I always shied away from writing a longer fic series as I consider myself too slow a fic writer to do it justice. However, over a year ago I got an idea for a series of Stargate fics and I've been thinking of it ever since. I'm not sure where the idea came from, but I don't think it's going to go away until I actually sit down and write it. I've always been fascinated by episodes and fics dealing with AUs – I like that balance between finding something creative and new, and being faithful to the characters we already know. I was thinking about this and started considering what would happen if we turned the dial to the quantum mirror just one turn. What would one turn of the dial do to the universe we know? I decided to change just one thing, and see how it spiralled from there.

What if, I thought, Sam and Jack knew each other before the SGC. What if, in fact, they lived next door as kids? How would this change how they dealt with each other? How would this effect how they lived their lives?

I have also, to make the stories easier to develop, decided to change Jack's age. While still several years older than Sam, I have made him considerably younger than canon, shifting the age gap between them from twelve years to three. There is a fair chance (okay every chance) that canon will get progressively mangled as the series progresses so be warned.

Instalments will be shortish (~1000) and should be loosely related. I make no promises as to the expediency of my instalments (hey, at least I'm honest).