Tony and Ziva had been partners for six yeas. They had met each other at the ages of 28 and 35, despite the 11 year age difference they fell in love at first site of each other. Now agents of 29 and 41 they still are in that "awkward unfulfilled desires" stage as Abby Scuito had called it. She tells everything about them to me. Who do you think partnered them up as married, sexually active, assassins? I did. Who pairs them up to go to Vegas? Me. I'm their boss. I can control them. I can control any agent who fears me. And: Agents DiNozzo and

I walked into work the next morning with Abby. We were planning the next 'coincidental case'. No, we were not killing anyone, we just searched the 'states NCIS case info for a case that required a couple. And we had already cast our 'leads'. Down in Abby's lab, she searched on her computers, and I on my laptop.

"Ah Ha!" Abby turned to me with glee in her facial expression. "I found the perfect case!"

We both smiled, "Details please."

"Okay this is going to be really awkward for Tony and Zi. But, if we put this plan into action right away, we can be finished in about 9 months." My lips curled up into a sly smile.

"DiNozzo, David. Come to my office." By office I obviously meant elevator and as soon as we were all inside, I flicked the switch.

"Boss? Whats wrong? Or...isn't..." Tony asked, curiously.

"Nothing. I have a case for you two. You will have to be extremely deep undercover."

"Can't be too hard. I mean: we've faked sexual intercourse about 4 times once... How hard can this be?" Ziva stated.

"Ziva. You're going to have to become pregnant, Tony: your the father."

The two agents glanced at each other.

"I will not actually be pregnant will I?" Ziva's voice quivered, very un-characteristic of her.

"Yes, you have to be pregnant. With, Tony's child." I heard the two gasp. "There is a maternity specialist who has been killing pregnant, jewish, naval wives. We believe it is because of some religious thing, but Ziver. I know that wether or not your weighed down about eight pounds, you can still catch this guy. Obviously this will take nine, to ten months; depending on wether DiNozzo can actually give it 'the big finish' (A/N: think about season 3 episode 8 "Undercovers" and what Gibbs says to Tony at one point! ;) lol) I looked up, unaware Ziva had fainted and Tony was just plain staring at me.

After Ziva awoke I took the two to my house.

"Oh my god." They kept saying in unicen.

"Guys, I know this is hard, but Ziva, you'll have a beautiful son or daughter; and Tony, you'll have a national hero award, Ziva will too."

"Okay." Ziva agreed to my plan, "I'll do it. Provided...Tony helps me in the...raising, of this child."

"I don'y know, Ziva. I think this would ruin us being partners."

"There is always that risk." I said solemnly, "I know from experience.

"Okay, I'll do it too." Tony said, but he didn't smile, neither did Ziva or I.

"Tony, I expect pregnancy results by the end of the month. Go!"


As I walked out of Gibbs' house with Tony, I knew that even with my feelings for him that we would have to be drunk. I knew he knew too; because he brought me to his house and got out four bottles of wine.

"Cheers to...I don't know." said Tony as he took a huge gulp of the wine.

All I remember from then on is tony being more drunk than I, and us sleeping together.

3 months later.

I walked into work feeling downright volatile and bloated. I didn't need a test to figure out that Gibbs' plan was in full session. Tony barely talked to me anymore; only about the case or about our undercover lives. My stomach had gotten as hard as a rock, it all scared me.

Things got worse when Gibbs' entered the bullpen. Abby, Ducky, Palmer, Jenny, McGee, Tony and I waited as the thoughts in Gibbs' mind turned to a care briefing, or in this case: An announcement.

"We have a new case, Tony and Ziva are going undercover again as a married couple. An...expecting married couple. Why I chose Ziva and Tony over Ziva and you, McGee is because their dating, and Ziva is 3 months pregnant with his child." Tony and I put on our best 'fake love' looks and he pulled me in for a kiss, only to release me to hug me from behind as everyone on our floor applauded, even though they probably knew it was fake.

The next day Gibbs' had us undercover in our new house. 'Seven months with Tony, Great.' I thought.

