Ah, so That's What It is…

Fandom: One Piece

Rating: Pg-13

Genre: Humor/Romance

Pairing: Ace/Luffy

Topic: Dawn

Word-count: 300

Summary: Once upon a dawn, Ace realizes the nature of his feelings to little Luffy…

Disclaimer: Odachi owns One Piece

Warning: shounen ai, semi AU, language

A/N: I'm dying to get rid of my writer block, seriously. Takao's birthday is coming up and I have no a single idea AT ALL, sheesh… I hope after I write something in this fandom, my brain will clear out and I can think of something quick to make for Takao's birthday…maybe.

Ah, so That's What It is…

Ace was confused.

Okay, that was an understatement. He was freaking out… even though he didn't show it to anyone. Well, Sabo noticed immediately because they were practically brothers, but he seemed more amused than concerned about Ace's problem.

"This isn't funny," Ace scowled at Sabo who grinned mischievously at him.

"Oh, it is."

"You aren't helping!" Ace complained more.

"Helping with what exactly?"

"You know what it is!"

"Do you know what it is?"

Ace narrowed his eyes at the blond who grinned even wider.

"Sabo~!" Ace was practically whining, but Sabo didn't want to give in.

"You are just so infuriatingly dense." Sabo rolled his eyes at the raven.

Ace pouted.

"Aaaace~ come on, play with me already~!"

Ace groaned as he heard Luffy's voice. "Sabo, seriously, HELP ME!" he was desperate.

"No. Figure it out yourself." Sabo left to do his own business, leaving Ace's problem to his own device.

Ace was feeling sulky when he went to entertain his other brother.

"Ace, do you have stomachache?" Luffy frowned at him, looking concerned.

"No," Ace refused to meet the younger's gaze.

Luffy threw a puppy look at him and Ace wanted to groan again. "Stop that."

"What?" Luffy looked confused.

"That!" Ace pointed at Luffy's face, his own heating at the process.

Luffy tilted his head slightly. "What did I do?"

Ace face-palmed.

In the morning, Ace felt like getting struck with a lightning, seeing Luffy being cuddly with Sabo.

Sabo smirked at Ace and kissed Luffy's cheek.

Ace freaked out, trying to save his little Luffy from the perverted Sabo.

"Ah," suddenly, it dawned on Ace, what he felt for Luffy after that.

"Ace?" Luffy was confused when Ace hugged him for dear life.

"Idiot," Sabo shook his head, exasperated.

I'm in love with this guy!

The End

A/N: Um… it's exactly 300 words, but I still have no idea what to write for Takao's b'day… *sighs* Ah, well… it will come to me eventually. Now it's time for table tennis practice. What do you think of this little drable?