The next morning was brutal. Shayera woke up, half hanging off the corner of her bed. Specifically the foot of her bed. She moved her feet slightly and felt something tickle her toes. She looked towards the head and saw Diana cuddling her feet. Shayera smiled and laid her head back down. Within moments there was a light knocking at her door.

"No…no company right now." Shayera mumbled.

The knocking persisted.

Shayera kicked a little with her feet towards Diana's face. "Diana, get up. Someone is knocking and I'm not sure, but the room may be moving."

Diana grumbled and pulled the covers over her head. The knocking continued.

"Oh for the love of Hera!" Diana threw the covers down and sat up. She swung her legs off the bed and began making her way slowly to the door. Just before she took the last couple of steps to acknowledge the intruder, Shayera giggled.

"Diana, you may not want to answer the door like that."

Diana looked down and realized she was only wearing her underwear. She grumbled something incoherent, and walked back over to Shayera's dresser. She grabbed a red shirt, threw it over her head, and walked back to the door. When she opened it, she was less than thrilled. Standing in the doorway was Green Lantern.

"Why are you answering Shayera's door?" he barked.

"Really John? I am not doing this with you now. I feel like hell and I'm really not in the mood."

"You and Shayera need to get cleaned up. Superman has called a meeting with the founding members in an hour. Apparently your little spectacle last night is in all the papers."

Diana groaned, and slammed the door in his face. She stumbled back over to the bed and fell over on to it.

"Did I just hear him correctly?" Shayera raised her head.

"Which part? Me answering your door or the whole spectacle thing?"

"Spectacle. Who cares if you answer my door?"

"Apparently he does. Shayera, I know you care about John, but he is getting on my nerves."

"I know. I will talk to him later."

Diana sighed and rolled over onto her back. Shayera moved around to snuggle with the Amazon. Shayera blinked a couple of times, and then laughed at her girlfriend.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Your choice of shirts."

Diana looked down and chuckled. Splayed across her chest was a yellow lightning bolt in a white circle.

"Do I have to ask why you have a Flash t-shirt?"

"He gave it to me one Christmas. I like to sleep in it. It's sexy on you."

"I am sure Wally would approve. "

"Wear it to the meeting."


"Give Wally a little thrill. Besides it will probably be the only funny thing happening in there."

"No doubt. I can't wait to see the pictures the papers are running. If we're lucky, it will only be of Huntress and Canary."

"I have a feeling that we won't be seeing just them in the papers."

Diana chuckled. "Did you have a good time last night?"

"I did. Did you?"

"Yes, but I am guessing we are about to get grounded by Dad."

Shayera giggled, "Does that mean you won't be sneaking in my window tonight?"

The seven founding members sat around a table. Flash was very appreciative of Diana's choice of shirts.

"I don't remember giving you one of those. But you look great in it!" Flash smiled.

Diana nodded, and then whispered, "I had no idea you were an aphrodisiac Flash."


"Shayera loves this shirt and me in it. Seriously, I couldn't keep her hands off of it." Diana winked at Flash.

Wally was ecstatic. "Oh yeah!"

Superman stood at the head of the table. "Thanks for coming on short notice. While it is not my place to judge anyone's extracurricular activities, the League is being asked to make a statement with regards to some of our member's activities last night. Apparently someone in a bar snapped off several pictures with their cell phone and sold them to the local paper. The story got picked up on the national wire, and now this thing is viral. Reports are that Wonder Woman and Black Canary, along with 2 unidentified women, started a bar fight. This fight resulted in several injuries to patrons. There are also some rather risqué pictures of the ladies in question. While we are aware that Shayera and Huntress were also there, the newspapers are not reporting that at this moment."

Superman looked at Diana and Shayera. "I'm sorry that we are here discussing this, but you can see our predicament." Superman tossed a handful of papers down on the table. Sure enough, front page on one of the papers showed Shayera sitting on the Batmobile with her legs wrapped around Wonder Woman kissing the Amazon. In the lower corner, Batman could be seen trying to clean his boots off, while Huntress laid flat on the ground.

Flash looked at the picture. "Nice! But I thought you said Canary was there."

Batman grumbled, "She's on the other side of the Batmobile."

"Doing what?"

"Let's just say that had someone been on the other side of things, we'd be staring at a picture of a full moon." And even though the line was funny to some in the room, Batman didn't crack a smile.

"Diana?" Superman asked.

"What? What would you like me to say? Yes, we went to a bar in Gotham. Yes, we got drunk. Yes, there was a bar fight. If my recollection is correct this all started because some idiot couldn't keep his hands to himself."

"Diana, that isn't helping. This is serious. We need to decide what we are going to say in our statement."

Green Lantern shifted in his chair. His blood was boiling. He finally exploded, "How could you guys act like this in public?"

Diana mumbled, "It went on in private too."

"What did you just say?" Lantern was furious.

Shayera leaned over and whispered in Diana's ear, "This is not the time for this, please Diana."

"No, let her speak. " Lantern railed. "Let's hear what she has to say for herself."

Shayera shot back, "Stop making this about just her. There were others involved, including myself. We all know that is me on the Batmobile."

Superman interjected, "No one cares about your relationship with Diana. While we would have preferred it not coming out this way…"

Diana interjected, "Just say whatever it is you want to John. I frankly don't care about your opinion on the matter anyways."

Lantern leaned over the table, "You don't care, huh? Well Wonder Woman, see what you think about this…"

Shayera's head shot up and her eyes went wide, "Don't John. Not like this."

"I think I know someone who would care about this, even if you don't. What do you think Shayera? Think our son would appreciate his mother being front page fodder for the press?"

A/N: AHHHHH! Damn that Green Lantern. For Code Crash: Here was a little love thrown to the Flash. Maybe more to come...