That night we went to the only place in the house not bugged with camera's: the bedroom.

"Why does he make us do such things, Tony? Couldn't I have just faked a pregnancy?"

"No, Ziva. The 'maternity killer' examines you. Looks at your you an ultrasound. Why have you not known about this stuff? I mean, your a girl. A soon to be mother."

"Yes, but you are going to be a father, my little hairy butt." I said seductively for absolutely no reason at all.

"I just remembered something! Remember the case, uh. Sofie, you, were pregnant and I was trying to picture you pregnant?"


"Well now I'll actually get to see that, first hand."

"Oh. Goodnight, Tony. I, am tired." I said with a yawn as I snuggled into him as I slowly fell unconscious.

Tony and I woke up to Gibbs' yelling at us through the earpieces.

"DiNozzo! Stop playing grab-ass with Ziva and get back to work." My eyes shot open, I had not realized it was his hand on my butt. I had assumed there was a pillow.

"Boss, how could you tell Tony's hand was on my ass?" I inquired, realizing there were not camera's in this room. "Just a hunch Ziva." Tony still had not removed his hand, so I, took the liberty of taking it off and going to cook breakfast. I knew Gibbs, Abby and McGee's eyes were on me the second I stepped out of the bedroom, into the hall. I carefully looked around for the tiny technological device. "Hey Gibbs. Where is the god damned camera?" "The bedroom doorknob." The rough voice of the Senior Field Agent filled my ear. "Okay..." I proceeded downstairs.

One half of an hour later Tony woke up.

"Hello, sweet cheeks, what's for breakfast?" He put his hands on my waist. "Waffles." I paused, thinking about code sentences. "Did you get enough sleep?" Translation: "Are we being watched Gibbs?" Through the earpiece we head a hissed "Yes"

"Yes Zi, I'm fine. You?"


"McGee! McGee!" Abby's voice came through the phone's speakers. "Yes, Abby?" He said into the phone. "Look at the surveillance picture of Tony and Ziva I sent you! They are so cute, McGee!"

McGee clicked on the file and a picture of Tony and Ziva kissing, in bed, popped up. "Abby?" "Yeah?" "Did you smuggle a camera into one of their bags to spy?"

"No...Maybe..Well, yeah." McGee mentally smiled. "Good I've been waiting for this...Forever. Abb's? Don't you think this is a little weird? I mean...Tony, Tony DiNozzo; And Ziva, Ziva David. What if after they get together Tony breaks her heart? Damn it. I sound like a girl." McGee's tone excluded any girly aspects, yet Abby still agreed.

"Tim. I never said I was trying to get them together. Did I? All I said was: "They are cute together!" And yes...I quote that." Abby paused and McGee heard a soft slurping sound: Caf-Pow. "God this is turning out just like-"

"Like my book?"

"Well no. Because you never gave me a copy!" McGee mentally Gibbs-slapped himself. "Sorry Abb's, but in my book, Lisa and Tommy-"

"Ziva and Tony?"

"Yes, they fall in love during an undercover mission that Tibbs-"

"Gibbs" The two said in unicen.

"Sends them on. Everything goes well until the neighbors start spying on them, and watch their escapades so closely that Lisa and Tommy have to know. But anyways: Lisa gets pregnant, so she blows her cover. Then something bad happens to my character."

"Oh my god. What?"

"Oh, the neighbors shoot him, but he lives." Abby heard this and rolled her eyes. "No. Their covers are blown? What if that happens and one of them is shot?"

"Their in-"

"Their in danger! Their baby is in danger!"

After abby's talk with McGee she became really paranoid. Abby paced back and forth in her lab; if she had any work to do she would have done a lazy job of it. "Gibbs!"


"Ziva and Tony...And little Tony or Ziva," She whispered, "Are in danger! McGee said he wrote about this in his books! I don't want any of them to die, Gibbs!"

"Abbs. Neither of them is going to die, and you know that. McGee's writing is purely fictional. Nothing will happen. However, I am sending you down as Tony's sister. Do. Not. Blow. This."

