A/N: A lot of credit goes to Mahlia, here. For giving me the idea of writing this in the first place. :3 There will be a sequel, eventually.

Each day held a different story, and he was at the center of it every time. Sometimes he'd just simply be walking the streets while the big guy interrogated his suspect. Other times, he'd be all up in the action, meeting the crook to his face. Those were the days that made him the happiest.

The boot of the great detective known as Batman wasn't an object. He was a being, a being that always fought at Batman's side. Everything that Batman was, his boot was.

Should he refer to himself as a he? How would he know what particular gender he was? He could be a she, but just for his own sake, he thought of himself as a he. Batman's feet were quite feminine afterall, and he wouldn't think of them as lesbians.

So anyways, today was a typical day of crime fighting. A few midsections met here, a few chins met there. There was one moment where Batman had missed and kicked a box instead, which he wasn't so appreciative for. He could feel a scratch developing on his nose.

At the end of today's trip, he visited Mount Justice as Batman checked up on his partner. Boot recognized the sneakers of Batman's protege, and had wanted to eagerly start a conversation with them, but Sneakers gave him the cold shoulder. Again. Lately, the two of them have been going at it, Boot wasn't sure why. Sneakers still couldn't be mad at that time where he accidentally stepped on him while Batman and Robin practiced a dance, could they?

Boot sighed mentally. The lovelife was hard, lately.

Later, Batman returned home. He was taken off, then set aside gently in the corner of the closet, next to the pair of expensive dress shoes. They chatted occasionally, though he always had the better stories to tell. Dressy only had tales of the office, or a business meeting, or occasionally a party to share. Boot felt more superior in that fact, knowing that his life with the Batman was better than Dressy's life with Bruce Wayne.

And Boot sure did love his life.

Except for when he stepped in gum, spit, or dog poo. That was pretty gross.