Hello, hello! This is a story that I thought up while listening through the soundtrack of, what else, Suessical the Musical and thought if it's going to be in there, why pass up a chance at something interesting? So, I opened up Microsoft Word and typed my little heart out. A good life lesson for ya, typing out all the words of Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!, is much easier said then done. Boy, did I have the time of my life writing this. Well, that's all I have to say.


Diclaimer: I DO NOT own Suessical the Musical or any of its songs, title, character's, logo's, etc... I DO NOT plan to make a profit of this story It is only in exsistance for peoples enjoyment. Although, I do own Alice.

Alice's Unfortunate Adventures of Suessical the Musical

Chapter one: Oh, the Thinks you can Think!

"There's got to be something interesting to do!" Alice shrieked as she kicked an article of clothing on the floor.

"Grr…if I'm not doing something in the next few minutes…I shall scream!" she huffed, kicking random articles of her room around, when her toe landed on something rather…hard.

"YEOUCH!" she shrieked as she held her toe up, but to her misfortune, she wasn't good at standing on one foot, seeing as she fell over practically the second she brought her foot up.

"WAHH!" she cried as she fell over and did a few barrel-rolls before coming to a stop upside-down on her wall. "Oww…hey, what's this?" she said as she saw something green come into view, it was a book. She flipped it upside-down, as she was too lazy to turn the right way up, and read the title.

"The...cat…in…the…hat…by…Dr. Suess…hey! I remember these books! They were so annoying," she sighed, and was about to throw the book aside when she saw the cat on the cover's mouth start to move and an annoying little voice came out of it.

"After all of those years being stuck on a page…" the cat started.

Alice looked in shock. "What the heck…"

"Did you ever imagine…you'd see me onstage?" it asked.

"Well, personally-"

"Now I'm here! There's no telling what may ensue! No, there's no telling what…but I'll give you a clue…" it said, then did something totally unexpected, its inanimate hand reached out and pulled her into the book.

"What the-!" she screamed as she was pulled into the pages of the rather annoying, child's book.

Everything was dark as she looked around, and then heard the voice of the cat all around her. What's worse, he was singing…

"Oh, the thinks you can think, oh the thinks you can think! If you're willing to try…" he sang.

Just then, she noticed there was music. "Um…where did that music come from?" but no one answered, they just kept singing.

"Think invisible ink, or a gink with a stink, or a stair to the sky!" he exclaimed.

"That's nice, but if you would-" Alice said, but was rudely interrupted by the cat again.

"If you open your mind, oh the thinks you will find, lining up to get loose!" he sang with a catchy melody ringing behind him.

"Okay, but what I need is-"

"Oh, the thinks you can think…when you think about Suess!" the cat sang, and then the music grew louder, and before Alice could blink, there were more characters coming down from the ceilings and through the floors.

"Holy!" she shrieked as she ran out of their way, but then, the music grew louder and as the new characters walked in…they began to sing.

"Suess! Sa-do-da-da-do-do-do-da-da-da-Suess. Suess! Sa-do-da-da-do-do-do-da-da-da-Suess. Suess! Sa-do-da-da-do-do-do-da-da-da-Suess. Sa-do-da-da-do-do-da-da-da-Suess. Suess, suess, suess, suess. Suu-uess!" they sang as they walked in. Alice thought they all looked like lunatics, but they kept on singing, she didn't even feel the need to say anything. Just let them sing, and then they would stop.

"Oh, the thinks you can think! Any thinker who thinks, can come up with a few…"

"Oh the thinks you can think!" a select few characters sang.

"Think a trip on ship, to the viper of vip, or to Solla Sollew-ew-ew!" they all chanted together.

"How do they know all these words?" Alice cried, flinging her hands up to her head. "Did they even rehearse?"

"Think of beautiful schlop!"

"With a cherry on top!" the cat shouted over the crowd.

"You don't need an excu-u-use! Oh the thinks you can think, when you think about Suess, suess, suess, suess! Suuuu-u-u-ooooo! Suess!" then, they all stopped.