Abby was too stunned to notice the line had gone dead. She ran up, bubbling with joy, to the bullpen; just to hug Gibbs.

"Thank you so much! Okay, so should I dress like this? no. what should I be like?"

"We have, me and McGee, created a wardrobe for 'Abby Wright' a twenty-one year old, hoping to major in forensics. You have a boyfriend. An author named Timothy Blaine," McGee waved at Abby, "And Ziva is your best friend. Yet you don't know about the pregnancy." Abby smiled.


Tony and Ziva were briefed, quickly, by Gibbs posing as a mailman, the following morning. The short meeting was followed with a call from Abigail Wright.

"Wright residence...Abby? It's so nice to hear from you...Your house is being fumigated...Termites...Yeah, sure you can stay here...Come by later...Okay, bye."

"Who was that sweetie?" Ziva put a hand on Tony's shoulder.

"My sister, Abby, she's staying the weekend with her new boyfriend, Timothy."

"Great! I have not seen her since the wedding. When are they getting here?" Ziva nonchalantly flipped through a book of baby names.

"Sometime around five p.m. We need to tell them, Zi." Tony put a hand on Ziva's belly. "Yes, Tony I suppose we do."

The pair of agents walked around the house, prepping for the arrival of Abby and McGee. The doorbell rang.

"Hey, Abby!"

"Hello Ziva! This is Tim, Tim this is Ziva!" Abby stood there feeling awkward introducing the two co-workers. She pulled a piece of string hanging down from her light purple tank top.

"Come in. Tony! Your sister is here." Tony appeared and helped the two 'undercover newbies' with their bags, bringing them up to the guest bedroom; Then he came back to the scene.

"Abby!" Tony felt weird asking a thirty one year old that.

"Everything's good. Except for one class which Timmy is helping me with! He's so sweet."

"Nice house. Do you mind showing me to the bathroom?" McGee asked, not sure what Tim Blaine would say. He and Tony left the room.

"So what do you think of the name Aaron?" Ziva tried to be subtle, hinting on the next topic.

"It's a really cute name. Why? Oh my gosh. Are you pregnant?" Abby was rushing it, and the whole group heard a hiss from Gibbs in their ears.

"Yep! Tony and I are so excited! It is really weird having something inside me though."

"How far along?"

"Three months."

Tony came back down, alone. "What are my two girls giggling about? Care to tell?"

"Oh, Tony! You know what! But I am waiting until Tim gets back down to make the formal announcement." Ziva smiled, putting a hand to her lower abdomen. The unnatural hard-ness was alien to Ziva and she mentally panicked, What if I am not a good mother?

Minutes later McGee arrived in the living room. "Timmy? Come sit. Tony and Ziva have something they want to tell us!"

Back at MTAC, Gibbs, Jenny, and almost all of the NCIS staff, with clearance to MTAC, were watching the undercover agents, and the forensic scientist. Most of the staff had made bets on wether the actual non-undercover relationship of Tony and Ziva was real or not, they were all waiting for something that would signal "Yes" or "No".

"DiNozzo, just...never mind." Gibbs started, but then decided this moment was too perfect to be choreographed.

"Zi and I are..." The whole room sucked in a deep breath, "Pregnant!" Ziva finished. "We don't know the gender." Tony felt vulnerable and panicked.

"Wow! I'm so happy for you guys! You are going to be great parents!" The whole room heard the silent chuckle of Leroy Jethro Gibbs ("Yea, an assassin and a DiNozzo. Great parents.")

"Well Abb's, I did practically raise you!" Tony joked, back 'in character'. "No you didn't! Okay...maybe you did!" The group laughed, the natural bond between the two stimulating the ease of being undercover together; it was like Abby and Tony were long lost brother and sister.

During this whole thing McGee sat there. "Normally a new boyfriend of a sister who's sister in law was pregnant and announcing it would be like this...right?" He thought.

Hours later the group had finished with dinner, and the 'boys' had started watching a re-run of a football game. Abby and Ziva, however, sat in the kitchen drinking (non-alcoholic) wine.

"So, how long have you and Tim been dating?"

