2 (because really, Kurt is one of the girls!)

"How do you know that?" Kurt asks her with jealous animosity, Blaine has just excused himself to go to the bathroom, but before he did, he and Rachel were having a discussion about an undeserved penalty awarded in a recent game.

"I watch football," she says nonchalantly while stirring her hot chocolate.

He seems even more stressed by this, "but why?" he's becoming agitated now.

She looks up at him finally and sees his facial expression, she laughs a little but answers, "my daddy used to play college ball, he loves it, so I grew up watching the buckeyes," she just smiles.

He huffs prissily, "I can't believe that you never told me that, you could have been useful and actually explained the game to me at some point," he jabs.

"Weren't you on the football team at one point?" she asks, one eyebrow cocked in her typical 'Rachel disapproves' expression.

"I was a kicker," he says as if that explains it all, even though it sort of does.

"Does Blaine know that you were on the football team, and that you were the reason for their first victory last season?" she asks, the knowledge of her own brilliance evident in her voice.

"No," he admits, suddenly realising that he is kind of daft.

"Well you should tell him, he will be impressed and think you're a total stud! And you should come over to my house on the weekend and let my daddy make a football fan out of you, and after he's done we can watch Oklahoma, because I've been in a country and western mood all week," she informs him at lightning speed, "oh and also, you should buy me a vegan cookie because I'm awesome!"

He glares at her a little but gets up and buys the cookie, when he gets back to the table Blaine is sitting there again, and when he turns to look at Kurt his expression can only be described as 'in awe.'

"How come you never told me you were on the football team?" Blaine gushes.

Kurt does he best to act cavalier, he drops a kiss on Rachel's cheek as he puts the cookie down in front of her, "because you're beautiful," he tells her, even though they both know that's not the only reason he bought it, "I dunno," he says finally to Blaine, "I guess I didn't think it was a big deal," and he shrugs.

"It was," Rachel gushes, "he was the star of the team, for weeks every girl in school wanted him!"

"Really?" Blaine asks devilishly, turning his gaze on Kurt with new found interest.

"Wait, Really?" Kurt asks, with more of a quizzical tone, and while Blaine is distracted, Rachel fixes Kurt with a look that so clearly reads, 'no, not really, because you are incredibly gay!'

When Blaine turns, as if to also seek an answer to Kurt's question also, the look is gone from her face and all she says is, "oh yeah, there was swooning in the halls."

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