Okay, so i was toying with the idea of Bella having Wolverine's powers ever since i saw the movie (almost 2 yrs ago), before i started writing SOP, but at the time SOP had a more developed plot and came together better, so i filed this one away and added to the plot line every now and then. Since then i have found and read a couple of other Wolverine Bella stories, though their plots are completely different.

As always, it is a Bella/Edward story, but while Bella is a regenerating mutant with an adamantium skeleton, much of her history is different from Logan's in the movie and comic series.

So here it is:

Chapter 1

I rode past an old, rusting sign, it's peeling white letters welcoming me to the small town of Forks, Washington, one of the rainiest places in USA. It was here that I intended to make my new home for the next few years. If I started out in high school as an emancipated orphaned teenager, I could probably stretch out my time, before I had to leave, as far as a decade before anyone noticed that I hadn't been ageing.

In many ways it was a curse to have a body filled with regenerating cells, and a skeleton coated with adamantium - a metal so strong that my retracting claws could cut through the hardest things like butter. I was over a hundred years old, and while at one time I had been happy with my sister, Alice, with her gone I found I had nothing left to live for, yet I couldn't kill myself thanks to a promise I had made to her which I intended to keep. My sister Alice had been a vampire - not the normal red-eyed human drinking ones though, she had drunk from animals, or from me, since I regenerated blood faster than she had been able to drink it.

She had been bright and happy - a little dynamo that I loved, despite her instance on dressing me in the latest fashions and dragging me on shopping trips. She had been my sun, and without her I was alone in a dark world. Still, as per my promise, I intended to keep living, and make an effort to be happy.

This was the reason why I was now in Forks, and had enrolled myself in school starting that very morning. I cruised past the sleeping town as the sun broke over the horizon, light diffusing through the clouded sky. My motorbike was a red 1963 Harley Davidson DuoGlide FLH - a birthday gift from Alice the year before she had died. On my back was a single large bag with a few changes of clothes, important documents and money. The rest of my belongings would be arriving in a couple of weeks.

I followed the road out of town before turning off into a dirt track. After navigating the few twists and turns through the forest I eventually came upon my new home. It had been a holiday retreat house for a Seattle CEO who had gotten divorced. Neither spouse had wanted the house, and I had managed to buy it for a reasonable price.

This was the first time I had seen it. I hopped off my bike and looked up at it, feeling quite satisfied with my purchase. The two storey home had many large bay windows overlooking the front garden, the centre of which had a large fountain and a paved footpath leading to the double front doors. I walked up and inserted the key I had picked up in Seattle last night. Once inside I started to explore. It wasn't huge, but I didn't need it to be. It had a four bay garage, downstairs had an open living room, dining area and kitchen, with a bedroom, bathroom and laundry. Upstairs held the master bedroom, a huge ensuite with a Jacuzzi, and an enormous walk-in wardrobe that Alice would have approved of. It took up nearly half the second floor by itself. The other half of the floor was another two rooms and a bathroom. All in all, I thought it had a great layout, and I loved the huge windows that allowed what little light Forks got to enter. The colour scheme, however, had to go. I was not a fan of hot pink, bright orange, and mint green walls, and I would not be sleeping in this house until they were gone.

The first thing on my 'to do' list now, was to find out where the nearest paint shop was and decide on some new colours. Once painted, I planned to choose new furniture to be delivered, since I only had clothes, important belongings and my other vehicles arriving - I had many houses over the world that I kept furnished in case I wished to visit.

I looked at the time and realised that I only had a couple of hours left before I had to be at the high school for my first day of school. It was something of a novelty to me - going to high school. Alice and I had intended to try it, but had never gotten around to it, and when I was born way back in 1898, most girls didn't get much of an education, unless they were intending to become teachers. I'll admit I was a little curious about it. It was times like these when I most acutely felt the loss of Alice - if she had been here she would have been bouncing with eagerness and pushing me into the prefect 'first day at a new school' outfit. Alas, by myself I could only do my best.

