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Chapter 1

Sixteen year old Tokine Yukimura and fourteen year old Yoshimori Sumimura are typical students by day, at Karasumori Academy. But at night, they are the Kekkaishi, defenders of the Karasumori site where their school stands from ayakashi who go to Karasumori to seek power.

"Late, as usual," Tokine said loftily from her perch on top of a tree branch without even having to turn around, having sensed Yoshi approach. Looking behind her she added, "And why are you always drinking those coffee drinks, they're just going to make you sick."

"Oh shut up already," an annoyed tone in Yoshimori's voice.

"I'm just saying. Besides what good do those coffee drinks do you? The caffeine may keep you awake but it's not like they do you any good. After all, what good are they if they can't even improve your accuracy," Tokine said with a smirk.

Yoshi was about to give a scathing retort at Tokine's coffee milk bashing when both he and Tokine sensed the ayakashi approaching, "They're here!" Yoshimori shouted as both he and Tokine extended the index and middle fingers on their right hands, with the other fingers curled. Once the ayakashi were view, both Tokine and Yoshi were dumbfounded as they noticed that there were many more ayakashi than the usual one or two. There was close to fifty ayakashi and they had never seen that many at once nor had any idea where they came from.

As the ayakashi approached Karasumori, Tokine and Yoshi began shoutng in unison. "Hoi!," to mark their targets. "Joso!," in order to designate their targets' locations.

Due to Yoshimori's larger energy reserves, he is capable of creating kekkai that are much larger and much more powerful than the kekkai Tokine can create. However, her accuracy is much better and therefore her kekkai are able to pierce an ayakashi. This in turn has led to constant competition between two teens who had been best friends in their childhood. Due to the rivalry between the Sumimura and the Yukimura families over who is the actual legitimate heir to Master Hazama Tokimori however, there has been fierce enmity between the two families. Tokine and Yoshi just got dragged into that rivalry and now the two are always competing over the termination of ayakashi, when they aren't forced to work together in order to terminate a particularly powerful or intelligent ayakashi that is. After all, a rift that has lasted for 400 years between the Sumimuras and Yukimuras is not easily mended.

As the ayakashi drew near, Yoshimori shouted out "Ketsu!", the spell that would seal the ayakashi within the boundaries of his kekkai, a kekkai with a size that could be comparable to that of the average house.

"You're always trying to handle these situations by force. Remember when you were younger and passed out after using up all of your energy?" Tokine admonished, an annoyed look on her face.

"It's faster this way," Yoshi stated simply as though that response solved everything.

At that, Tokine smirked and shouted out "Ketsu!" just as Yoshi had done, but creating much smaller kekkai in comparison and capturing the ayakashi that Yoshimori had missed in kekkai that matched the respective sizes of the ayakashi sealed within them. "See, a lot are slipping out," Tokine said in an almost sing-song voice.

"Oh be quiet," Yoshimori said, smiling. Tokine and Yoshimori then simultaneously shouted out the spell "Metsu!" terminating the ayakashi sealed within their kekkai. With the ayakashi eliminated, Tokine and Yoshi both shouted "Tenketsu!," each opening a portal to otherworld and sending the residue of the ayakashi they had terminated into the tenketsu staffs that they constantly carried. However, as the residue was being absorbed to prevent the terminated ayakashi from regenerating by using the power of Karasumori, something went terribly wrong. Due to the large number of ayakashi that were destroyed as opposed to the normal one or two ayakashi, much greater force was needed, a force even greater than when Yoshi had used the Backlash Phenomenon in order to terminate a botanical ayakashi that had been planted, unbeknownst to the two teens, Yoshi's older brother Masamori. It was that force that caused Tokine and Yoshi to be sucked into each other's tenketsu staffs.

Passing through the dimensional portal, Tokine and Yoshi both dropped from a rift in the sky and would have landed on the ground painfully if Tokine hadn't reacted quickly and created a kekkai to break their fall.

After landing on the kekkai, Tokine made a sweeping motion and said, "Kai!" causing both kekkaishi to land with a thud.

After regaining his senses, Yoshi began to ask,"Where are-," but was cut off.

"Be quiet," Tokine whispered. "Be on your guard. We have no idea where we are and seeing as we were both just sucked into our tenketsu staffs, I'm guessing that wherever we are, it's full of ayakashi, especially the ones that we just destroyed, and I'm willing to bet that they want revenge on the kekkaishi, namely us. Can't you feel the power of this place? The power is incredible! It's almost as if we're still at Karasumori".

