Greetings fans! It has been quite a while! I apologize for the huge delay in this story but I had reached a writer's block when I got to the part where the girls were supposed to go to the castle. So I have an announcement to make! I spent the unintended hiatus on this story developing my writing abilities, and after re-reading my story I feel like I was just rushing over details and overall producing mediocre content. So after long consideration I will be making a change to the story. First I will make small changes to the first 3 chapters. Then, I will be deleting every chapter after Broken Trust, re-naming Broken Trust and those chapters, and re-writing from there. I will then proceed to create a story that I have, in my mind, been able to develop a slightly more in-depth plot. Do not fear! I plan to finish this story! I just honestly feel like I will not be able to really go anywhere with the plot line I have now. I will leave this announcement up for a little while while I write the new chapters, then when my dedicated followers have had the chance to read it, I will proceed with the change. I hope you all will love the newer plot as much as you seem to love the old one! Thank you all for being so kind and sticking with this story! See you soon :)