I brought my bag inside and left it in the living area, changing out of the clothes I had travelled in. Although I doubted Alice would have approved, I put on some simple jeans, a t-shirt, leather bike riding boots and my red leather jacket. I shrugged, and locked the house before straddling my bike again.

I stopped in at the diner for breakfast, shovelling down their full cooked breakfast - steak, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, bacon and toast. Being regenerative meant that I had a fast metabolism and needed a lot of food, although I could starve myself for weeks without a negative effect. I grinned a little as I saw some of the other patrons gape at me out of the corner of their eye. No doubt it looked odd to them to see a petite 5 foot 3 inch slender girl pack away such a huge meal.

Finally it was time to go to school. It was still early and I was the first in the parking lot, leaving my motorbike in a spot on the far side of the lot, away from the buildings, in the hope that people wouldn't notice and swarm around it. I hated it when they left their greasy fingerprints all over my baby. With all the rain this place seemed to get, I hoped it would hold off until my cars arrived, because I didn't want to have to leave my bike sitting in the rain for the next week. I hadn't really thought through the logistics of only having a bike in such a rainy town - I had just wanted to enjoy a little road trip on the way here.

Leaving the bike, I followed the signs to the office. Inside was a sickly looking palm tree that was out of place in a town like Forks, and a lady behind the desk eyeing me with undisguised interest. No doubt there had been gossip about town when they heard of the newly enrolled girl at school who was a rich emancipated minor. As the receptionist - Mrs Cope - gave me my schedule and a map, I realised that there would have been plenty of speculation, and I could only hope that people would see how uninteresting I am and leave me alone.

Unfortunately, my wish was unfulfilled, as I realised immediately after walking out of the office. Standing there was a boy with greasy black hair that looked like a chess club type. Wonderful. "Hi," he smiled brightly, "I'm Eric, you're the new girl Isabella aren't you?"

I nodded, hoping that my silence would scare him off. It didn't. "So I was thinking that I'd show you around, and take you to your first class - wouldn't want you to get lost on your first day." This boy just didn't know when to quit.

I gritted my teeth and squashed down the mental image of throwing him into a wall or skewering him with my claws. Thinking back on Alice, and how disappointed she would be with me for not bothering to try and make friends, I took a deep breath and gave Eric a thin smile. "Thanks, and it's Bella."

Luckily, that was all the talking I was required to do, and I followed along as he chattered away about his boring life and his friends, while leading me around the school and showing me where my classes were.

Eventually, we were back at the front of the school, near the car park, and there were far more people milling around. Nobody seemed to have spotted my bike over in the far corner, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Eric led me over to some friends of his, who I met quietly. There was a baby-faced blonde guy called Mike, a sour-faced blonde girl called Lauren, a bubbly brunette called Jessica and another, kinder looking brunette called Angela. Of all of them, only Angela looked like she might be a potential friend of any sort - if I could be bothered to make any friends here. It was a Tuesday, and the first day of school for the new term, so at least that took a little of the notice off me. Everyone was interested in catching up with each other, and finding out what their friends had done on their holidays.

I managed to get through my first lessons of the day with ease. Despite never having gone to school – I was too sick to attend when I was a child, and after that I never really wanted to, I found that I knew most of what they were teaching. There was enough that I didn't know to keep me interested, which was lucky, otherwise I might not have been so willing to put up with the pointless chatter of most of my classmates.

When lunch came around, Jessica, who had been in my last class, took me over to her friends, talking incessantly and failing to notice that I wasn't actually listening. I sat down with them, grimacing a bit over the cafeteria food as I let them talk a little around me. My eyes scanned the cafeteria absentmindedly, before I saw something that made me stop. I blinked and looked again in disbelief. There at a far table was a single vampire - a very handsome vampire, if truth be told. With my enhanced eyesight, I spotted his eyes as he turned to look curiously at me. They were bright gold - a colour I hadn't seen since I lost my sister Alice, many years ago. Before I had time to wonder much about why he was in the middle of a school full of humans, and how he had come to drink animal blood, Jessica piped up beside me, "I see you've seen Edward."