Yoshimori just nodded dumbly. He had never felt the power that resonated from Karasumori except when Koya had accepted his death but he certainly felt the power Tokine was referring to. (1) Both kekkaishi stood back to back, right hands raised and taking in their surroundings. They noticed a large black lake, a forest that seemed to be giving off immense negative energy, a small hut, and lastly, a large castle that was the source of the power that Tokine sensed earlier. Suddenly, Tokine shouted, "Ketsu!" forming a kekkai around both her and Yoshi, as an old man with what looked like a broken nose wearing midnight blue robes, spectacles, and a pointy hat approached them from the castle.

Yoshi formed his own kekkai around the old man, causing him to stop in his tracks, and was about to cast "Metsu" when Tokine stopped him.

"What are you doing!" he shouted at Tokine. What if that's an ayakashi?"

"Be quiet Yoshi, that's no ordinary man, but he's not an ayakashi either," Tokine responded. "What kind of ayakashi gives off such powerful positive energy, or are you going to tell me that you sense negative energy coming from the old man? And didn't you just see him come from that huge castle? He probably thinks we're trespassing on his territory or something. Besides, maybe we can find out where we are."

"Oh yeah, good point."

At that, Yoshi cast "Kai" and removed the kekkai that had been surrounding Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Dumbledore POV:

Professor Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was preparing to go to bed when he noticed in his peripheral vision something similar to an anomaly that could only be described as a tear in the time-space continuum. As the tear became larger, Dumbledore turned his head slightly and noticed that the tear was similar to that of a portal and decided to investigate. Just as he was about to leave his office, he noticed two teenagers fall through, spurring on his urge to look into matter deeper even stronger.

Dumbledore had just opened the castle doors and was striding towards the two teenagers when he heard the male yell out "Ketsu!" causing him to become encased within a blue barrier. At first, the barrier had shocked Dumbledore and caused him to stop walking, not that he could with a blue box surrounding him. He could have easily dispelled the blue barrier with his wand, or so he thought, but rather than doing so, he decided to use the time to listen to the pair and see what information he could gather from them.

"Be quiet Yoshi, that's no ordinary man, but he's not an ayakashi either, What kind of ayakashi gives off such powerful positive energy, or are you going to tell me that you sense negative energy coming from the old man? And didn't you just see him come from that huge castle? He probably thinks we're trespassing on his territory or something. Besides, maybe we can find out where we are."

"Oh yeah, good point."

'So, they are Japanese,' Dumbledore thought to himself. 'But what is an ayakashi?' He then heard the male, apparently named Yoshi, say "Kai!," causing the blue barrier surrounding him to be dispelled.

General POV:

"Good evening, my name is Dumbledore, Albus. Might I inquire who you two are and how you came to be here? Dumbledore asked in Japanese.

Both teens looked shocked but it was Tokine who came to her senses first. "Good evening Dumbledore-sama, my name is Yukimura, Tokine and this is Sumimura, Yoshimori. Unfortunately, we are unable to produce a response to your question as to how we came to be here because we do not know where 'here' is."

Dumbledore looked at the two for a moment before continuing to speak, shifting slightly so as to grasp his wand. His change in position did not go unnoticed by the kekkaishi however and they immediately tensed and had their index and middle fingers pointed at Dumbledore.

"Do not be alarmed. I have no intention of harming either of you. I merely wish to cast a spell that will allow both of you to understand as well as speak my language."

Yoshi looked at Tokine and both of them nodded to one another. Tokine then responded.

"Very well Dumbledore-sama. But be warned, if you do anything that we consider to be of ill intent, death will be the least of your problems," Tokine said in a menacing tone.

Dumbledore cast the spell nonverbally and informed the kekkaishi that the spell had been cast.

"Now then, You said your name was Albus Dumbledore correct?" Dumbledore nodded. "Why did you cast that spell on us if you can speak in our native language?"

"It is simple my dear Tokine. You see, the castle behind me is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly in England. Would you not think it odd for two people on the grounds of the school to speak in a foreign language unless this was a year in which the Triwizard Tournament was being held? And even then, the schools are all still European, not Japanese. Of course, you are still free to converse in Japanese if and when you wish. The spell I cast upon you just gives you the capability to speak and understand English," Dumbledore explained. "It is quite fortunate that it is currently summer break so I was the only one to witness your arrival. Otherwise, the Ministry of Magic may have become involved and the Minister and I are currently not on the best of terms. But let us move this conversation inside. It has started to become chilly; follow me to my office and we can discuss your situation further."