"Since a month ago, was it too much to bring him here? Especially with the pregnancy bombshell?"

"No! It is fine! There was no way you could have known I was announcing it tonight anyway!"

"That makes me feel so much better, thanks!"

"How long have you been living together, then?"

"Three days," Abby took another sip of her wine.

"Oh," There was a long gap, it was filled with Tony and McGee's "hollers" of joy, someone had scored a touchdown. "I hate this Abb's." Ziva said simply, and walked to Tony an her bedroom, making sure Abby followed.

"I feel like an inflated ballon and I just...I never thought I would be a mother, Abby. Not after what happened with Mossad." Ziva hung her head.

"Ziva," Abby whispered.

"My father would kill any Mossad agent, if they were pregnant. He did not was us slowing him down."

"Us?" Abby inquired. If Eli had done something to Ziva, Abby would kill him leaving no forensic evidence.

"I was pregnant. That is why I came here, my father did not know until right before Kate died, when I was scheduled to go back. I went home for a day. He killed the child...before I could tell him not to, that I wanted the baby. But..."

"Oh Ziva! Well, I promise he will not kill this little prince, or princess."

Gibbs paced back and forth, like he had been doing for the past hour. It was three p.m and Abby was supposed to be at his house. He took out his phone and pressed the 1 button. Before he could hit 'send' the unnaturally-dressed-goth-princess came through the front door, coffee in hand.

"Sorry I'm late, Gibbs! Some...traffic." She handed the cup to him. "So. Why am I here?"

"Because," Gibbs said in his normal 'Gibbs-means-business' voice. "I want to know what happened in there."

"What are you... Oh! Can't, sorry Gibbs. It's kinda a, personal thing."

"Abby..." Interrogation mode activated!

"Tell me... NOW!"

"Ziva's been pregnant before! But that son of a bitch, Eli, killed it."

Sorry Zi. Abby thought solemnly.

"When?" Gibbs inquired. "The week Kate died."

"Poor Ziva. Abby, maybe we were wrong to do this. I think we're opening up old wounds."

"How do you know?" Abby was oblivious to Mossad and Ziva, except for the face Mossad killed her child. "A mossad assassin told a secret about herself. Abby! I think we're done here, lets just let this mission unfold."

"But Gibbs!"

"No 'buts' Abbs."

"Tony! Come on! We both have an appointment, it is not just me!" Ziva yelled frantically, her fourth month was almost done and they had yet to see the doctor. Tony came downstairs, dressed in a red T-Shirt and jeans. Unusual for a DiNozzo.

"Ready sweet cheeks." The two gave each other a quick peck on the lips before heading out. The air outside was humid, thick. They were glad that in a few seconds they would have air conditioning. Ziva took off her light jacket, even in the cooled air. She was wearing a white camisole which made her tanned skin stand out, it was also tight, which made her ever-growing stomach stand out too. Tony noticed this and decided he'd better say something.

"Zi..." Ziva's head snapped towards the sound. "Yes, Tony?" Tony put his right hand on the large bulge; to which Ziva's initial reaction was to break his arm, she decided against it.

Ziva cleared her throat. "Yes, Tony?" He removed his hand and pulled onto the road. "Nothing. This is what it feels like to be an expecting parent?" Tony asked sheepishly.

"Yes. I do believe it is," There was a pause, "Do you suppose the baby will be a girl or a boy?"

"A girl, she'll be strong and tough like her beautiful mother." Tony stated.

"Really? I was hoping it would be a boy. Someone quite like his father, with the emerald green eyes." Ziva smiled, she didn't want her child to have any of her genes; looks she was okay with, but she would rather her child do something other than play 'assassin'.

Abby paced back and forth in her lab. The little computer screen flipped though the faces, attempting to identify the culprit. A ding sounded.

"Gibbs! I got a match!" Abby's excited and panicked voice echoed loudly in Gibbs' ear before he shut the phone and headed downstairs.

"Okay. So Jaimee Lee Renaldo was a housewife of a Petty Officer, so was Sandra Anthony. They were both killed, along with their unborn children, by Alexander Burke. Our murderer." Abby pointed to the picture of Alex they got from Tony's glasses five minutes earlier, and the picture from the list of juvenile detention inmates.

