Chapter 1


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Hermione was alone. She sat by the fire, with her face damp with tears, in her favorite place in the world, the burrow with a letter clasped tightly in her right hand, and in the other, a small chain. Her favorite place was once Hogwarts, but every since Harry raided it over, it was now in the control of Voldemort. She remembered that dreadful day like it was yesterday, even if it was a year ago from today. It was the day when everything collapsed, when everything went wrong.

Hermione always wondered, why Harry chose that way, what did they do wrong to make him turn to Voldemort? She looked back down at her fist where the letter has been scrunched into. She read this letter over and over again, for what seemed like 100 times already, but she couldn't understand it.

That's a first, she thought bitterly. Me not understanding something I read over 100 times.

She smiled inwardly, imagining the shocked faces of Harry and Ron if they were here right now. Her smile faded away from the thought.


A tear rolled down her cheek remembering Ron. She was so hurt the day he passed on. But it hurt even more that he had died by the hands of who he thought was his best friend… It was too much for her to even think of him. It was her fault anyway. She shouldn't have left, she shouldn't have tried to play the hero, because in the end, Ron was the hero. He saved her. He saved her from dying and bravely fought against his best friend, and in the end, he died a hero's death.

There were so many people who died by the cold hands of Harry Potter. Hagrid, McGonagall, Charlie, Bill, Mr. And Mrs. Weasley, Snape, Ron, Remus, Tonks, Ginny, Fred, George, Draco…Dumbledore… and those were only a few people from the long list. These were the people who willingly fought against Harry in the battle of Hogwarts, Hermione almost became one of them, but because of Ron, she was able to escape. Because of his sacrifice.

She decided to read the letter again, so she can try to piece it together. She released her strong grip from the paper and flattened it out to read.


I understand the pain you are going through in this time. I never would have thought Harry would have done such a thing, but now I understand. I've been trying to find the reason why Harry turned, for learning more about the enemy is very important, and I think I may have found the answer. Think, Hermione, to the day Harry has grown distant, and try to find the answer. I believe that is all I have to say, for you will understand what I mean. Please use my gifts wisely and remember, there are always second chances.

Albus Dumbledore.

Hermione reread the letter, again and again. The day Harry has grown distant… She thought long and hard when it finally clicked into her brain. He has been strangely distant with her and Ron in sixth year… that's the year Dumbledore reckons Harry became a death eater… But that was two years ago. She barely remembered what happened then and forgot most details with everything going on.

Hermione stared at the piece of parchment clutched tightly in her hand. But what was so special about that year? What did we do wrong to make Harry betray us? Everyone thought that Harry was our hero, the guy they thought they could depend on. Hermione thought so too, and she was not going to deny that. In fact, she still believes it's possible that Harry will come back. But no matter how much she tried to tell everyone that, they would not believe it.

Hermione gritted her teeth and her grip on the parchment tightened that her knuckles turned white. She hated the pitiful looks people gave her whenever they saw her pass by. She tried to ignore them, but she would still hear them muttering like mad to the nearest person they see when they spot her.

"Yes, that's her, that Hermione Granger. Sad life that girl has. Yes, her best friend was Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Turned…"

Hermione smiled darkly. Boy-Who-Turned. She couldn't help but feel amused at people's originality, despite the situation they were in. Then she looked down at her left palm.

What was Dumbledore playing at? Was he mental? Of course he is, he's Dumbledore. Hermione slowly opened her palm to reveal a small chain. A TimeTurner. But what good will this do? What good would it do if she could only go back to a few minutes or hours?

She sighed and slumped into the chair. This was all too much for her. She remembered the time when she used a TimeTurner for a rescue misson, back in third year. But Harry had been with her.

Great, Hermione thought darkly. My best friend is after me and the only person who knows how to stop him is dead and sends me a stupid timeturner. I'm in good hands now.

In her frustration, she crumpled the letter and threw it into the fire she was staring at a few minutes ago. With a small smile on her lips, she watched with satisfaction as the flames licked the piece of paper, finally burning it to ashes. The smile quickly vanished as she realized what she had done. What was she going to do now? That letter was probably the only answer to bring Harry back and stop Voldemort forever.

