On Thursdays, Beck doesn't drive Jade to school. Instead, Jade picks up Cat. Its on Thursday mornings when Beck can go to school an expect to see the girls, sitting at the cafe, sharing a cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a sesame bagel toasted with butter. They sit sharing pleasant conversation, full of carefree smiles, and groggy giggles. When they don't appear to be the strong personalities they are during the day because Jade is too tired to be angry, and Cat is too tired to be enthusiastic.

There are some Thursday mornings like today, when Beck finds the girls sitting in complete silence. Jade with her head engrossed in a book, and Cat bouncing in her seat listening to her mp3.

These two girls, one with long dark brown hair with streaks of magenta, and the other's hair bright red. She sits in all black from her combat boots to her black nail polish. She sits in a bright pink tank top with orange flowers. (Beck can't help but wonder if he and Jade ever look so contrasted in the eyes of others.)

Jade must feel his eyes on her because she looks up from her book straight into his eyes. And just from him looking into her teal eyes, his morning has brightened. Jade rolls her eyes at the sentimental look in his eyes, and he breaks out into a grin. So of course Jade smiles back. (She's never been able to resist his smiles. She's always been the one to make him smile.)

To be extra cheesy, he waves his hand wildly back and forth, and although he has to drop his cool facade in front of the other five people in the cafe, it is worth the blush that appear against her porcelain pale skin.

Instead of sitting down next to his girlfriend and wrapping his arm around her shoulders, he heads inside to drop off his books. Its only on Thursdays when he tries to share Jade.

His transparent locker is smudged with finger prints. There are outlines of Jade's petite hand from the times she's slammed the door to get his attention or to tell him to hurry up. There are also smudged prints of André's long piano fingers, from when he has a sudden urge to bang out a beat. However, the majority of the prints are of his two hands.

He recognizes the prints to the ones left from when he has Jade trapped between his body and his locker. When he is diminishing the space between them like a vacuum. His nose brushing against her colored hair breathing in her scent. His lips against hers, claiming her.

The transparency may represent his openness, but the palm prints display his possessiveness. Which is why on Thursday, Jade picks up Cat and drives to school. Which is why on Thursdays he lets Jade and Cat enjoy their breakfast, just the two of them. Because while Jade may seem like the possessive one in their relationship, he is just as possessive. And on Thursday Beck tries to share.