"Juvy?" Abby turned to face Gibbs. "Yeah. He was charged for killing his murdered brother's pregnant wife three years ago, he was seventeen. A year underage. Gibbs, I think this was a personal thing."

"I'm glad we didn't decided to find out the gender yet."

"Yea." Tony was focusing on the case. "Ziva? I'm kinda scared i'll be a bad parent." He admitted. Tony had never stayed this committed to anything, ever in his whole life. Sure, he loved Ziva, but...What if one day he didn't?

"Tony. You will be a great father. We are both the parents of this child. One of us might mess this up. But the other will fix it." Ziva saw the scared look on Tony's face, "It will be okay."

The silence that followed was too quiet, for either agent. It was only broken by noises on the outside of the car. All of a sudden a car came barreling out into the path of the fake couple's car.

The gasp of people authorized to watch the camera's in MTAC braced themselves as Tony tried to swerve the car. But it didn't help. The crashing sound ripped away at the heartstrings of the strongest heart: Leroy Jethro Gibbs. His phone had exited his pocket before impact, already dialing 911.

"McGee! C'mon, we need to go see if they are alright. Get Abby, get in 'costume' and Go!" Gibbs shouted at McGee as he scurried down to Abby's lab.

When McGee arrived in the lab he saw again the bare, tattooed back of Abigail Scuito. "Uh, sorry. Guess you got the message?"

"Yeah! I hope their alright! Come on Timmy!" The pair raced into the parking garage.

Ziva winced as she attempted to sit herself back up in the seat. "Oh my god, Tony! The baby!" Ziva's hand flew to her stomach before she noticed the large gash in the head of her co-worker. "Tony, stay still, do. Not. Move!" Tony obeyed and Ziva timidly lifted the fabric of her shirt. The significant bump was there, as usual but it was very different. Purple-ish bruises were already beginning to blossom across her abdomen.

"Fuck! Tony? No!" Ziva panicked beginning to hyperventilate over the two lives at stake. Ziva didn't even hear the sirens as her breaths became shorter and she passed out.

The paramedics lifted each, gingerly, out of the car. They put Tony in the one ambulance on the scene as his wound was visible, and life threatening.

"Huh? T...Tony. Tony! Where is Tony?" Ziva asked the paramedic tending to her. "Their taking him to the hospital." Ziva came back to her senses. "I. I am pregnant and," She lifted her shirt to reveal her dark purple flesh, "I..." Ziva broke down. "Ma'am. It's okay, try to stay calm and still. We're calling a second ambulance."

Ziva just sat there. She couldn't do anything for Tony, and she couldn't do anything for their child. Every few seconds bile would travel up her throat from the thoughts of the lives cut short.

"Ziva! Oh my god! Are you okay?" Abby rushed over to her friend. Ziva shook her head 'no'. "Were's Tony, Ziva?" "He was taken to Bethesda, I'm going next." Ziva said, keeping still as possible.

The flashing of red and blue lights met the two girl's eyes. "Guess that's your ride, Zi. We'll meet you at the hospital." Abby patted the mossad agent's hand and went back to where McGee was waiting with the car.

"Jenny! Two of my agent's almost died. Give me a day off to go and see them!" Gibbs slammed his hands down on the director's desk.

"By doing that you will jeopardize their case!" Jenny shot immediately at Gibbs.

"Can't I go undercover or something?"

"Yes. By all means! If you want to be a a grampa!" Gibbs froze. Since kelly died he had never thought he would ever have another child again. But now he realized Tony, Abby, and McGee are his children, and Tony was having a child. Gibbs' first grandchild.


Ziva lay in her hospital bed. She stared at the picture of giraffes across from her. "Miss DiNozzo?"

"Da-" Ziva coughed, "Sorry, yes. Mrs. DiNozzo."

"Well, the good news is that you and the baby are fine." Ziva grinned, then frowned again.

"The bad news, Doctor?"

"Your husband is in a coma."