Kurt slurped around the thick cock in his mouth, relaxing his gag reflex to get the boy deeper and take him into his throat. He was sure his lips were cherry red and Kurt grinned around the cock in his throat as his eyes found those of his partner. Bright green and completely blown out, half-hidden under a sweaty mop of dark blond hair, Dylan panted Kurt's name, throwing his head back in ecstasy.

Kurt Hummel was born to suck cock.

Somehow though, even as the head of Dyaln's cock rammed violently against the back of Kurt's throat, Kurt couldn't help thinking that it wasn't enough. He ground his hand against his own erection, and tried to lose himself in the needy moans of the boy he had pinned against the door, but the feeling of something missing never quite left him.

Dylan was the third guy Kurt had been with in as many weeks and while Dylan had a nice cock, he was cursed with not knowing how to use it, at least not in a way that brought Kurt optimum pleasure.

Kurt didn't know what was wrong. Months after the whole Valentine's fiasco and the coffee talk with Blaine, nothing had happened. He and Blaine continued to be…just friends. They would get coffee and sing duets together (granted Blaine had chosen much less flirtatious music since then) and they were closer than ever, but nothing was happening.

So when a cute boy named Cameron from his British lit class started flirting with him, Kurt went along with it. Cameron was taller, with rippling muscles from playing lacrosse, and the way he looked at Kurt, as though he were constantly undressing him with his eyes—it made Kurt blush, but it made him feel wanted.

It was after class on a Tuesday when Cameron caught up with Kurt in the hallway and pulled him into a dark alcove. The taller boy leered at Kurt as he asked him to dinner, Kurt stuttered, red as a tomato as he agreed to the date, and before he knew what happened, Cameron had swooped down and captured his lips in a kiss.

It was nothing like Brittany or like Karofsky. Cameron's lips were soft, but pressed firmly against his own. Cameron slowly sucked Kurt's bottom lip in between his own and Kurt's mouth opened up to his with a moan when Cameron gently nipped at Kurt's lip.

Kurt's bag slid from his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around the taller boy. Cameron pressed Kurt back until he was flush against the wall, their tongues dancing in a fiery battle. Both of them were late to their next classes, but neither of them cared.

Friday night found the boys at Breadstix and Kurt nearly choked on his water when their waiter came by to introduce himself—it was Blaine.

Kurt had completely forgotten that Blaine had gotten a part-time job there.

"Hi, my name is Blaine and I'll be your—," Blaine stopped short as he realized who was sitting at the table. "Kurt?"

Kurt eyed Blaine nervously over the top of his menu.

"Oh hey Blaine," Kurt said awkwardly. "You know Cameron, he plays—,"

"Lacrosse, I know." Blaine gave Cameron a disdainful look, but quickly covered it with a mask of mild disinterest. Cameron stared between Blaine and Kurt, before breaking the silence that had overtaken the table.

"You're Blaine Anderson right?" Cameron asked. Blaine nodded.

"The one and only." Blaine flashed Cameron his mega watt smile. "So you two are here…" Blaine trailed off.

"On a date." Cameron beamed, grabbing one of Kurt's hands. Blaine stared at the couple's hands clasped on the table for several moments.

"I'm sorry, I should have told you, I didn't think—," Kurt started.

"It's fine." Blaine smiled. "It's your life, you do what you want with it. Can I get you guys something to drink to start off with?"

The two boys ordered their drinks and no sooner had Blaine left their area than Cameron started in on him.

"He seemed jealous. Did you guys used to date or something?" Cameron asked. Kurt watched Blaine as he nearly walked into the door that led to the kitchen.

"No, we're just friends. We're in Warblers together, he's…he's just a friend." Kurt looked back at Cameron, and although he didn't look totally appeased, he smiled at Kurt and went back to looking at Kurt lasciviously.

Blaine had been perfectly polite to the two boys for the rest of the evening, but Kurt couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't quite right and wondered if Blaine had sneezed in their food, or at least Cameron's food.

Any thoughts of Blaine were erased from Kurt's mind though when Cameron asked Kurt if he'd like to come over and watch a movie, particularly after Cameron noted that his parents were currently out of town.

Cameron had put on a movie, but Kurt didn't know what it was, nor did he particularly care as Cameron's mouth was currently wrapped quite nicely around Kurt's aching erection. Kurt was positive he'd never been this hard in his entire life, but as Cameron's skillful hands slipping from massaging his balls to rubbing over his perineum to rubbing over somewhere just a little bit south of there, Kurt saw stars as his orgasm was ripped from his body and it took all of his self control to not scream Blaine's name as he came.