Chapter 11

With my most embarrassing secret out, Emmett liked to get in subtle digs every now and then. "Hey Bella, which hand would you use to pick up a snake with?" he asked with a playful grin. I rolled my eyes and huffed at him. "Someone else's!" he answered his own question, laughing at the sour look on my face. The rest of the family usually tried to hide their smirks of amusement, and turn their laughter into coughs, but it was in vain. They all thought it was hilarious. However, no matter how many jokes Emmett had in his repertoire, I found that they were relatively easy to ignore while I was packing for my honeymoon – I was only packing basics, since the honeymoon was a surprise, but I trusted Alice to pack everything else I would need. Sometimes I would just go off into a daze, thinking about Edward and I, alone… Edward found me like that many times as our wedding date grew closer, wrapping his arms around me as he whispered sweet nothings in my ear. "Not long now Love, and we'll be married and heading towards our very private honeymoon," he promised as I polished my Hayabusa, wanting to leave it in perfect condition before we headed off. I leant back into him. "Mmm, that sounds wonderful Edward." He murmured his agreement as he placed soft kisses down the side of my neck and I angled it to give him better access. I reveled in his love.

The day before we left, Edward sat me beside him at the piano and serenaded me with my favourites, including my own special lullaby. I revelled in it, my eyes closed as my head rested on his shoulder and I soaked in his presence and the wonderful melody.

Edward had been playing for a few hours when Alice came bounding into the house. "There's going to be a storm over town tonight!"

"Awesome!" Emmett yelled, grinning like he'd just one a wrestling match. Everyone followed them in.

I looked around in confusion at the excited looks on everyone's faces, even Kachiri and Zafrina had clearly been filled in on the hidden implications of a storm. Turning back to Edward I cocked a brow. "Care to fill me in?"

"It means we can play baseball," he explained. The whole house felt energised as everyone looked forward to the game. I nodded slowly, pretending to understand. I had watched a few games on TV out of sheer boredom one day, so I knew the basics, but I had never played.

"Great," I tried to push the right amount of enthusiasm into my voice.

"Have you ever played?" he asked.

"Um, no?" I admitted.

"Well don't worry, I'm sure you'll pick it up quickly and love it," he assured me. I wasn't so sure. It had looked a little boring on TV, but then again, I supposed it was probably very different when playing with vampires.

"Okay then." They whole household smiled in anticipation.

It didn't take long before everyone was ready, eager to get outside and play, and we were soon off. Edward carried me far into the Olympic mountains until we emerged in an enormous field. I had once again opted to be carried rather than run, wanting to conserve as much of my energy as possible for the game. It had the added benefit of allowing me to be very close to Edward as I plastered myself to his back and nuzzled his neck.

Too soon for my liking, we arrived at an enormous field, and Emmett set out with Alice to mark the bases.

While they were setting up and deciding on teams, Edward took me aside and proceeded to teach me the basic techniques of swinging the bat and pitching the ball. Carlisle and Esme did the same for Kachiri and Zafrina, who were also new to baseball. Apparently there was a lot more technique involved in baseball than I had realised. Unfortunately, having Edward stand behind me, chest pressed against my back, arms around me adjusting my grip on the back, and husky voice whispering directions in my ear, played havoc with my concentration. I barely registered any of his helpful tips, too intoxicated by his presence to do anything but enjoy having him surround me. His velvet voice was so very seductive, even when he wasn't trying.

All too soon I found myself up to bat, with no really idea of what I was doing. As it turned out, more than supernatural qualities were required to play baseball with vampires. While I might have looked really good up against a human, against vampires that had been playing for decades, I was horrendous. The first time the ball was pitched towards me, I swung and missed, not prepared for the speed of the ball and how fast I would need to swing the bat. Only Esme and Carlisle managed to hold in their snickers of amusement.

The second time, I was so determined to hit the ball that I swung too early, and so hard that I spun myself around in a circle, my momentum causing me to trip over my feet and fall to the ground rather spectacularly.

Nobody even bothered to muffle their snickers.

The third time I just managed to tip the ball and barely made it to first base, thankful that my first experience at batting was over, but dreading my next go. Edward cheered loudly for me, which mollified me quite a lot. I knew there was a reason why I loved him. I wasn't any better as the game continued. My only saving grace was that Zafrina was almost as bad as I was, although Kachiri took to it like a natural.

Because Zafrina and I handicapped out respective teams, the teams were rather even throughout the game, but thanks to Carlisle, who was one of the best baseball players in the family, my team just managed to win, much to my relief. I would have felt terrible if they had lost because of me.

As soon as the game was over Edward, who had also been on my team along with Rosalie, Carlisle and Kachiri, consoled me. "You were quite good for a beginner love," he soothed me, "with a few more years of practise I'm sure you'll be just as good as the rest of us." Somehow, his words just weren't as reassuring as he thought they would be.

"A few years?" I huffed. "I am a supernatural being with enhanced athletic ability. I should have been able to hit a ball in my sleep, even against vampires." I pouted a little, put out by my own terrible performance. "If you had been a better teacher and not distracted me with your body, maybe I would have actually picked something up before the game started," I accused him.