"I see, so to summarize, the two of you were working when both of you fell through a portal that both of you had created and ended up here at Hogwarts. Am I correct?"

"Yes," Tokine responeded. Then Yoshimori cut in, "Hey, all we've been 'discussing' with you is ourselves. What about you? Who are you, besides being this school's headmaster and all? And if you really are a wizard, then can't you just do some magic spell to open up a portal and send us home or something?"

"Yoshi, we are currently in a different dimension that is completely foreign to us. To put it in simple terms, whether or not we make it home depends entirely upon whether or not the people here even have the ability to do so, so quit complaining. The spells that they use here are completely different from Kekkaishi spells so shut up and just cooperate."

Yoshi glared at Tokine then muttered, "Fine." Meanwhile, Dumbledore's eyes just twinkled behind his spectacles, watching the two young teens argue. 'This will definitely be an interesting year, especially if the two teens in front of me are who they say they are.'

"Tokine, you said that you and Yoshimori are, as I recall, kekkaishi correct?" Dumbledore inquired.

"Yes," Professor Dumbledore. At that, Dumbledore flicked his wand and a dusty old book floated off of the shelf and opened on Dumbledore's desk, pages flipping as if of their own accord. The kekkaishi however, knew better and knew that Dumbledore was the one manipulating the book. After a few seconds, the book stopped at a particular page and floated towards Tokine and Yoshi, turning around in the process. The page showed a man dressed in a similar fashion to that of the Kekkaishi, specifically Yoshi, wearing a straw hat and carrying a tenketsu staff. The caption read, 'Hazuma Tokimori, the first kekkaishi and creator of the Hazuma Style Kekkai Technique.' "Are either of you familiar with this?" Dumbledore asked.

Yoshi looked at the picture and his face lit up in recognition, not even bothering to read the caption. "Hey, that looks like Master Tokimori!"

"That's what it says in the caption you idiot!"

"So I take it that both of you are familiar with this person?" Dumbledore queried while closing the book before returning it to its original position on the shelf behind him with a flick of his wand.

"Yes, Master Tokimori was the first ever kekkaishi just as the caption says, and we are his descendants, both legitimate heirs to the Hazuma Style Kekkai Technique."

"Then I take it that both of you also bear the Hoin Mark?" At that, the kekkaishi looked at each other, but this time their features bore the signs of suspicion and distrust. Noticing this, Dumbledore quickly clarified. "You see, in this dimension, Kekkaishi are a legend of history and no longer exist. I was therefore surprised when two kekkaishi suddenly appeared on Hogwarts grounds."

"If kekkaishi are only a legend, then why would you have a book on Kekkaishi?" Tokine said in an accusing tone.

"I said a legend of history my dear Tokine, not merely a legend. You see, kekkaishi no longer exist in this world, but did at one time. Perhaps the portal that the two of you passed through was not a portal to another dimension as we first believed, but rather a portal that sent you into the future, but by how much, I cannot say. You see, I needed to verify that you were truly Tokine Yukiura and Yoshimori Sumimura. The reason is that both of your names appear in the book I just showed you, but I cannot reveal any more, for if I do, I might disrupt the time-space continuum and perhaps even change history itself in the process if you were to learn of what is to occur before it happens."

Tokine nodded in understanding. Yoshi however, was ecstatic and had stopped paying attention as soon as he had heard that he was in a history book. 'This just might be what I need!' Yoshi thought to himself. 'I can find out everything! Whether I seal off Karasumori, whether Tokine and I get together, EVERYTHING!' With those thoughts in mind, Yoshi began bombarding Dumbledore with a barrage of questions, but was quickly cut off by Tokine. Dumbledore just sat behind his desk, fingertips touching together with his elbows resting on his desk, eyes twinkling behind his glasses.

"Haven't you been paying attention you idiot! We can't know what happens in our futures before it happens! If we know, then it might end up changing the future, so shut up!"

'His curiosity and demeanor seem to be just like Harry's. This truly will be an interesting year.' Dumbledore thought to himself while listening to the two teenagers bicker. After about two minutes of arguing, Dumbledore cleared his throat, catching the attention of both Kekkaishi.

"Forgive us Professor Dumbledore, we forgot that we were in the presence of another," Tokine apologized while glaring daggers at Yoshi. Yoshi on the other hand just said "Sorry".

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(1) As I recall, the incident with Koya occurred after "Blooms of Karasumori" but please just go with it.

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