I turned and cocked a questioning eyebrow. She nodded at the vampire. "That's Edward Cullen. He has a few siblings that go here as well, and they all kind of keep to themselves. They moved here from Alaska two years ago." Here she lowered her voice, proceeding to give me the juiciest gossip. "They're all foster kids that Doctor Cullen and his wide adopted, and all of them are like together except Edward. There's twins, Jasper and Rosalie Hale, who are Mrs Cullen's real niece and nephew, while the others were all just adopted. Jasper is with Alice Cullen, while Rosalie is with Emmett Cullen. All of them are like supermodels or something, I mean, they all look like so pretty. It can't be natural." I chuckled a little. It was pretty hard to miss the supernatural beauty of a vampire.

"Where's the rest of them, then?" I asked.

"Well, the other four are all visiting foreign countries - their parents managed to do that for them. They're lucky they're so rich, I mean, my parents would like, never send me, overseas. Edward's the only one who stayed behind. They are meant to be back in two weeks."

I nodded thoughtfully. I felt sorry for this Edward. It seemed he was the only vampire in his coven without a mate, if what Jessica said was true. I knew he must be feeling lonely. I hopped up, shocking the others at my table. "What are you doing?" Jessica asked.

"I'm going to sit with Edward, I bet he's really lonely with all his siblings gone," I explained. They looked shocked, but I ignored then, picking up my bag and heading over to meet the vampire. He was bound to be more interesting than these shallow humans.

He had turned to stare at me, surprise written all over his face. It seemed he had heard me, and could not quite believe that I was really coming to sit with him. I could read the incredulity and frustration on his face as I approached. No doubt he was unable to understand why a seemingly human girl would voluntarily come and sit next to a vampire - a creature that sent out vibes so that humans instinctively knew to stay away.

I smiled, trying to appear friendly as I stopped in front of him, holding out a hand for him to shake. "Hello, I'm Bella. Can I sit here?"

"Hello Bella, I'm Edward. You are welcome to sit here." He shook himself out of his dumbfounded stupor and took my hand. His politeness seemed innate, because it had been obvious in his expression when I approached, that he was trying to get me to turn around and leave him alone.

As our hands connected and our eyes locked I felt warmth suffuse through me. It felt like a living flame was racing through my veins, but it did not hurt. Instead it was reassuring, comforting. I drew in a gasp. When Alice and I had first met other vampires, they had informed us of the rules regarding their kind, as well as unique vampire characteristics. One of them had been the mating bond.

The mating bond was supposed to be primarily between two vampires, where they would touch and know instantly that that was their mate - their other half. The warmth was the two being bound together for eternity, for then one could not live without the other. It was a serious offense to kill one's mate knowingly, for it would send the vampire into a fury. They would seek revenge for their fallen mate, and once that was achieved, they would throw themselves into a flame or find a way to die, for one could not truly live without their other half. According to the vampires we met, rarely, a vampire would mate with a human, though the human would have to be turned almost immediately after, for the strength of the bonding process would weaken them and they would die if not turned. I, however, was different. As an immortal mutant, I had no doubt that I could handle the strength of the mating bond, but I was shocked that I could even mate with a vampire. I knew I could not turn into a vampire, which I'd always assumed was necessary to mate with one. My cells rejected any venom that got into my system, throwing it out of my body. I had thought you had to either be a vampire, or be able to become a vampire, in order to bond.

How wrong I was. I stared down into Edward's mesmerising golden eyes as the truth dawned on me. All the times I had lamented being alone were coming back to bite me, for I would never be alone again. Edward Cullen was now bound to me for eternity, and I was bound to him. He looked just as shocked as I was, though there was also worry and concern in his eyes. Since he thought I was human, he was probably worrying about how I would need to be changed soon, for if a vampire did not change their mate after the bonding, the human would die within a month, and the vampire would be doomed to live a half-life, eventually seeking out their own death. From all reports though, that had only happened a couple of times in the entire history of vampires. I gulped. I knew that very soon I was going to have to let this stranger in on my secret, for he was now my mate. I could only hope that the mating bond would overpower his repulsion when he found out what I was. Even now, with the bond still newly formed, it pained me to think that he might possibly turn away from me when he found out what I was.

