Starlight Grey: chapter 1

The dream

"Starlight, revenge me…" a daunting voice called from the darkness

I stared into the void of nothingness, my heart racing in the chest

"How will I? I stuttered with fright

"revive me and we will take down the Olympians" the voice answered, its tone firm and fatherly like, I stood there,waiting more and was given one last response

"Or you will die"

I awoke from the nightmare, breathing hard as sweat poured down my forehead. I looked over to my window; the sun was peeking out from the horizon shining only little across the city of New York but traffic was already bustling down below. I sighed blowing my charcoal like long black hair from my pale face that was lined with one deep edged scar that went from the top of my forehead to my chin. I slowly climbed out from my bed; its sheets sprawled wildly across my mattress. I slowly made my way to my closet, like a regular teenager my closet was a mess but I found exceptional outfit with ease. I quickly changed into a long sleeve and short shorts that were both a grayish black colour and headed into the kitchen, leaving my PJ's limply on the ground beside my closet. My mother was not yet up but I could tell she would be soon with a glance at the digital clock on the stove: 5:01. She would be up soon to ready for work and then walk to

Charles's diner for 6:00, my mom's husband and my dad had disappeared long before my mom knew she was pregnant. Where is he? I thought as the phone began to ring, I looked at the caller's ID; Luke, my friend and the fire starter. I picked up the phone

"what's up?" I asked halfheartedly as I opened a cupboard, searching for a cup

"I kind of set my apartment on fire"

"WHAT?!" I screeched

Completely normal summer Monday, bad

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P.S: if you haven't noticed, starlight is a girl!