"Phew, it's over-" but it looked like she spoke too soon.

"Think of an elephant, up in a tree!" an individual sang, followed by a loud trumpet.

"Whoa! Where did that come from?" Alice exclaimed, jumping up at least six feet in the air.

"Think of a person too tiny to see!" two people sang.

"Think of a bird with a one-feather tail…" a rather squeaky voice sang

"Going on adventure down a dangerous trail! Augh!" the whole cast sang.

"Think of a bird who flies of on a spree!" a voice sang blissfully.

"Think of a Kangaroo, sour as can be-ee!" came a voice that sounded...sour.

"Think of a general, crazy for war!" that sounded like a person just asking for a beating.

"Think of a cat, who pops up, at your door!"

Suddenly, a climb in the music happened, bringing it to an unbearably high level. Good thing Alice had her ears covered.

"How ya doing, hello! I'll be running the show. I'm your host, NNC."

"He's your host NNC," the cast echoed.

"I'll pop up here and there," the cat started.

"And you'll never know where, who or what he might be. You'll see!"

"Take a tip from the cat, and hole onto your hat!" the cat said, undoubtedly talking about his hat in particular.

"Coz this ain't Mother Goo-oo-oose!" the cast chimed in.

"Think right over the brink!" the cat exclaimed.

"When you think about Suess! Sa-do-da-da-do-do-do-da-da-da-Suess! Sa-do-da-da-do-do-do!" the entire cast hummed.

"An unusual story will soon be unfurled, of an Elephant trying to save a small word. And a boy from that world, who has troubles galore," the cat narrated.

"Just think! From the planet of Who," the cast chimed.

"And the smallest of small," a child's voice sang.

"To the Jungle of Nool," the cast hummed.

"And the largest of all," another voice explained.

"You think and think, and think and think, and think and think, and think, JUST THINK!" they shouted.

"Oh the thinks you can think, think and wonder and dream…far and wide as you dare!" the cast told whoever was listening, which just happened to be Alice.

"Oh the thinks you can think!" the cat finished.

"When your thinks have run dry, in the blink of an eye, there's another world there-er-ere! If you open your mind, of the thinks you will find, lining up to get loo-oo-oose! Oh the thinks you can think!" the cast chanted.

"Oh the thinks you can think," two deep voices said.

"Oh the thinks you can think!" the cast shouted.

"Oh the thinks you can think!" another two voices chanted.

"Oh the thinks you can think, when you think about Suuu-uues! When you think about Suuuu-uues! When you think about Suess! Suess, suess, suess, suess, suess, suess, SUESS!"

Thankfully the song finished and Alice finally found the courage to lift her hands off her ears, and when she did, she saw the cat waiting for her.

"Hey you! I want answers! What's going on here?"

"Well, my dear, you're in the wonderful world of Suessical!" the cat exclaimed jovially.

"Suessical?" Alice asked weakly.

"Suessical. Now, you see all those characters down there?" he asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"That elephant down by the pool is Horton, the hero of this story. Those two on that clover, are the Mayor, and Mrs. Mayor. That general over there right by the Mayors is General Gangas Gan Schmitz. And the boy in the middle is the Mayors son, Jojo. Back to the jungle, that Kangaroo by Horton, is the Sour Kangaroo, those monkeys right beside her are the Wickersham Brothers. Those three birds are the Bird Girls. That really flashy bird is Mayzie La Birrd. And the one with only one feather in her tail is Gertrude McFuzz," the cat laughed.

"Okay…" she told him.

"Now, come on! The show must go on!"

"Show, what show?" Alice asked.

"Suessical, of course now, off we go!' the cat said pressing a random button that popped out of nowhere, and they both dropped down into the now-visible abyss.

"Wait! AUGHH!" she screamed as she was plunged into the most annoying, song filled adventure of a life time.

End of chapter one

Chapter one is over! Alice is now in the universe of Suessical. Next up, Horton hears a Who! Boy, is this gonna be fun. Please review!