Far from being offended by my accusation, he threw back his head and laughed. "Oh Love, I hardly think you can blame me for your lack of attention during our tutorial," he protested.

"Yes I can," I maintained stubbornly, "if I didn't love you so much, then I would not have been so distracted."

His smile only grew wider at my speech, and I could feel my own smile trying to grow in response to his. He was irresistible when he smiled at me, all his love for me shining in his eyes. It dazzled me. "Then I can't say that I'm sorry, but I love you too," his ardent look prevented me from doing anything but winding my arms around his neck and pulling him down for a kiss. I couldn't help it; I just loved him so much.

Much to Edward's and my joy, the wedding grew steadily nearer and our whole family headed up to Montreal with Kachiri and Zafrina in tow. Instead of renting rooms in a hotel and playing human, we rented a large holiday house for the week, situated just outside the town, and conveniently shrouded in forest. It had six bedrooms and was reputed to 'sleep fourteen', which wasn't really a problem when I was the only one who needed to sleep.

We were all fluent in French – not a terribly hard language to learn with decades of being dragged to Paris by Alice, although the majority of people we encountered spoke English as well. Alice had managed to pick a week of summer that was slightly overcast, allowing us the opportunity to go and explore the city.

Together Edward and I explored some of Montreal over the few days leading up to the wedding, eager to see more of the city. One night Edward even took me to the Casino De Montreal, where I enjoyed a lavish dinner fit for a queen at their restaurant, before we headed down to the casinos and played some blackjack. I won a ton of money that night, which I decided to spend on more honeymoon lingerie the next day, when I dragged Edward into a boutique that specialised in very pretty lingerie. I already had packed many sets, but Edward had a penchant for ripping them off me, so there was always room for more, especially if the honeymoon went as well as I hoped.

Edward's eyes widened spectacularly when he say the arrays of silk, satin and lace, eyes darkening with hunger as he looked between them and me. I smiled, "What do you think I should get," my voice was husky as my mind imagined us putting these things to good use on our honeymoon. Edward was more than happy to help me make my selections.

After that we went to Jardin Nelson, a restaurant in Place Jacques-Cartier, which was a beautiful place to explore. Lunch was delicious, as I had come to expect since meeting Edward. Despite not eating, he had a knack for finding the best restaurants for me to eat at.

Later on, we met back up with the rest of the family and did some shopping at Bonsecours Market before heading to the Notre-Dame Basillica to tour the place in which we would be married. It was a beautiful building, both inside and out. And walking though it with Edward, I squeezed his hand, to convey my feelings of awe and delight that in little over a day we would be married in this stunning building. With its gothic structure, stained glass and opulent decoration, it was one of the most amazing man-made sights I had ever seen. "What do you think?" Edward asked with a smile.

"This is amazing," I breathed, "so much better than the pictures." I knew my eyes were wide as I tried to take in every aspect of the magnificent cathedral. I couldn't wait to walk down this very aisle tomorrow in my wedding dress to marry Edward. I knew the reality was going to be so much better than any of my dreams.

Not long after we got back to the house that evening, we heard the incoming footsteps of the Cullen's Alaskan friends – the Denalis. I wasn't terribly bothered by their presence. I knew that in the past Tanya had expressed an interest in Edward, but I would hardly blame her for that - he was incredibly handsome after all, but I was largely unperturbed since Edward had never expressed an interest in her. Now that we were mated, there was no chance of Edward leaving me for anyone – our mating bond was far too strong for that. However, I still wouldn't hesitate to put in their place anyone who thought they could take Edward from me, and I was curious about the family. "So, when you say they are succubi, do you mean that they actually have a seductive talent, or merely that they use their supernatural beauty to lure in men?" I asked as the whole family and Zafrina and Kachiri lounged around the room as we waited.

"No, they don't have a special gift for seduction," Carlisle explained, "although Kate can produce an electric shock on her hands. Have you met someone who did have a gift for seduction?" he asked.

I nodded, "Yes, I have met someone who had a gift of seduction, but it required her to touch them in order for her influence to work." I was glad none of them had an actual talent for seduction, though I wasn't surprised, they would hardly need it with typical vampire beauty working in their favour.

I described a few of the other mutant talents I had encountered as we waited for the Denalis. I was quite comfortably lying on the sofa, head in Edward's lap as he stroked my hair.

Soon enough Edward cocked his head. "Here they come, and Irina has a friend with her," he warned us as I sat up and we all looked towards the door in anticipation. Carlisle and Esme opened the door. "Eleazer, Carmen how wonderful to see you again," Carlisle greeted to first pair of vampires through the door. Tanya, Kate and Irina were greeted next, all were quite beautiful vampires, and I could see how they made human men fall for them. "Thank you, we're all very happy to be invited to Edward's wedding, and meet his mate," Irina said. "This is my friend Laurent, who has recently joined us and is converting to our diet."

My head shot up at the name, diverting my attention from scrutinising the rest of the family to look at the new vampire who had just entered the house. I growled as I took in the dark dreadlocked vampire with orange-red eyes. "Laurent!" I shot over to him, slamming him into the wall beside the door and pointing all six of my deadly claws at him.

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