Five times Rachel helps the girls, and one time they help her

(Written mainly because I am a super sick of all the Rachel hate!)


"Can I ask you something?" she hears Quinn's voice filter quietly through the auditorium. Quinn is standing halfway across a row of chairs, several rows back from the stage, and even from her position on the stage Rachel can see the uneasiness on Quinn's face.

"Sure I guess," she answers with trepidation, there are a million reasons she shouldn't put herself out there for Quinn, but she isn't good at walking away, unless she's storming out.

"I'm a cheater," the blonde states, she looks down at her shoes, clearly embarrassed by the admission. "I'm not asking this to make you feel bad, or to have a go at you, I just want to know," she takes a deep breath before finally asking. "Finn, he cheated on me, didn't he?" and she just stares at Rachel with a desperately soulful stare.

"Yes," Rachel replies after a moment, it's meek and honest and she takes a step closer to the edge of the stage.

There is a stillness between them, while they both ponder the ramifications of what's been admitted, and then Quinn looks back up, and takes another breath to ask her next question, "more than once?" and she waits again, a little longer this time.

Rachel looks everywhere but at Quinn's face, because at the end of the day, she knows that Quinn knows, it was her every time, Finn had been with her and it had been just what she wanted, "Yes."

She hears another shaky breath drawn, and the next question comes out with a slight quiver, "Even when he thought I was having his baby?"

This time Rachel forces herself to fix her gaze on Quinn, because the girl deserves it, "Yes," she admits again, she doesn't bother to point out that she herself hadn't known, it wouldn't make a difference.

Rachel watches as a tear rolls down Quinn's cheek and she feels horrible until the corners of the ex-cheerleaders mouth turn up. It's a gentle smile she hadn't expected to see, and the words that come with it shock Rachel, "Thank you for being honest Rachel, you're the only one who ever is, it means a lot," and she turns to leave.

"Does this mean you aren't getting back together with Finn," she doesn't actually want them reunited, but on the other hand, she now feels incredibly guilty.

"I wasn't going to anyway, I told him this morning, I really need some," she stops to think about her wording, "sometime to just look after myself."

Rachel watches Quinn walk towards the isle, "why did you want to know then?" her curiosity is peaked.

Quinn looks back over her shoulder with a small grin in place, "because now I can forgive myself for what I did to him."