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Chapter five: A Day for the Cat in the Hat

"I bet you're a horrible singer," Alice accused.

"I wouldn't be sure of that, little lady," the cat smiled, and walked over to the boy on the chair.


"What?" the cat asked, shrugging his shoulders.

"Who's that again?" Alice pointed to the boy on the chair who was completely oblivious that this conversation was even happening.

"Jojo, the Mayors son," the cat explained.

"Oh, do continue," Alice instructed.

"Whatever you say…" the cat warned and then went on with his singing rampage.

"You're sad!" The boy was now pretty sure of the cat being there as he jumped almost to the ceiling when he first heard the cat.

"Oh dear! Well, luckily for you…the cat is here," the Cat winked and bubbly music started to play.

"Think of a day that is rainy and gray and as dull as they come!" the cat sang.

The boy was still looking anxiously as the Cat started singing.

"And there is nobody there and you're kicking a chair and it's all so ho-hum!" the cat exclaimed.

"Nothing to do, and nobody but you on a day that is flatter than flat! Well, that is a day for the Cat in…the hat!" the cat sang.

"Think of a house that is small as a mouse and as neat as a pin!" Jojo was starting to get a little more comfortable as he watched the Cat dance around while Alice thought he was just making a fool of himself.

"Oh, it's so tidy and clean, if you know what I mean, and your folks…are…not in! No one but you, since a quarter to two and you've, sat and you've sat and you've sat! Oh, that is the time for the cat in…the hat!" the Cat winked.

"No, I don't particularly-" she started, but once again, the cat cut her off.

"The cat in the hat in the hat in the hat in the hat!" the cat sang as more little voices came out of the shadows.

"The cat and the cat," a few sang.

"And the cat," some more hummed.

"And the cat in the hat!" they all chanted merrily.

"Is it just me, or are they even more annoying than the Cat?" Alice asked rhetorically.

"Think of a day that is rainy and gray and I'll show you some tricks!" the Cat and his helpers sang to Jojo.

"'Cause there is no one but you, and your folks aren't due till a quarter past six!" they all hummed.

"Bounce on the brink of whatever ya think and oh, what could be better than that? And that is the fun of the cat in the hat!" they all laughed.

Then, a large break came in the middle of the song as the helpers were swinging all over the house, making a terrific mess of the house.

"Are you sure you should be doing this?" Alice shouted over all the noise.

"If I wasn't sure, what else would I be doing?" the Cat answered simply. "Here it comes again!"

"Oh no," Alice sighed.

"You've got a mind that is one of a kind so why," they all started.

"Hide it away!" the cat finished by him self.

"It's time to, open the locks and think outta the box and today, is your, day! Bounce on the brink of whatever you think and oh, what could be better than that? And that is the fun of the cat…in the hat!" Suddenly, fire engines began to ring and Jojo started running around to clean everything up but the door started to creak open and just before the people opening the door could be seen, the cat shouted.

"The cat in the hat!" he yelled, and the song finally ended and not soon enough.

As the door swung open, Jojo grew a horrified look on his face as his parents opened the door.

Surprisingly, all they said was: "Now take your bath and go to bed," the Mayor ordered.

"And think some normal thinks instead," Mrs. Mayor told her son gently and they both walked out the door, leaving Jojo in the dark empty room.

"Look what you did!" Alice shouted.

"What?" the Cat whined. "All I did was help him have a little fun."


"Oh look, here comes another song!"

"Don't tell me you're singing it," Alice sighed.

"Nope, this one's got Jojo's name written all over it," the Cat laughed.

End of Chapter Five

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