Seeing he was still staring at me in wonderment, I slowly sat down beside him, not releasing his hand. I cleared my throat nervously. "So, ah, I hear your siblings are overseas. What countries are they visiting?"

"They spent a few weeks in Egypt and are now in Paris for until they come home." His voice was like velvet- warm and comforting, drawing me in with its softness.

"That sounds nice, are they enjoying it?" I needed to keep him talking so I could listen to his entrancing voice.

"Yes, I talked to them a few days ago, and they are having a great time." He smiled fondly as he talked of his siblings.

"Why didn't you go with them?" I asked, curious.

"They are paired up, and I didn't want to feel like a third or fifth wheel, so I stayed here," he sighed. "I am not the best companion to take on trips anyway, and I didn't want to ruin their fun."

"I'm not sure whether it would be better to be surrounded by couples and feel like the odd one out, or to be totally alone like me," I mused sadly. "Either way, it seems like we're a pretty pitiful pair."

He sighed, and his golden orbs burned into mine, as if he was trying to read my mind. "You're truly all alone?" he asked.

"Yes, my parents and sister died a long time ago," I explained, wincing as I thought back through the decades that I had had no one. I knew he would have heard the gossip travelling about me being an emancipated minor – everyone in the school appeared to know.

"I am sorry for your loss," he said with genuine sympathy. "My own parents died a while ago too, but I am extraordinary lucky to have Carlisle and Esme- they are the best parents' one could ask for. I cannot fathom how I would feel to be alone, you must be very strong Bella," he observed.

I shrugged, "I get by, some days are harder than others," I admitted.

He frowned at that and began rubbing soothing circles on my hand. "Well I hope things start looking up for you," I could see the determination behind that statement.

"Well so far, my move to Forks has come with some unforseen benefits," I allowed as I stared at his handsome face. While I had been shocked when our bond first formed, now that we were connected I was having trouble seeing Edward as anything but a wonderful gift. Already I felt the urge to find out everything I could about him. My only niggling worry was that he might not accept me when he found out I was a mutant who could never be a vampire like him. I was sure he must have been hoping for a vampire mate, or at least expecting one eventually.

"I'm glad. What are you intending to do this year in Forks? Do you plan to join any clubs or have a favourite activity?" he asked.

"No, I hadn't really thought that far ahead," I said sheepishly. "I just wanted a fresh start, away from all my memories. What do you do for fun in Forks?"

"Well my family and I like camping," he explained. "There isn't much else to do, though my sisters do love to shop," he laughed fondly and I winced. My sister had liked shopping too.

I quickly banished that thought. "Well camping sounds fun, but I can't say I'm a big fan of shopping."

"Me neither," he allowed with a smile. "I also play piano and listen to a lot of music- that takes up most of my time when the rest of the household is doing couple things," he explained.

I smiled in understanding. "Well it seems we do have something in common, because I love music. Although, I can't play any instruments," I admitted.

"Really?" his smile became enthusiastic. "What kind of music do you listen to?" This started us off on a huge discussion of our musical preferences, and we found that we shared many favourite artists. Music had been one of my constant interests over the last century, and as a result I knew a lot about bands that most people had never heard of. However, Edward proved to be just as big a music buff as I was.

I found myself in an animated discussion over the best forties music, and both of us were very disappointed when the bell rang, signalling the end of lunch. I watched as his face fell like mine. I reluctantly extracted my hand from his warm grasp and stood up. I immediately wanted to grab his hand back, because mine suddenly felt empty. "Well it was nice talking to you Edward."