"Hey, are you alright?" Hermione jumped and spun around, hastily trying to wipe her tears away with her sleeve. Neville chuckled gently. "Same old Hermione," he said gently and he took the chair opposite to her. Hermione smiled slightly. Neville Longbottom has changed quite alot after Hogwarts. He had grown taller and was more slim and well toned. You wouldn't even think he was that small, plum, shy boy who tried to hide away and was easily put down. He was now, very different then that. You would never see him without that determined expression on his face, but his eyes showed a different story, it showed great sadness and betrayal.

"Are you… are you still thinking…about…" he faltered slightly, but he didn't need to finish his sentence. Hermione nodded numbly, looking at anywhere but him.

"It's okay, Hermione. I know what you are going through." he said softly. Hermione didn't answer, but continued to stare at the fire.

"To be honest with you, I never really thought he would do such a thing. He was always the good guy to me, the Golden Boy… well… he was always my role model… I've always admired him for his bravery, his determination, his kindness, and how he always fights for what he believes in and stands for what is right…" Neville said quietly. At this, Hermione forced herself to look at him, and saw all the hurt in his eyes. The hurt, betrayal, and loneliness.

"I know," she said after a pause "he was mine too, I just wish I would know the answer to his actions and why he did this…" There was a long period of silence before Neville broke it, smiling sadly.

"There are alot of things Harry regrets doing, and I'm sure this was one of them, but I know one that he would never regret," Neville inhaled deeply and Hermione flinched at the mention of Harry's name.

"He would never regret being your friend." Neville said after a long pause. Hermione chuckled and sniffed, trying to hold back her tears.

"Thanks Nev." Neville smiled at her reassuringly. She couldn't help but smile back.

"We'll save him, Hermione," he said after a long comfortable silence, "We'll save all of them. I still haven't given up hope that Harry may be good, and I know you haven't given up either. Just stay strong, and we'll get through this." At this, tears started to leak through Hermione's eyes, even if she was using all her willpower to make it stop. Neville glanced down at the ground.

"What's that?" Hermione looked around and saw a piece of parchment, folded neatly, lying in the middle of the floor. Hermione bent down hesitantly and picked it up. It was the letter she had just thrown into the fire. Hermione glared at the piece of paper, ready to crumple it and throw it back into the fire, but was surprised to see the slant handwriting of Dumbledore's on the corner of the parchment: Turn paper over. She turned it over slowly, and sure enough, there was another message in the back.

This timeturner is different, it goes by years, and I thought you might find this useful.

Bellow the message and a photograph taped on. It was a photo of her, Ron, and Harry. They were smiling widely, laughing, and waving at her as though they don't have a care in the world. Harry's arm was drapped onto Hermione's shoulder and Ron's was wrapped around her, and Hermione's arms were wrapped around both of them. making them look as though they are in a group hug. The Hermione in the picture was caught in the middle of a laugh, and you can tell that she's with her bestest friends in the world. Fresh tears fell on the parchment as she stared.

"Mione, are you okay?" Hermione jumped, she had forgotten Neville was there.

"Oh, er, yeah."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm fine Nev,"

Neville still looked hesitant as though he didn't believe her, but let it pass anyway.

"I don't get it," Hermione said after a while, "What is Dumbledore trying to tell me?"

She held out the paper to Neville who took it and started reading. Hermione watched nervously as Neville's eyes moved back and forth, scanning the slant handwriting of Dumbledore's.

"The day Harry has grown distant?" Read Neville softly, "What does that mean?"

"I'm not sure, but he grew distant around sixth year, what d'you reckon?"

"Yeah, I think so too."

"So what do you think Dumbledore's saying? All we know is that in that year, Harry became a…a…" Hermione couldn't finish her sentence, for it was still too hard to believe, but Neville caught on what she was saying.

"Yes, but it's still a very important piece of information, that year must contain why Harry became a de-…why he turned." Neville hastily added, careful not to make Hermione burst into tears again.

"All I know from that year was when I got together with Ron and Harry and Ginny broke up…"

"Maybe that's the answer, somewhere between that…"

"Yeah… maybe…" Hermione said in deep thought. Maybe it was because he and Ginny broke up.

