~*Harry Potter and Practical Magic*~

Prolouge – Thoughts and a Letter

It was a beautiful fall day. The red, brown, and yellow leaves began to fall from the trees on Privat Drive.

Harry Potter, who just turned 16, had gained some muscles from playing Quidttch. He wasn't buff, but he wasn't scrawny. He was just right. His hair was still untamable, but that gave him his childish charm. And his bright, emerald eyes seemed to be getting more beautiful everyday.

Harry watched the last leave fall from the tree next to his window. He then looked down to the road. His Uncle Veron, Aut Petunia, and Cousin Dudley returned from getting Dudley his new school supplies.

'Great, their back.'Harry thought glumliy to himself.

He then shut his 'Qudditch Through The Ages' book, picked it up, and walked over to the loose floor board to hide it. Then, he walked to his bed and laid down.

His mind then drifted off to last year. So many things happened. Like being voted to be Captian for the Gryiffindor Quidditch Team.

He soon realised that Cho was just a good friend. He couldn't possibably like her after the whole Cedric thing, which he still feels a pang of gulit when he thinks about him. He was also made a 5th year Prefect along with Hermione.


Harry also realized that he, in fact, had a major crush on Hermione Granger, his friend for almost 6 years. It all seemed like yesterday when she gave him a kiss on the cheek at Kings Cross right before the summer before 5th year. Harry wondered why he never noticed her before, except when she came with Viktor Krum to the Yule Ball back in 4th year during the Triwizard Tournament. Maybe he never looked at her like that, because he was to blinded by Cho? Even when those articles about him and Hermione dating. he never thought about her like that. But last year, thing's definatly changed.

He also rememberd his latest duel with Voldemort, and when Wormtail was killed by him. (A/N: Voldemort I mean)

Just as he was about to fall asleep, he heard a light tapping on his window. He looked over and saw that Hedwig, Pig, and couple of other owl'es from Hogwart's were flying around his window holding rolled up parchment. He then hopped of his bed, and ran to the window to let the Owl's in.

They all flew over to his desk, and Harry walked over to take off the parchments. After he was done, he got the Owl's some water, and some of Hedwigs food. He then unraveled the first piece of parchement, which was from Hogwarts.

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been made a 6th year prefect, along with last year's prefect, Hermione Granger. Inclosed is your offical prefect badge.

Rules and regulations are the same as last year, except now all students must be in their common rooms straight after dinner during the weekdays. 9:00 pm on weekends.

We hope to have another great year at Hogwarts. We will be seeing you at Kings Cross September the First.

Dep. Headmisstress,

Minerva Mcgonagall

P.S. Happy 16th Birthday Harry – from the staff at Hogwarts.

Harry smiled, and picked up the pin that was attached to the parchment. It was a gold and red shield, with the a Griffin on it, standing over the word's "Year 6 Prefect". And, for some strange and unknown reason, Harry thought that this year was definatly going to be a great one.

Okay, now I feel better. I needed to get a prolouge up because I didn't want to confuse you by throwing in all of these things that I haven't mentioned so far. Do you know what mean? Lol. So anyways, yeah. I also wanted to let you know that Samantha is the dark haried girl, and Isabella is the red head, in case you didn't figure that out. So anyways, on with the story! Hehe.