuo's neck and pouted. "Don't you like it? I picked it just for Shizu-chan~"

"What are you—"

Izaya silenced him with a kiss. Sliding his tongue past Shizuo's moist lips, he explored the other's mouth greedily. His tongue moved gracefully along Shizuo's and the raven moaned in satisfaction. Pale arms pulled down on the blonde's neck, forcing him to move downward, which in turn, deepened the already heated kiss. Nipping and licking at th blonde's lips and tongue, Izaya rolled his hips against the debt collector's crotch.

When the raven was ready to pull away, Shizuo brought his hands to grip Izaya's pale hips, pulling him closer.

Izaya smirked.

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Title: Ring Ding Dong.
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