We are driving along a winding road in the dark, the moonlight filtering through the branches of the trees above. There is silence in the car. The driver looks tense. She is a woman who appears to be aged around 30, with coppery hair and wary, pale blue eyes. She seems ill at ease, constantly checking the wing mirror, her hands white knuckled, clenched tightly on the steering wheel. I shiver; her nerves are catching. Her head jerks suddenly, catching a flicker of movement out the window. My small hands clutch my seatbelt nervously. "Ciara? What's happening?"

She doesn't answer, straining to hear any tell tale noise above the hum of the engine.


"Sh!"Her eyes widen suddenly and she puts her foot down, the car accelerating rapidly. But she's not in time to avoid the vehicle that smashes into us.

I scream, the car flipping over and over, my hair flying into my face, blinding me. I can hear the woman's cries of pain too, over the rumbling thuds of car on earth. At last we grind to a halt, smashing into a tree. Tremulously, I open my eyes. I can't see anything through the cracked windscreen, but I can tell that we must be on our side. All I can hear is my own laboured breathing, my own heart thumping in my ears.

"Senara..." the woman's voice is urgent, her breathing laboured. "Senara are you hurt?"

"I...I don't think so..."

"Then you must run. They will come for you."

"But...but what number am I?"

"I doesn't matter right now- if you are next they will kill you now, if not they will simply wait until the others are dead."



"Ciara, what about you?"

The woman lets out a soft moan of pain, and I see that the impact of the car had buckled the metal over her legs, crushing them. She's trapped. Even if she could get free she would die of blood loss and would be unable to walk, let alone run, at the very least.

"Go Senara."

Senara. That is my name at the moment. The woman is trying to move. With difficultly, she pulls something from her inside pocket. A plain white envelope. She shoves it into my hands. "Run."

I put the envelope into my pocket and undo my seatbelt with fumbling hands, before somehow managing to manoeuvre my small frame through the window, cutting myself on the glass in the process. I fall to the floor with a thump, and scramble to my feet, staring around into the darkness. Sinister shadows are approaching; I feel fear begin to prickle down my spine. With one last desperate glance back at the woman, I turn and run, run as fast as I can through the trees, wind whipping through my hair. I glance back, just one and wish I hadn't. I glance back just in time to see the woman ripped from the car and stabbed through the heart.

Running. Running, running, running through the trees. I can hear them, and put on a burst of speed. I'm ahead but they're gaining. They will catch me soon, and kill me like they killed her. I must run, I must, I must, I must...

Tarmac under my feet, not earth. There are lights, white and red, speeding around me, but I must keep running, I have to get away from them, I can't let them catch me...

I am unprepared when the lump of metal, travelling at 60 miles an hour smashes into me. I feel myself flying though the air, the lights swirling around me; I'm confused, I don't know which way's up or which way's down...

I hit something hard, something solid and the lights disappear into darkness.

I read the first of these amazing books yesterday. I'd seen the film trailer and thought; that looks cool. Then I saw at the end of the trailer that the films was based on a book. Naturally, as the book is always 10 times better than the film, I immediately came to the conclusion that the book must be absolutely awesome and went out and bought it the next day. And then read the entire thing yesterday. Granted, I often read a book or two a day, but due to exams and coursework and stuff like that, this was the second book I'd sat down and read in a day since Christmas! I know. Shocker!

Anyway, I immediately became hooked, and after reading the teaser chapter for 'The Power of Six', was extremely traumatised to discover that it won't be out until AUGUST! AUGUST I TELL YOU!

So I decided to content myself with reading some fics instead. Only to find there weren't any. So I thought; Hey I'll write my own!

So here it is. It's based on an idea I had for the Lorien Legacy RP, which I thought it would be interesting to develop more :).

Sorry if the title's too cliché, I couldn't think of anything else...:S. Suggestions are always appreciated.

Reviews are always welcome, and encourage me to update faster!

Thank you very much for reading!

Love Sapphire