"But I know you'll figure it out"

"What?" said Hermione taken aback.

"Of course you'll figure it out, you're Hermione Granger." said Neville as though stating the obvious.

"Oh, er, thanks" Hermione smiled slightly and Neville chuckled.

"Never thought I'd live to see the day Hermione was unsure of figuring things out," Neville said with a laugh. Hermione couldn't help but laugh too.

"Never thought so either," After the laughing died down, everything became silent, but Hermione broke it by sighing.

"But it's true." Hermione said "I'm always unsure of what I do these days, I've been unsure of myself since I was wrong about Harry-"

"You weren't wrong Mione," Neville said firmly, "you were never wrong."

"Yes I was!" Hermione said indignantly, "I trusted him! He was like a brother to me!"

"But that's just it, isn't it?" Hermione froze.

"What d'you—?"

"Was he always just like a brother to you? Have you ever thought of him a different way?"

Hermione stopped to think, it was true that whenever he drew near her, she would get butterflies in her stomach, and would blush when he called her brilliant, but she would always ignore it because she believed that she was in love with Ron. But she started to think of Ron more as a brother than a lover, and she always had a little feelings in the back of her brain for Harry, but she denied it because he was with Ginny.

"What has that go to do with—"

"No Hermione, listen, Harry—"

But Neville was interupted by a loud crash just outside the door. Neville jumped up and pulled out his wand in a flash. Hermione too got up, but as she felt her pocket for her wand, she realized that it wasn't there. Hermione swore.

"I forgot my wand upstairs!" Neville looked over at her with the same determined expression on his face.

"Run upstairs and try to get it Hermione! I'll try and hold him off!" He said, his voice full of confidence, but it had the same, uneasy tone in it that Hermione never failed to notice. Hermione was about to run upstairs but Neville turned back.

"Remember what I said Mione, and thanks for being my friend." Hermione didn't like the tone of his voice when he said that sentence, but nodded anyway and bolted up the stairs just as the door banged open. Her heart pounding, she ran as fast as she could to the bedroom. She could hear people yelling downstairs, she could hear Neville's confident voice, and his cold one. Then:

"Avada Kedavra!"

Tears spilled down her front as she heard Harry yell the spell and a dull thud. Neville Longbottom, her only close friend left, was dead. He was killed by the one he believed in, the one he believed was still good. Now he was dead by the hands of his betrayer. Hermione felt a rush of emotion flow through her as she ran up the long winding staircase. She felt them mix; anger, sadness, and betrayal. She could hear footsteps thundering up the stairs as she flung the bedroom door open. She grabbed her wand and was in the middle of spinning around until,

"Expelliarmus!" Her wand flew out of her grasp and out of sight. She forced herself to look at her disarmer. It was Harry, looking as cold as ever. His messy black hair was now longer than it was before, his lightning scar now very noticable on his pale skin, and his eyes… his eyes were no longer shining with happiness and love, but was now steely, cold, and dark. His eyes, the ones Hermione's learned to for years, the best part of his features, were now the scariest. His face was masked with and emotionless expression as he continued to stare at Hermione with those eyes…

It seemed like an eternity as they both stared at each other. Hermione could hear her breath become heavier and could feel her heart beat quickening. Then Hermione spoke.

"Why?" she said softer than a whisper. Harry continued to stared at her, then spoke after awhile, with a voice Hermione could not recognize on Harry.

"You know why."

"What did we do wrong, what did I do wrong?" Hermione asked as more tears rolled down her face, anger evident in her voice. Harry's expression still did not change. She felt her blood boil with rage as she waited for him to answer.


Hermione then felt something inside her fist, the TimeTurner. Then it clicked. She realized what Dumbledore meant, why he sent her a timeturner, this type of timeturner.

There are always, second chances...

"I'm sorry Harry, but you weren't supposed to turn out this way," she flung the chain around her neck, "Good-bye," and with that, she turned the timeturner.

Everything was spinning, she felt dizzy, and she saw flashes of her past before her eyes. Hermione felt her feet leave the floor and had the feeling of falling through the air. The last thing she saw, was Harry's shocked face mingled with surprise before the whole room, and him, disappeared and everything went black.

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