Summary: Because really, It should have been blindingly obvious that Tanaka and Watari are homies. CRACK. Death Note & Kuroshitsuji crossover.

L was confused. And that in itself was a rarity. The source of L's confusion was currently blaring obnoxiously loud rap music out of his limousine.

If these 'gangstahs' like their 'shawtys' so much, then why do they constantly refer to them as 'bitches' ? L was pondering to himself. It truly was a great mystery, such as the man who was driving said limousine playing loud music.

"Um . . Watari? I was wondering . . ." he started off tentatively.

"What bitch? Spit it out already, aight." Watari said whilst pulling a gang symbol with his right hand.

"I was just wondering, what's gotten into you lately? You . . . seem different somehow."

"Bitch please, You be trippin', Ya know what I'm tryna say homeslice? It's like you ain't got no respect for the playa." Watari yelled at L and adjusted his gangster hat more to the side. He was looking fresh yo.

"Watari can you just take me back to the building please? I'm kind of feeling uncomfortable... Also I'm getting a headache from your . . .music."

"What the fuck yo? Can't you handle hanging with such cool kids as myself? Fo shizzle, bitch."

L was starting to feel a bit scared, what had happened to sweet old Watari, the Watari who wouldn't hurt a fly? This Watari scared him, Seeing as how he kept trying to commit drive by shootings – in the middle of town in broad daylight. L was pretty sure Watari would be caught, considering he didn't know of any limousines that was tricked out with neons and such, with the numberplate 'SH4WTY' apart from this one.

Oh god, Watari was yelling obscene things at old woman again.

"Hey baby! Shake them sag-tits!" Needless to say, L was thoroughly disturbed, the woman had to be at least 90. And . . . she had just flashed Watari. DEARGODHISEYES.

"Watari . . ."

"The name's W-Dawg, man. Get it right."

"Oh sorry, W-Dawg, Can we go back now – please?"

"Fo shiz."

The drive back was slow, and uneventful...

Until Watari swerved to the side of the road and tooted the horn, really loudly.

"SHIT! L! LOOK, IT'S MY HOMIE!" Watari exclaimed as he parked the car and got out.

L was slightly baffled until he saw another man who was roughly the same age as Watari come up, Wearing a hoodie with the hood pulled over his head, covering most of his face.

"W-Dawg!" The man exclaimed as he approached, and when he finally got there hi-fived Watari.

"Tanaka! Good to see you again homie!" Watari said as he pulled his shades on.

"So what's crackalackin' homeskillet?" Tanaka said as he touched fists with Watari.

"Oh not much G, just hanging with Shawty over there." He said pointing at L.

"Yeaaah boy! Im just hangin with some of my hoes. L-O-L." Tanaka declared while jerking his thumb back to point at the previously hidden Ciel, Sebastian, Grell, Undertaker and Paula. (All dressed very provocatively of course)

"Shit son, you got yourself some pretty fine hoes." Watari complimented.

"I know right? Well, aiiight, I best be going to tend to my hoes. I'll catch you later homie, text me kay? PEACE." Tanaka said and started walking back to his 'hoes'

"PEACE OUT." Watari yelled.

And L? Well L just fainted.

AN: What is this I don't even .. .

Watari and Tanaka are homies, yo!

I reaaaaaaaalllly need to not drink Smirnoff :L But its like a crack-generator in my brain.

Please note that this is really only a joke and Iknow that Watari and Tanaka would never actually do that.