"It was my pleasure, Bella," he said earnestly as he too rose from the table. "May I walk you to your next class?" I was thrilled by his simple offer, and a light blush rose to my cheeks - something that had never happened to me before.

"Of course," I checked my schedule, "I have Biology with Mr Banner next," I informed him, watching as a happy smile slid over his face.

"So do I, in fact, I am the only person without a lab partner, so you will be sitting next to me." His pleased grin made my heart thump a little faster.

"Great," I smiled. My grin broadened as he casually took my hand and led me to class.

Once we were seated, we kept up a casual conversation when we could, which led to a debate on Debussy verses Tchaikovsky. Edward was of the erroneous opinion that, while both were great composers, Debussy was better. He was wrong. We walked out of the class still determined to change the other's view. I was surprised when Edward followed me into the gym. "You have this class too?"

"No," he shrugged, "but I speak Spanish more fluently than the teacher, so she won't mind if I skip. Besides, they won't make you play today, so I can keep you company." He gave me a charming grin and I melted, smiling as I followed him inside. I was surprised by how fast I was getting attached to him, and the emotions I was feeling. I had never felt this way before, and I knew it must have something to do with the mating bond.

I talked to the coach, who gave me a uniform for my next gym class, and then Edward took me over to the bleachers. We settled beside each other and immediately got back into our debate. I will admit that, on occasion, I was temporarily sidetracked while I admired how very handsome Edward looked when he was animated. His shining topaz eyes bored into mine with intensity and fiery determination. Naturally, I had to congratulate myself on finding such a gorgeous guy to bind myself to for eternity. But that didn't last for long, because I was determined to be right. After all, when one knows that this guy is 'the one' for the rest of eternity, you have to start on the ground rules immediately, and Edward needed to be left with a firm impression that I was always right.

Apparently though, Edward wasn't buying it. "Debussy was so great that they put him on a French bank note – the 20 franc, and his music is evocative and moving. Obviously you just need listen to it a bit more," he argued.

"Please Edward," I rolled my eyes, "Debussy was only on the cheapest banknote, and if you want evocative, moving music, then listen to Rachmaninoff, not Debussy. Tchaikovsky is clearly the better composer. His works are far more famous - and you want to know why? Because they are better! You can ask anyone in the street which is more familiar - Swan Lake or Arabesque, and they will all tell you Swan Lake," I argued. "You're just like those small-minded people back in the 1900's that dismissed his music." I remember when I first heard Tchaikovsky's music. It allowed me to dream - to think of happier things. I was annoyed that so many had thought his works were somehow lacking, though they changed their tune after a few decades.

It wasn't that I disliked Debussy, in fact, I quite liked his music too, but I favoured Tchaikovsky. Edward sighed, "Well I beg to differ Bella. I believe we shall simply have to agree to disagree." I nodded in resignation. It didn't look like I was going to win this argument, but I would settle for not losing it. The he started to look a little nervous. "I uh, was actually going to go to the Tchaikovsky concert that the Seattle Orchestra is playing this Sunday. Do you think you might like to go with me?" He looked absolutely adorable with such a hopeful look on his face.

My heart trilled with excitement. "Are you asking me on a date?" I wasn't sure whether I was hoping he would say yes, or if I should expect him to say no. Regardless of our mating bond, I had never been on a date, and the thought was both terrifying and thrilling at the same time.

"If I was, would you say no?" he looked adorably awkward and anxious.

"No, I'd still say yes. If it was a Debussy concert I might refuse, but I'd never refuse a Tchaikovsky one," I said mischievously, trying to lighten the mood.

He chuckled. "Then it's a date," he declared.

I couldn't help beaming. The very thought of a date with this handsome, wonderful, and luckily, immortal, guy was thrilling. I was filled with excitement. Life was looking up for me, and the decision to move to Forks was proving to be a great one.

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For those of you who are interested in finished Wolverine Bella stories, the two i have read are Wolverine by StephenKingReincarnated, and Silver X by Hexwitch